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Revised white supremacy powerpoint


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Revised white supremacy powerpoint

  1. 1. Group 1:Kiana Cole, Jhonice lewis, Samoya Ball, and SamaadSmith
  2. 2. Claim White Supremacy may have been areason why an African Americanwould not ask the properauthorities for help in situationssuch as the one in "Steady Going Up"by Maya Angelou.
  3. 3. Defining White Supremacy In the simplest of terms, White Supremacy is the belief thatthe White race is inherently superior to other races and thatWhites should in turn control other races. “The term “white supremacy” enables us to recognize notonly that black people are socialized to embody the valuesand attitudes of white supremacy, but we can exercise “whitesupremacist control” over other black people.” – Bell Hooks,Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black
  4. 4. Understanding the claim Historically African Americans have enduredcenturies of discrimination, segregation, andracism. This caused uneasy relations with police and otherprominent authorities.
  5. 5. Understanding the claim(cont’d) Socially, African Americans have always beenas the inferior race amongst the majority inAmerican Society. Consequently, this thinking also creatednegative relations between African Americansand police. This racial tension prompted police to bephysically violent, racially profile, andwrongfully accuse African Americans ofcrimes.
  6. 6. Opposing Views• There are thosethat claim WhiteSupremacy is nolonger an issue inSociety• They argue thatAmerica provideseveryone with aneven playing field, andthat success is basedon an individual’spersonal drive, hardwork, mental capacity,etc.“We live in a system that espouses merit, equality, and a levelplaying field, but exalts those with wealth, power, and celebrity,however gained.” – Derrick A Ball, Ethical Ambition: Living aLife of Meaning and Worth
  7. 7. Conclusion White Supremacy is a major reason why an AfricanAmerican would be apprehensive in asking the policeor authorities for help. While lynching and cross burnings are now outdatedpractices, White supremacy continues to have anegative effect on society, specifically on AfricanAmericans. African Americans continue to be racially profiled,harassed, and discriminated against. Combining socially and historical research one couldconclude that the historical aspect addresses “why”there is racism and white supremacy and the societalaspect addresses “how” this continues.
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