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Cydweli, Kymer and Canals presentation


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A presentation for KLHS by Ed Davies

Published in: Education
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Cydweli, Kymer and Canals presentation

  1. 1. Gan Ed Davies
  2. 2. What came before?
  3. 3. Thomas Kymer 1722 - 1784. Was born in Haverfordwest on 17th July 1722. He exploited the mineral wealth of the area, and by 1759 he was a Burgess of Kidwelly. In 1766 he opened the first canal in Wales linking Carway with the port of Kidwelly. His meetings were held in this building, then known as the Pelican Hotel. He died in 1784 and is buried in St Mary’s Churchyard.
  4. 4. Shipping
  5. 5. Canal features
  6. 6. KLLCTC and others
  7. 7. What came after?