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Service offering

  1. 1. Company Profile &Service Offering2013This presentation is solely for the use of client personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted or reproduced outside of the clientorganization without prior written approval of M/S Khushal Enterprises
  2. 2. Company Confidential 2Books of Accounts to be maintained U/s 209sub section 4A of Companies Act of 1956Non Compliance results toImprisonment Or FineOr BothEvery company must maintain proper books ofaccounts. These books and papers together withthe vouchers pertaining to entries made must bemaintained for at least 8 years
  3. 3. Company Confidential 3
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  6. 6. Benefits of project file scanning1. Ensures all files are backed up safely off-site2. Instantly access any project file on-screen from any PC using a text search3. Documents can be emailed, copied, sent, searched and printed from any computer4. Eliminate all of the time spent by administration and senior staff on searchingthrough and organising numerous folders5. See a guaranteed long term return on investment while helping the environment byreducing paper flowCompany Confidential 6
  7. 7. Company Confidential 7No need tobuyWarehousefor FileStorageBest price:ReasonableandAffordableGuaranteednext dayservice24hr peace ofmindFlood & dampsafeFire protectionTotal SecurityFullcomplianceClientconfidentiality
  8. 8.  Our Charges are based on Boxes and Files We cater to all type of CompaniesIn case we can be of any help, please email us on byleaving a message as below and we will revert at the earliest ...Name: Please mention your nameYour Enquiry: How can we help you?... else please feel free to get in touch directly on +91 9870095239Company Confidential 8