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1-1. Welcome talk. Rosanna Coppo (eng)


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IPNA-ESPN teaching course "Pediatric nephrology: Evidence-based statements and open questions", Moscow, Russia, October 22-24, 2013.

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1-1. Welcome talk. Rosanna Coppo (eng)

  1. 1. Rosanna Coppo ESPN Secretary General Prof. Larisa Prikhodina IPNA-ESPN teaching course in Moscow, October 22-24, 2013. Web URL: http://
  2. 2. ESPN MEMBERSHIP ESPN has 215 active members (146 members have combined IPNA membership) and more than 1000 mail addresses from Doctors who wish to be regularly informed about what is going on in Pediatric Nephrology
  3. 3. 2013 Membership by countries UK Germany France Italy Spain Turkey Poland Sweden Russia Hungary Belgium The Netherlands Greece Portugal total 70 68 41 39 32 30 23 20 20 20 19 19 17 15
  4. 4. ESPN communication &networking activity COUNTRY 2013 newly organized mailing list with 1020 mail addresses of Doctors involved in Pediatric Nephrology care. · · · · · · · · · · · · MAIL addresses GERMANY 201 SERBIA 27 BELGIUM 31 ICELAND 2 PORTUGAL 22 SWISS 18 GREECE 14 NORWAY 12 FRANCE 99 ITALY 253 TURKEY 152 RUSSIA 70 POLAND 1 indirect mailing list UK 1 indirect mailing list
  5. 5. ESPN members from other Countries Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland,Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine Canada, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon,Libya, Peru, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, USA.
  6. 6. Web URL: http://
  7. 7. ESPN 2013 activity New initiatives Scientific policy ESPN Working Groups (WG) Aimed at facilitating a true European network, Pediatric Nephrology activity visibility Collaboration with IPNA and ERA-EDTA.
  8. 8. WG structure • a Scientific Board made up of 5 Members (one Chairperson for 3 year service and one young member): maximum duration of each position is 6 years. - one member of the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry - one member of the ESPN Council - one expert in the area to liaise with ERA-EDTA Regular Members are welcome: Apply for one or more WGs, It is sufficient to be ESPN member! Web URL: http://
  9. 9. ESPN WGs • • • • • • • Transplantation Dialysis CKD and metabolic bone disease Inherited kidney disorders CAKUT/UTI/bladder dysfunction Nephrotic syndrome Immune mediated renal diseases
  10. 10. – – – – – – – – – • Karlijn van Stralen Registry Coordinator Marjolein Bonthuis PhD student, since April 2010 Nick Chesnaye PhD student Sean Senecal data manager Department’s research line ‘Evaluation of Health Care and Epidemiology’ headed by Kitty Jager.
  11. 11. ESPN Educational policy 2013 Training grants : 3 x 1000 -3000 euro training grants applications for low and high income countries 5 travel grants for Pediatric Nephrology Courses
  12. 12. ESPN Educational policy New initiatives: 1) CME slides series available for ESPN Members start-up: 4 CME courses held by ESPN at the ERA-EDTA 2013:  Urinary tract infections in children and adults  Acute renal failure in the paediatric age group: treatment and outcome  Diagnosis and management of osteodystrophy in children with CKD  ERA-EDTA/ESPN Registry 2) Master Classes of Working Group in Porto 2014 will be posted NDT-educational (ERA-EDTA website) blog on Pediatric Nephrology
  13. 13. ESPN networking policy New initiatives: Young Generation ESPN will join the Young Nephrology Platform (YNP) just launched by the ERA-EDTA, linking the two websites and sharing common activities addressed to < 40 y.o. Nephrologists Including: - Survey about need and hopes - Interview - Information exchange among young people working in the same area. -Coordinator Milkos Molnar email:
  14. 14. 2013 past meetings • ERA-EDTA congress in Istanbul, May 18-21, 2013. A track was dedicated to Pediatric Nephrology during the whole congress.
  15. 15. Congress venue: Alfandega congress centre Scientific Committee Ryszard Grenda (Chair) Augustina Jankauskiene Anelia Boueva Amal Bourquia Bruno Ranchin Christer Holmberg Elke Wühl Gema Ariceta Giovanni Montini Jiri Dusek Necla Buyan Radovan Bogdanovic Rukshana Shroff Sverker Hansson Local Organizing Committee A. Caldas Afonso Ana Carolina Cordinhã Ana Teixeira António Vilarinho Diana e Silva Helena Pinto Joana Garcias José Esteves Margarida Abranches Paula Matos
  16. 16. Scientific Program  IPNA – ESPN Junior Class (one full-day, September 17)  Joint meeting with the European Working Group on Psychosocial Aspects of Children with Chronic Renal Failure (EWOPA) (September 18-19)  ESPN master classes (ESPN Working Groups)  ESPN – ERA/EDTA registries  State of the art lectures (plenary sessions)  Symposiums (Debates / Case reports; Best relevant abstract)  Oral Communications and Poster viewing sessions  Symposium “What’s hot – what’s new?” (September 20)
  17. 17. Join ESPN-IPNA! • • • • Join a Working Group Join the Young Nephrologist European Platform Send a message to ESPN to tell what you wish from this Scientific Society Be an active partner of the Pediatric Nephrology Network! Web URL: http://