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Ki leadership4 learners overview

Leadership4Learners is a program designed with young learners within a high school environment to create the most powerful impact with outcomes that are specific, practical and successful in it's implementation.

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Ki leadership4 learners overview

  1. 1.  The current school system is doing its best to stimulate learners of all backgrounds.  Teachers are constantly having to readjust their teaching styles to the ever-changing policies passed down to them, without the correct training being included.  They are expected to achieve results with little or no support from stakeholders.  They have to discipline, babysit and instil values within the lives of the youth without the skills or tools to do so.  Many feel overwhelmed, under appreciated, not heard, angry or just disillusioned with the current system.  Many do their best, but the ever changing climate of intolerance, influx of technology and rapid social media input, many cannot cope with the old methods of teaching.  Learners are able to google within seconds and have the options of learning through
  2. 2.  To create an environment where learners are given simple, yet effective skills to empower, encourage and stimulate their own abilities to become high achievers.  ForTeachers to have the ability to handle all situations:  from understanding their own learning styles,  to improving the Pass rate  Handle stress  Understand the diversities of other learners  Connect and build the relationships amongst learners, community, parents and teachers in a positive, uplifting way  Understand Personality types and Learning styles – this allows them to improve self development  Self empowerment, self motivation, self motivated  Life long learners  Remove bullying by up-skilling learners  Create a safe, nurturing environment  Communication skills and abilities that transcend traditional methods of teaching, imparting knowledge and engaging with learners.  Relationship building that motivates and inspires growth, trust approachability.  Manage behaviours based inValues that resonates with Human interaction values of respect, understanding and caring.
  3. 3.  To create an awesome, funky group of kickass Leaders who will change lives through their amazing skills, lessons learnt and sharing of their achievements.  Each learner will eventually become Champions of change and entice other buddies to join in their success next year.  Teenagers who make a difference and achieve big! Learn about yourself and skills that will fast track your personal growth to become a person to be reckoned with in the Corporate Environment. •Personality types •VAK (Learning Styles) •EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) •Public speaking •Goals list •Affirmations •Dream book •Creative writing •5 minute speeches
  4. 4.  Learn how to use all of your skills to create a positive, powerful image of yourself through  Photography (nature pictures)  YouTubeVideos  Responsible social media networking  Blogs  Creative writing updates  Positive thoughts and uploads  Facebook, Myspace,Twitter, LinkedIn  Research  Internet and Social Media based
  5. 5.  Let us take a journey through the real world...the ones that adults keep a secret.  Workshops  Conferencing  Brainstorming Sessions  Over night stays  Road trips
  6. 6. Leadership skills to upgrade the real life skills of every learner who attends this course. Learning practical communicationskills that will enable each learner to confidently interact with people on a professional level outside of school. Practical skills to improve studying, communicating, team work skills, emotional freedom techniques, social media networking skills, speaking skills,team building skills, writing skills, blogging, creative writing, using social media for positive upliftment. Attending conferences to gain real life skills and learn how to network and leverage contacts for future interactions. Goal setting and goal achieving. Trips to experience venues and the hospitality industry to gain experience on how to source and use event management skills to create their own events. Positive upliftment – Affirmations, Inspirational sayings, Leadership tips. Diversity training, sensitivity training, diversity understanding and relationship building skills. Using YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms to improve learning skills, follow ups, interactions and assignments. Using sports for physical development Community projects once a month as chosen by the learners and supported by business/volunteers to achieve it. Tape recording lessons by various teachers for areas that learners are battling with and sending them these lessons on links via Mxit, Facebook and BBM.
  7. 7.  Major Shareholder & Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd  Founder of Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd  Values Based Leadership Specialist  Motivational Speaker and International Facilitator of the Celebrating Humanity Programmes across SouthAfrica, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, USA, London and Hong Kong.  Facilitator inTransformationalTeambuilding, DiversityTraining, Leadership Training andTeam Conflict Resolution Strategies.  Semi-Finalist of the Rising StarAwards SouthAfrica  Published Author in the Communication Section of “InspirationalWomen at Work SouthAfrica” - foreword by Oprah Winfrey  Received a Certificate acknowledging Contribution to Leadership forWomen in SA by Mrs Graca Machel Mandela.  Currently assisting with Marketing andTourism within Swaziland and the Piggs Peak Hotel.  Published articles in various Magazines in SouthAfrica ie..Destiny Magazine- SA, Golden Room Online Magazine - London etc..  Interviewed onTV by Felicia Mabuza Shuttle. Interviewed on Air by various Radio Stations regarding Relationships, DiversityTraining etc.  Cooked on Live television – Expresso Show – CapeTown, SouthAfrica.  Honorary Board Member – Diversity Inclusion Magazine – Online University – USA  Semi-finalist for Women in Business – Sanlam Awards  Created and facilitate a Leadership for Learners Programme for young teenagers who belong to a Peace Club in an underprivileged school.
  8. 8.  Certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John MaxwellTeam.  Years of intensive training with an ICF-accredited global coaching company.  International Values Based Leadership Specialist with a world wide licence to train and certify facilitators.  Member of Les Brown’s Platinum Speakers, getting mentored by Les Brown personally.  One of my most amazing and life-changing experiences so far was the great honour and pleasure to have been part of a team of around 150 JMT coaches and trainers who went to Guatemala, to train more than 20,000 leaders from all walks of life in Transformational Leadership. (Values Based Leadership)  30 years in the oil industry; mostly at supervisory level and several at project management level, working with and leading teams around the world;  Supervised and trained international teams from different cultures.  Worked closely with representatives of many major oil companies.  Sent to challenging projects as a ‘calming influence’, diffusing many conflicting situations.
  9. 9.  Ki Leadership Institute (Pty) Ltd is 100% woman-directed and managed, and is a Level 1 BEE contributor.  All prices are quoted Nett.  A 100% deposit is payable immediately upon confirmation of dates, in order to secure the facilitation team.  The cost of the venue, conferencing, travel and accommodation for the delegates is strictly for the account of the client and needs to be settled directly with the venue.  Travel, accommodation and refreshments for the facilitators are also for the account of the client.  21 Days written notice is required to cancel or postpone the training. Costs incurred or loss of income for late notice of cancellation, will be billed accordingly.  This proposal is valid for 15 days from date hereof.
  10. 10. Upon acceptance of this proposal, kindly arrange for a 100% deposit to secure the dates and availability of our Facilitation Team. Kindly sign below to accept this proposal. Name in Full: ________________________ Designation: ________________________ Date: ________________________ Our Banking details are as follows: Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd First National Bank Cheque Account – Sandton Account number - 62540385516 Branch - Sandton - Johannesburg Code - 250655