Are you happy? Think about your live!


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Are you happy? Think about your live!

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Are you happy? Think about your live!

  1. 1. KieFit Journal Healthy Living! Tips and Tricks for healthy life! Fitness Equipment The best running shoes Outdoor Sport Jogging or Walking? Wich Is The Better Weight Loss Exercise? Routes Mashups Web 2.0 makes worldwide walking and running Routes easy! Training Choosing your right Personal Trainer (David Kirch)
  2. 2. JOURNAL KIEFIT HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! SEPTEMBER 2008 ISSUE: Are you happy? Think about your live! HEALTHY LIVING 2 TIPS & TRICKS Hello Fitness Fans! FITNESS TIPS TO 3 A balanced diet and fitness are the basic steps for a health- HELP YOU GET BACK INTO SHAPE ful and happy life. OUTDOOR SPORTS: 4 JGGING OR WAL- Read our interesting articles about health, fitness and weight KING? loss in our monthly KieFit Journal. MASHUP YOUR OUT- 5 DOOR ROUTES EASY! Discover comparisons, tips and tricks about indoor and out- door sports. SPORT EQUIPMENT— 6 THE BEST RUNING SHOES Furthermore find out worldwide outdoor routes (Page 5) for walking and running. HEALTH CLUBS SEC- 7 RETS—5 MONSTER TIPS FOR CHOOSING Read about on how to research for your right fitness club A HEALTH CLUB and your right personal trainer fitting your needs. HELPFUL WEIGHT- 8 LOSS TIPS Take a look on the video of David Kirsch (Page 10). He, as New York’s Fitness guru, shaped bodies of many famous WHY IS GOOD 9 NUTRITION IMPOR- people like Dean Cain and Heidi Klum (after her 1st, 2nd and TANT? 3rd child!). TRAINING: 10 Begin now to stay fit! CHOOSING THE RIGHT PERSONAL TRAINER Start reading now and get inspired from KieFit Journal! GET MOTIVAED 11 FINDING TO MOTIVA- 12 TION EXERCISE ABOUT KIEFIT.COM 13 AND FURTHER FREE SERVICES ADVERTISING OP- 14 PORTIUNITIES WITH US Send me your comments and ideas for further ATTENTION YOUR FEEDBACK IS 15 APPRECIATED AND articles. HIGHLY WELCOME! • Schedules : Submit events Submit your article to Email: schedules you know to be and see it in the next issue of KieFit Journal. mentioned here in the next issue! Use your article to generate additional free traffic to your website as well. • Submit your personal Fit- ness and Sport events you Closing date to submit your articles you wish to be wish to be published here published here: 25th of each month and invite Kiefit Journal readers to attend!
  3. 3. HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! 2 Healthy Living Tips And Tricks By Steve Dolan It seems that everyone is concerned with the seven to ten daily servings of fruits and healthy living these days. This is a good vegetables they are supposed to have thing; it is important to be concerned with each day. And when they do eat fruit and your health and to look for better strategies vegetables, it is in forms that include added to improve your life. On the other hand, it sugar, salt or fat. also seems like everyone has a quick solu- The food group that we all eat too much of tion for healthy living, for a hefty fee of is meat. Try to limit your meat intake, and course. It seems at times that you can’t emphasize meat alternatives for your pro- turn on the television or open a magazine tein needs. While you definitely need meat without seeing a celebrity or doctor trying or an alternative for the protein, most peo- to get you to buy their new book detailing ple eat far too much from this food group. the latest miracle diet that will change your You will be surprised at how little is actually life, whether it is fresh ground wheat grass required to get you through the day. or a daily tin of Brazil nuts. The reality is “Once you have started eating well, it is time to go out and get some physical activity!” that these diets are unnecessary. Healthy Get active living is available to everyone, and does not depend on buying the latest diet book Once you have started eating well, it is time to go out and get some physical activ- or the most expensive vitamins. All that you need to do is to start making healthy deci- ity! Now, this does not mean that you have sions. to incorporate a rigorous physical workout into your daily routine. Just including small How to eat healthy amounts of physical activity in your life will make a difference. So take the stairs in- The most important facet of your life that stead of the escalator, or walk to the corner you need to change as you move towards store instead of driving four blocks. Start healthy living is to start eating nutritious slowly and incorporate more physical activ- foods. Do not try to follow a trendy diet, just ity into your life, and you will be amazed at eat a balanced diet of nutritious foods. how quickly the results will add up. When you eat well, you lower your risk of many health problems such as obesity, Have fun type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain The final component of healthy living is to kinds of cancer and osteoporosis. You will also give yourself more energy, allowing have a healthy mind. Build up a strong you to enjoy life again. peer group who will give you the social support you need to be truly happy. This The most important group of foods, and the will reduce your stress, which will only lead one that is most often the cause of poor to a healthier body. diets, is fruit and vegetables. There is noth- Steve Dolan is a triathete who lives a healthy lifestyle. Find out how you ing particularly innovative about this ad- can too at Health and Vitality and for more fitness information try Fitness and Health vice; everyone knows that you need to eat Article Source: your fruit and vegetables. The main prob- lem is that so few people actually consume
  4. 4. HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE! 3 Free Fitness Tips To Help You Get Back Into Shape By Sadie A Peterson There are many people who are wanting to foods are the best for your specific body get back in shape. Some want to lose type and which foods you should probably enough weight to wear that little black stay away from as well. dress, while others just want to get back Most people will not all benefit from the the body they used to have a few years same type of workout plan either, which is ago. There are many reasons that people another place where free fitness tips can want to get back in shape; however, one of be helpful. Using both cardio exercise and the best ways to do so is by using free fit- weight training is a great combination, but ness tips. you need to know how much to do to get Getting in shape is about a lot more than the results you want. If you want to lose fat, just losing weight. It includes learning how then there are different exercises that will “If you want to get fit, then fitness tips are going to be an important part of your life. “ to get fit by working your body in the best be used than for someone who is trying to ways. Sure, you know exercise and eating build up their muscle mass. Taking advan- right is important to getting fit, but do you tage of free fitness advice can help you really know how to exercise and what to learn what types of exercises will work the eat to get fit? If not, then you can benefit best for you. from free fitness tips. If you want to get fit, then fitness tips are When it comes to getting fit, things are a bit going to be an important part of your life. different for men and women. Men usually The great thing is that you can get free fit- want to bulk up and build muscle, while ness tips to help you in your pursuit of a women usually are going for a slim, sleek slimmer and more fit you. Go ahead and look. You can find great fitness tips and take advantage of these tips and learn how diet tips for men and women as well. When you can get a body that is more fit and in you find tips that are specifically designed shape. for your gender, usually you will find that Are you struggling with losing weight ... or your efforts to get fit and back in shape will successfully keeping that weight off? Many be much more effective. times all it takes is a little motivation and Eating right is of course extremely impor- you're back on track and focused. At tant when you are trying to lose weight and, you'll find get fit. You want to be sure that you eat more free fitness tips everyday. foods that are healthy and that will provide your body with energy without adding fat. You know you need to stick with your weight loss plan but it's hard! The Yes, fruits and vegetables are important daily tips added to might just be that little nudge of inspiration and motivation that you've been need- when you are trying to get fit, but in some ing all along! Come see what little tidbit you can find to help you on your cases there may be some fruits or vegeta- journey to weight loss and better fitness. bles that are especially important. Free Article Source: fitness advice can help you discover what
  5. 5. OUTDOOR SPORTS 4 JOGGING OR WALKING? -WICH IS THE BETTER WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE? By Jennifer Jolan So which is it... jogging or melted off for energy. start on how to lose 10 walking, which is the better pounds fast. All you need to do is walk exercise for weight loss? 15-20 minutes a day on an Second... after you get the Well, they both aren't that free report, you'll be sent inclined treadmill or hill. You good if you want fast weight just turned walking into a inside my website for even loss, however I will show superior weight loss exer- more unique and little you how you can make 2 cise. So that's change #1. known weight loss tips, changes to 1 of them to tricks, techniques, and tac- make it 1 of the best weight Change #2 is this... while tics. These unconventional loss exercises you can pos- walking, take 1 deep breath tricks are a "shortcut" way sibly do. each minute. This again has on how to lose 10 pounds in to do with oxygen intake. All First off, some basic info... 2 weeks... no mention of you do is inhale for 5 sec- eating carrots or celery. I If you're going to exercise onds, hold it for 5 seconds, promise. and plan on jogging, you and exhale for 5 seconds. can burn up a good deal of Do that 1 time each minute Third, with my advice, you calories during your jogs. you're walking. That's been won't starve, have to go to The problem is, after you're proven to help you burn off the gym ever, or basically done jogging, you're done an extra 22-30% more calo- do anything that is a hassle burning calories. Not good! ries during a walk. for your busy life. Listen, I No afterburn effect. For the understand you want to lose So, jogging or walking, amount of time you put in, weight (maybe you'll include which is the better weight this isn't an efficient use of jogging or walking) without loss exercise? If you make time to maximize fat loss. changing much in your diet those 2 changes above, or exercise plans... I get it. I Now, if your exercise plan walking is the better exer- have this completely cov- includes walking, this is cise for you to do. ered. I've worked with over generally good for long term If you're sick and tired of 3,700 clients. I know a 1 and slow weight loss, but getting the same old boring size fits all plan doesn't bad for quick weight loss. and tired advice on weight work. So I've come up with So, above I said you can loss, jogging or walking, lots of "tricks" to personalize make 2 changes to one of etc... you know, like "Eat weight loss specifically for the above to make it a great more fruits and vegetables, you and your lifestyle. weight loss exercise. Guess drink 8 glasses of water, jog Fourth... there is no fourth. which exercise I was talking 4 days a week, walk 6 days Just enjoy the free report about... jogging or walking? a week, exercise more, and and my website. If you don't blah blah blah"... then you Walking! lose 10 pounds with just my found the right person. I'll free information... I'd be Here's the deal... walking on make weight loss easy and amazingly surprised! a flat surface sucks for fast enjoyable for you... AND weight loss, but walking on NOT BORING! an incline of 10-15 degrees works incredible for massive Article Source: expert=Jennifer_Jolan weight loss quickly. They're First, click http:// totally different. Why? Be- www.weightlossguide4wom cause walking on an incline to get your free 19- creates a huge oxygen defi- page report "How Spinning cit which forces your body Around in a Circle Like a 4- to scavenge your bodyfat year old Child will Skyrocket for quick energy supplies... your Weight Loss Success". thus, your bodyfat gets This will give you a jump-
  6. 6. OUTDOOR SPORTS 5 FAVORITERUN—MAKES MAPPING RUNNING ROUTES EASY! WWW.FAVORITERUN.COM FAVORITE RUN makes it easy to map running routes before you leave your house. Now you can plan ahead to create the perfect route for the distance you need to run. Once you've created your route, you can share your route with your friends or running group. And when you're done running your route, you can use FAVORITE RUN to enter your run into your personal activity log. Your activity log allows you to track your pace, distance, and time you've run Using FAVORITE RUN is easy - there is no special software you need to install. Sim- ply login, click-around on a map, and your running route is displayed along with the distance of the route. “...makes it easy to map running routes before you leave your house. Now you can plan ahead to create the perfect route Share your favourite walking, cycling and for the distance paddling routes with the world. Find new routes you need to or upload your own. run. “ WWW.SHAREMYROUTES.COM ShareMyRoutes is about letting people share information about the great out- doors. Everything from mad mountain biking exploits to a gentle walk in the country. Find routes others have crea- ted, look at maps, pictures and the sto- ries of their route. Or, add your own rou- tes to show the world.
  7. 7. SPORT EQUIPMENT Seite 6 Best Running Shoes– How To Dress For Running Success By Dominic Ferrara Running is one of the most popular ways to running on a treadmill. Fitness Video: stay in shape and feel great. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is be- Clothing And Accessories No Equip- cause it is something that anyone can do What you wear while running is also impor- ment Body without big investment. When compared to tant. Serious runners who cover long dis- Weight aerobics classes or expensive work-out tances would probably be comfortable Workout! equipment, running is the cheapest and wearing clothes made from material that best way to stay in shape. will not absorb sweat and keeps them well Click here! ventilated while running. Running with a However, running does require certain ac- wet T-shirt stuck to your back can be an cessories to ensure that your running ex- uncomfortable experience. Avoid tight- perience is a fulfilling one. For those who fitting clothes or heavy apparel like jeans. are serious about incorporating running Loose fitting track suits, shorts and t-shirts into their health regiment, neglecting your are some of the popular clothes that run- running gear can result in discomfort and ners can wear in order to run comfortably. even injuries while running. By ensuring Running accessories are usually only re- “The right kind you have all the right gear, you can be sure quired for serious runners who cover long of running of a complete and worry-free running ex- distances. These people would do well to perience. carry along a hydration system and a small shoes should first aid kit as well as a cell phone in case be light on the Start With The Shoes of emergencies. Some runners may also feet so you The wrong pair of running shoes can lead carry a small mp3 player so they can listen don't feel to a number of complications while running. to music while they run. All these articles If the shoes are too tight, you will experi- can be easily carried in specially designed weighed down ence great discomfort while running and lightweight backpacks. while running.“ can cause damage to your foot if the shoe By making sure you are properly equipped constricts the when running, you blood flow. If will be prepared for your running any eventuality, shoes are too whether it's a loose, you run much-needed drink the risk of get- of water, treating a ting blisters and blister or even giv- losing your bal- ing yourself first ance while run- aid. The right ning. shoes, the right The right kind of clothes and the running shoes right accessories should be light go a long way in on the feet so helping you to ex- you don't feel perience a great weighed down run. while running. They should also be a snug fit but be loose enough to allow your foot and toes to More information on Exercise can be found by visiting Firm Fast System breathe. A good running shoe will provide where you will find valuable information on losing weight, fitness, getting fit and other information.. the necessary support for your foot and ankles when you are doing a run, particu- Article Source: larly a long-distance one. Keep in mind that you may notice a difference in running per- formance if your exercise routine includes
  8. 8. INDOOR SPORT Seite 7 Health Club Secrets—5 Monster Tips For Choosing a Health Club By Brad Howard With the New Year coming shape? To give everyone a to have stable manage- in, people by the droves put little piece of mind, I've com- ment. If a club switches their New Year's resolutions piled a short list of monster managers every 3 months, in gear. For many health tips to help insure that you it’s not a positive sign and clubs, the month of January involve yourself with a club usually means that owner- marks the easiest time of that will give you the most ship either continually the year to entice and un- success. chooses poor management derdeliver the hopes and or it’s a sign of dissatisfied (By the way, two of these desires of the unsuspecting employees. Be sure to ask. tips are "underground" and public. industry insiders are the 5. Always check the Better Now, of course, that'll never only ones that REALLY Business Bureau homepage happen to you...will it? know about them.) on any clubs that you are looking to join. If a club has For the type of person that 1. Check the cleanliness. a bad mark, you can bet it’s pretty intentional. The Bu- continually gets wrapped up Clubs don’t care about reau doesn't just hand out in the "deal of the day," it keeping the club clean don’t bad marks without just most certainly will. Most care about keeping you cause. people have no idea what happy. Period. Always give the telltale signs of a great a good look in the locker *Bonus Tip: Check out ripof- health club operation are. rooms and cardio deck. and look up the names of clubs that you are Naturally, many clubs know 2. Gauge the pressure. The interested in. This resource this and fully take advan- more pressure that is being encompasses reports from tage. Does it really make put on you to join right then, many dissatisfied customers sense for all of the area the less service you are from many types of busi- clubs to offer the most likely to get. Use your head. nesses. "specials" in the month Today only specials are a where the overall demand scam. Peer pressure always Take these 5 tips and apply reaches its peak? puts you in a bad spot. them to your area. While (Important Note: monthly they will not tell you every- What other successful in- does not mean month-to- thing about a club, they will month. Make sure you know prevent you dustry does this? None that the difference.) I can think of. from becoming a member of 3. Judge value, not price. the worst clubs and allow Understand that many clubs Price is what you pay. Value you to be more comfortable encourage you to join in the equals what you get for working out in the New months of January and Feb- what you pay. Generally, Year. ruary knowing full well that the higher the rates, the Brad Howard is the author of the wildly suc- you not be frequenting the more value you get. Of cessful book "Health Club Secrets, How to place in two months. Master the Art of Losing Weight Without Get- course, make sure to judge ting Ripped Off" and has been in the industry for years. For more details, make sure to visit But your money is! this for yourself. Just don’t get stuck in the “low price” The key resides in the fact mindset. Always look for Want more Brad? Be sure to log on to http:// for information on that you must find the clubs the new book coming out soon. Find out about “high value” little known combinations and techniques that that actually have your best will send you weight loss results through the interest at heart. Which 4. Ask about the manage- roof. 3 lucky people stand to win a free copy each month! Visit today! clubs are going to encour- ment history. Clubs with a Article Source: age you to get in better history of better service tend expert=Brad_Howard
  9. 9. HELPFUL WEIGHT LOSS TIPS Seite 8 Got Fat? Get Fit!-6Tips to Lose Fat and Keep it off! By Barry Lovelace Losing weight and keeping yourself to get very hungry ished instead of going for it off is an incredible hard- leads to overeating, which that 'full' feeling. This may ship for so many people. will sabotage your weight take some retraining. It We struggle to lose un- loss. takes up to 20 minutes for wanted pounds often to re- your stomach to communi- Don't Diet! - Diets do not gain them. This vicious cy- cate to your brain that it is work! I'll bet that you know cle leaves us feeling hope- full. So, if you eat to the that already but chances less. All too often that feel- point of being 'full', you have are you are still looking for ing of hopelessness just overeaten. This is an eye that one diet that will 'work'. makes us throw in the towel opening experiment; try it! The problem with any diet is altogether and gain even that it is designed to be tem- Move Every Day - Your more weight. Does this porary. You go on a diet, body is designed to move, it sound familiar? You are not lose weight (maybe) and needs physical activity to be alone. then stop the diet. That is its healthiest. When it The great news is that there when the weight comes comes to losing fat, exer- is no reason to feel hope- back. Many diets on the cise is a key element. Look less. You can lose weight. market are also very un- into different options, check In fact there are basic steps healthy. Your body is very out the local gym, look into that when taken and used important! Do not risk your dance or exercise classes, consistently work without good health to lose weight, get a pair of hiking boots fail. If you really want to lose it is not worth it and it is not and hit the trails. There are fat, there are certain things the answer. countless ways to get in you must do. Here are the exercise that are enjoyable. Increase Your Intake Of top 5 steps to take: Find what you like because Fresh Foods - Your body if you don't like it you won't Drink water - Drinking wa- loves it when you eat fruits do it. ter is one of the best things and vegetables, and the you can do for your body. fresher the better. Not only Remember these words, Increased water intake are these foods packed with you can lose fat! It doesn't helps flush the toxins out of nutrition, they give you en- matter how many times you your body so it is just so ergy. We also digest fresh have tried in the past. Your healthy but it also lessens foods better than processed body is designed to be lean your water retention and foods so there is less bloat and healthy. Following the water retention equals un- and you won't have that le- basics, like the steps above wanted pounds. Did you thargic feeling after you eat. will help you lose weight know that water is also a Fresh fruits and vegetables and keep it off. Forget the natural appetite suppres- also provide your body with fads, forget the obsession, sant? It is. Water can even water because of their high just think health and be in it make you feel full. Often water content, which aids in for the long road. Take the when we think we are hun- the increase of water we steps that you know will gry when we are actually previously discussed. Think work; eat well, move your thirsty. of it this way, you have a body and enjoy losing real body, feed it real food! weight the healthy way. Eat More Often - That sounds good, right? Eating Listen To Your Body - This more often keeps your me- is a huge one. Most people tabolism revved up. More take in much more food Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized personal trainer and fitness professional. Visit importantly, by eating than their body needs. Ex- his website for more FREE health and fitness tips and a FREE Ebook titled 'How To Juggle smaller meals more often periment with smaller por- Your Health and Fitness'! Article Source: you keep yourself from get- tions. Learn to experience expert=Barry_Lovelace ting overly hungry, which is that feeling of nourishment something you definitely and satisfaction that comes want to avoid. Allowing from being fed and nour-
  10. 10. NUTRITION Seite 9 Why Is Good Nutrition Important? By Glen D. Williams If you're like me, you first older, we can feel the crash cooperative, healthier employ- heard about nutrition in me. The first ees. school, and thought, "boring." thing nutrition does for you is Nutrition And Disease: It's All the dietary facts and statis- give you energy for the physi- probably very obvious to most tics are like dates and events cal activities of life, today. people that poor diet and dis- in History class. Once we start Nutrition And Mental Ability: It ease are related. Many major learning why the events hap- isn't just for physical activities. diseases, like heart disease pened, history becomes inter- How fast you learn and and diabetes, have been esting and relevant to us now. whether you can work through linked to nutrients for most of When we learn why it's impor- thinking problems all depend our lives. What isn't as obvi- tant for our current and future on good nutrition. Deficiencies ous is the link between good lives, good nutrition goes from in some cases can actually nutrition in general and almost boring to interesting and es- cause you to have the symp- every disease, from the com- sential. Forget the boring de- toms of Alzheimer's Disease, mon cold and flu, to cancer. tails, this article is all about or Schizophrenia, for exam- Good, balanced nutrients give how to keep from having a ple. By maintaining good nutri- your body what it needs to weak and tired, mentally slow, tion, you can improve your fight off minor colds and the impoverished, diseased, short ability to learn and process terrible, frightening, crippling you're interested! information. Tests of students and life-threatening diseases. Forget Nutritional Values: at all age levels have con- Even if you have a genetic Most health articles are all firmed this. Mental ability has pre-disposition toward certain about how much of this you to do with more than learning diseases, good nutrition can should have or that to facts and solving problems, reduce the risk of actually get- avoid...what is good and what though. Social success de- ting most of them. Daily, sci- is bad. You can find that any- pends on picking up and un- entists are finding more and where. Until you know why derstanding subtle clues. Of- more evidence of the impor- that stuff is important, none of ten, people are considered tance of diet in fighting, pre- it matters. It just sounds like slow because poor nutrition venting and curing diseases. someone lecturing you on causes them to miss those Nutrition And Long, Quality how to live. I don't know about clues and react inappropri- Life: I guess it's obvious if the you, but I'm too busy living to ately. If you've ever been above is true, your life will be want to spend much time be- laughed at by your peers, it's longer. Many studies over the ing preached at. People possible a good diet can help past 6 decades have con- preached at me for years prevent that. firmed a strong relationship about smoking being bad for Nutrition And Income: Energy, between nutrition and longev- me, but until I experienced mental ability, education and ity. They've also found that what it was actually doing to social skills all combine to the quality of life is greatly me, I wasn't interested in quit- determine how we do in the enhanced. ting. Once I knew why to quit, business world. Since all of how to quit was easy. Once Why is nutrition important? these things can be improved, you know why to have good Because you can have more the relationship is obvious nutrition, how to do it will be energy, more mental ability, between good nutrition and easy, too. more money, less disease how much money or satisfac- and more life by simply mak- Nutrition And Energy Now: tion you have, professionally. ing sure you have a good, Stop drinking liquids for 2 One executive put it this way, balanced intake of nutrients. days and tell me how you feel. "It isn't that people are angry, Now that you know why, Glen Williams is Webmaster atE- Tired? Go 3 days and you'll uncooperative and don't want Health-Fitness Nutrition Exercise here's a resource for informa- And Illness Help and Founder of E- be dead. Water is essential. to work, it's just that they're ill Home Fellowship (EHF), Co. He tion on the what and how of Every nutrient works the same due to their poor nutrition has counseled and helped people good nutrition. Knowing why on life and health issues since as water on a slower scale. choices." Diet changes your 1987. You can comment on his it's important will help you articles at hisHealth And Fitness The worse your nutrition is, emotions; how you see things, Forums. navigate the sea of informa- the less energy you will have how you react to things, what tion on vitamins, minerals, Article Source: http:// to live your life. When we're you feel. It's no accident that proteins, fats, carbohydrates, expert=Glen_D._Williams young, we can usually go a some executive interviews antioxidants and everything long while before we crash, occur over a meal. Employers else that's out there. Enjoy! but the crash is certain if we know that people who follow don't have a balanced, good nutritional habits are healthy diet. When we're better, more productive, more
  11. 11. TRAINING Seite 10 Choosing the Right Personal Trainer By Terrine Pearsall Choosing the right trainer for yourself and tween a sustainable workout program that your needs will be just as important as the delivers the desired results and feeling that workout itself. Choosing the right trainer is dreaded sense of failure. Just in the same the one of the most important factors in way you would hire a plumber, a roofer, an success and enjoyment. Another option if accountant, or a mechanic, hiring a per- you do not want someone to train with on a sonal trainer means getting quotes from 3- regular basis ask a trainer to design your 5 different Trainers. program and help yo implement it. Choos- ing the right Personal Trainer will deter- Personal training isn't usually cheap, and mine the difference between a sustainable you want to make sure you get the most workout program that yields long lasting out of the money you're spending. Even results and feeling frustrated to the point of more importantly you want to make sure reverting to old, bad habits. your trainer doesn't put you in harm's way, which would be the opposite of your ulti- Personal trainers can mate objective of often provide high- David Kirsch: Choosing the Right Trainer being healthier and quality workouts in Click here! more fit. Qualified your home with only a personal trainers few portable exercise can be found in modalities or everyday abundance in your items. However, be- city as well in your fore admitting a trainer locality. Search into your home, check carefully and do all references, find out your research and if they have any certifi- you'll find the right cations, and if possi- personal trainer for ble, ask a friend to your needs. Re- accompany you during member never give your first few sessions. up! Certified implies that a trainer displays a ba- Terrine Pearsall is sic knowledge of exer- the owner of Won- cise, stretching and derfully Fit Terrine nutrition, but does not take into account has been working in the fitness industry as many factors that ultimately determine a a Long Beach personal trainer, yoga trainer's competence. For example, would teacher and pilates instructor servicing you rather take tennis lessons from Frank Long Beach, Seal Beach, Manhattan because he is certified and works at the Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach local YMCA or from Andre Agassi who has and San Pedro. proven results. Certification is more than a Terrine thrives on custom designing inter- piece of paper. esting, creative and fun programs for indi- Personal trainers are not just for the rich, vidual needs. She uses a variety of tools - famous or elite sports person, it's for every- from conventional weight training with ma- one. This is accessible to anyone who chines and free weights to core focused wants a better quality of life, to feel health- workouts utilizing: stability balls, BOSU, ier, more energetic and able to move with- and medicine balls. out aches and pains. Terrine is constantly networking and scanning the internet for the latest fitness and health information and attends an international fitness convention annually to stay on the cutting edge. Terrine is a member of Personal trainers teach you how to maxi- IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world's leading membership mize your workout as well as serve as a organization of health & fitness professionals. motivator for you. Choosing the right per- Article Source: sonal trainer can mean the difference be-
  12. 12. GET MOTIVATED Seite 11 H O W T O G E T M O V I N G — S T A Y F I T A N D M O T I V A T E D BY EZE IKECHUKWU When it comes to staying or getting into tine, constantly reminding yourself that the good shape, motivation may be hard to pay off is great will help. Psychological come by. As the seasons change so do our benefits like increased confidence, self- motivation to stay in shape. Holiday sched- esteem, and relief from anxiety, stress and ules, cold winter days, and all those con- depression and better sexual performance venient gadgets that keep us from drudging can be all the motivation that's needed. up the motivation to get in shape or main- Remaining realistic about your goals will tain a daily routine of exercise are definite also aid in the fight to stay motivated to culprits. But we should be totally aware of exercise. Setting a goal that is extremely the effects that inactivity has on the body. difficult to obtain is depleting and counter- productive. Achieving a challenging appro- Heart disease, stroke or diabetes is just priate goal boosts pride, satisfaction and some of the unhealthy affects of inactivity will create more motivation. in the body. The good news is that studies Making the exercise routine fun by adding show without discrepancy that these af- variety in routines, exercises, or persons fects can be prevented or reversed; mean- that you exercise with is a likely way to ing that switching from a sedentary lifestyle stick to any exercise routine. to an active one can be extremely benefi- “Wecken Sie die Neugier Ihrer Leser, cial over time. Exercise alone, without If you are not particularly knowledgeable indem Sie hier change in diet, can greatly reduce the risks when it comes to fitness issues, you should eine for these diseases even in small amounts. consider hiring a professional trainer to interessante Doing what ever you can to increase your help you out with your routine. This can motivation to exercise is the first step to take a lot of the mystery out of getting fit, Formulierung overcoming the lack of motivation to actu- as your trainer will custom tailor exercises oder ein Zitat ally do it. Any of the arrays of methods to and routines for your bodily needs, so as to aus dem motivate you will be of great importance. maximize the results that you see. This is a Absatz Listening to music while running, simply slightly costly thing to do, so you should be einsetzen.” finding out the exercises that you truly en- sure about your commitment to exercising joy, setting particular times when exercise before you spend money to hire a personal is the main focus of the day, all help you to trainer. You can also use the amazing stay motivated to stay in motion. Develop- technology of the internet to tap the brains ing a habit or pattern for exercising is the of professionals. There are many different best way to stay motivated; your body will blogs that are updated daily with exercise become accustomed to working out heavy routines that anyone can do. at a certain time each and every time. Your So setting attainable goals, adding things mind posses the ability to create positive to increase enjoyment of the exercise rou- ideas that leads to positive actions allowing tine, challenges, and the addition of a you to live a strong and healthy life. Posi- buddy to assist are all great ways to stay tive self talk can do wonders for motivation motivated, stay fit, and most importantly as well as just viewing the results of previ- stay moving. You will benefit in the short ous attempts (i.e. thinner waistline, six term, and in the long run as well with physi- pack, etc). Self encouragement is the ulti- cal and mental benefits in almost every mate motivation. You'll have no one to way. thank but yourself. Fitness motivation is the essential part of changing your body, so creating a fitness motivation plan maybe the answer for you. Ikechukwu Eze is a pastor, motivator and inspirational speaker. He For men, setting goals and providing ade- owns many successful websites among which is http:// quate challenges work best. Changing Article Source: scenery from indoors to outdoors may be the answer. If you just don't feel like exer- cising or giving up on an established rou-
  13. 13. GET MOTIVATION Seite 12 Finding To Motivation Exercise By Jonna Reynolds Ask the Coach: Finding Motivation to Exer- milestones for yourself when you get to a cise certain number of workouts. (15 workouts, a new CD, 30 workouts, a manicure/ Q: I really want to change. I know I need to pedicure, 50 workouts, a spa day....or exercise, but as the weather gets colder its whatever works for you) so hard to go to the gym. How can I moti- vate myself to "just do it"? 5. Get out the door. This is the hardest part, but mind games really work. My favor- A: I have a few thoughts on this one. First ite is the 5 minute rule. If Im really strug- of all, EVERYONE struggles with this. gling, I tell myself that I just have to START Even people who have exercised regularly exercising, and if Im really miserable after have this challenge from time to time. I be- 10 minutes I can stop and go home. 90% lieve that the key is making exercise a of the time, once I start, Im feeling good habit and a part of your daily routine as and glad Im doing it. Just getting in your “Think about what time of day is best for you to create a clothes and out the door is definately the much as possible. Here are some tips: routine.” hardest part. What ever you can do to trick 1. Think about what time of day is best for yourself into starting will help! you to create a routine. I suggest morning, 6. Find a partner. This is huge. Especially if if at all possible. Research indicates that it is someone with the same level of com- morning exercisers tend to be more consis- mitment as you. Maybe you can create tent. Personally, I think it's easier to fit into some shared incentives. Not only does a the flow of your routine in the morning. For workout partner make exercise more fun, me, it allows less time to think of reasons but the accountability factor, knowing NOT to exercise. someone is counting on you, and will no- 2. Build the routine into your environment tice if you dont show up is huge. You'll find with cues. If you are going in the morning, that each of you will have your "less moti- set your clothes out the night before & go vated" days. Just be careful to encourage as soon as you get up. The longer you stall each other, and not support the "lets blow it (coffee, paper, household tasks...) the off today" attitude. When you are tempted harder it will be. If you go in the evening, to suggest happy hour instead of a workout try going straight from work and bring your with your partner, think before you suggest. clothes with you. Going home to change You both set this goal for a reason. Re- will make it tough to go back out. spect your partners intentions and dont sabotage their workout with your sugges- 3. Make it time to look forward to. For me tion. I promise both of you will feel better it's new music to listen to, or a magazine afterwards! that I want to catch up on. Other times it might be going somewhere new and differ- Good luck! ent, or alone time to think. Think of things you can add to your workout to make it Jonna Reynolds is a Weight Loss Coach and Founder of Evolve. She more fun for you. coaches individuals, groups and corporations on Wellness and Weight Management. Her coaching technique incorporates the psychology of 4. Reward yourself. Maybe you get to stop behavior change, exercise physiology and an intuitive eating philosophy to help clients make permanent lifestyle changes to lose weight for the for coffee after your workout? Maybe you long term. To get free monthly tips, sign up for the free Evolve4Life Newsletter at or call (480)248-2428 . get to buy something for yourself after a Article Source: certain number of workouts? Try the "punch card" reward system. Track your workouts by marking a calendar and make
  14. 14. KIEFIT.COM—ISSUE Seite 13 KieFit– Board This site is created to post job exclusively for health and fitness professional. Search for qualified professionals and opening your career world wide. Reach your targeted audience massively. Your ad is thirty (30) days visi- ble for FREE! Your Source For Fit- ness Related Articles Find Free Information About Fitness, Health And Wellness.
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