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This is a quick cheatsheet of some useful resources. Great for improving your landing pages and online business.

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Resource Guide (

  1. 1. USEFUL RESOURCES Version 1.0 A handy resource guide
  2. 2. Landing Pages 107: Specific Resources For Your Business Here’s a quick list of resources you may find useful! There are probably many more providers out there that provide similar services. Many of the listed tools are built-in to your landing page dashboard for easy integration! For tracking metrics KickoffLabs Status Reports: Get notified about your recent signups as soon as they happen, daily, or once per week. Log in and view your dashboard to access. KickoffLabs Campaign Tracking: Enables enhanced campaign tracking via URLs. Know more about where your users are coming from (integrates nicely with Google Analytics as well). Log in and view your dashboard to access. KickoffLabs Facebook Conversion Tracking: Facebook Ad Conversion Tracking enables you to track how many people take action based on your Facebook ad campaigns. Log in and view your dashboard to access. Google Analytics: Kissmetrics – For A/B Testing Optimizely: Visual Website Optimizer: Pluralis: Email Services MailChimp: Aweber: Zapier: Paid Advertisements Google Adwords: BuySellAds: LaunchBit: Bing Ads: Landing Page Consulting with Experts KickoffLabs Kickoff Kit: