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Honda ct110 - the postie bike!


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The Honda CT110 - aka the postie bike! Find parts at competitive prices here -

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Honda ct110 - the postie bike!

  1. 1. Honda CT110 The Postie Bike!Kickstart Motorcycle Parts - Honda CT110
  2. 2. Honda CT110 - aka the postie bike! This isnt a new sales pitch : its apractical and also valuable article outlining the reasons the CT110 is,amazingly, one of the most convenient and best-selling bike in Australia,and perhaps also the whole world. But, We hear everyone declare, it’s a postie bike! You will only travel to 70 or 80 km/hour. What use is that?Kickstart Motorcycle Parts - Honda CT110
  3. 3. Well, I’m definitely not affirming the Honda CT110to be an excellent motorbike for highway traveling.But if you’re searching for a low cost and practicalbike to get you round your land, trail bike ridingAND be road-registered so you can get out andabout, its the bike you need.There are a couple of methods of obtaining theHonda CT110, depending upon what you need toget out of the bike. Recurring auctions are actuallyorganized nation wide for the discarding of pre-owned Aussie Post bikes at between 20,000 and40,000 kms. There are several postie bikesavailable in paper advertisements or online publicauction and classified sites such as Ebay. Hondaoffer the Agricultural versions of this motorbike, andthe best part is they finally provide an AustralianDesign Rules compliance plate for the purpose ofregistration should you require your paddockbasher motorbike to become road-worthy.Kickstart Motorcycle Parts - Honda CT110
  4. 4. Assuming an average weight of 85kg, your full speedmay reach between 70-80km/hr, nonetheless, youare capable of doing tweaks so it will go faster! Youcould attempt things like improving carburettor jetsize, running your motor on racing fuel or, if you’rereally keen, getting the motor modified and updatedby using a pro.The Honda CT110 is a good motorbike for novices,it’s not difficult to operate using an automatic clutch(no stalling), 4 gears, and engages easily. As a good1st motorbike, or perhaps to gain confidence drivingon the road without the overpowering engine, thiscan be a very good choice. It’s cost-effective - outand about you’ll get 100km from about 2.5 litres. Dothe maths whilst you’re held up in traffic to contrastthat against your vehicle! And even though thedescribed weight limit is 130kgs, generally themotorbike is capable of carrying more, making itrather valuable within the farm.Kickstart Motorcycle Parts - Honda CT110
  5. 5. Without doubt, the greatest thing about theHonda CT110, in considered the selection ofspare parts obtainable for this bike as a by-product of their popularity and prevalence inthis nation. Detent lever breaks or bends dueto overall deterioration, age or mistreatment -no biggie - it’s an inexpensive part and easyto replace. A low cost, light-weight motorbikeof this nature is easily susceptible to gettingflogged across the land and consequently, aloss of compression might be evident, oftenyour engine doesn’t kick off so readily, ormaybe the exhaust valve has worn out.Adjust the tappets and replace all worn outparts rapidly, with ease and also at low-costfor you. Don’t be ripped off by Ebayscammers that take your cash and neglect toproduce, buy via a trustworthy dealer andstart flogging your postie bike again as soonas you can!Kickstart Motorcycle Parts - Honda CT110