Plan your retirement with easy apps


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Plan your retirement with easy apps

  1. 1. Are you close to retirement?
  2. 2. Plan a retirement budget with our EasyRetirement planning app
  3. 3. Every human’s retirement needs aredifferent. You must understand how yourplan works and what profit you will gain,think about how long you will have inretirement, what type of lifestyle you willwant, and where you will live.
  4. 4. “Have you ever been out for a late autumn walkin the closing part of the afternoon, andsuddenly looked up to realize that the leaveshave practically all gone? And the sun has setand the day gone before you knew it — andwith that a cold wind blows across thelandscape? Thats retirement.”-- Stephen Leacock
  5. 5. Make a retirement Budget with our Easy Retirementplanning app Peace of mind vs. anxiety Cut the fat - not the fun All loans - liquidated Visa Paid in full - monthly Retirement plan - on hand
  6. 6. Why use Kick Ass Budget apps• For Manage your budget• Manage your budget with iphone• Manage your budget with Android• Manage your budget with Blackberry• Plan your Retirement easily
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