Brainstorming worksheet for new businesses


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This brainstorming worksheet are for those who want to start their own business but are having problem coming up with an idea. Start here!

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Brainstorming worksheet for new businesses

  1. 1. BRAINSTORMING Version 1.0 A step by step guide and worksheet
  2. 2. Landing Pages 107: Brainstorming Worksheet This brainstorming worksheet is for people who don’t have a business idea yet. If you already have an idea, this is not for you – you should be creating your landing page right now. The first step is to write down any idea that comes up. Start with: 1. Your hobbies 2. Your skills 3. What you talk about most 4. Books and magazines you read 5. Websites you go to Don’t limit yourself - just write them all down as they come, and don’t stop to expand on any ideas while you’re brainstorming. The second step is to turn these ideas into services that can be marketed or sold. You might love animals, but people aren’t going to pay you money just because you love animals. Remember, you want to create a landing page to sell an idea and generate leads. Here are some ideas you can use if you just want to jump into building your landing page immediately: If you love dogs, you might create a landing page to: 1. Generate leads for dog walking services 2. Sell services/products on dog grooming 3. Get people to sign up for your newsletter on dog care tips If you like eating snacks, your landing page can: 1. Promote a newsletter talking about the latest new snack 2. Sell a monthly home or office snack delivery service 3. Test out a new business idea for a new healthy snack category And if you like sleeping, you can optimize your landing page to: 1. Sign people up for a newsletter on how to fall asleep faster 2. Sell a course on how to improve your quality of sleep 3. Sell a private consultation with you on how to develop the perfect sleeping habits. BRAINSTORMING WORKSHEET on the next page →
  3. 3. Areas of Interest Marketable Services Hobbies Skills What you talk about most Books and magazines you read Websites you visit regularly Came up with some great ideas? Great! Now go create your landing pages at