Creekview Senior Project Proposal Form 2012


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Creekview Senior Project Proposal Form 2012

  1. 1. Creekview Senior Project Proposal Form 2012-13Eimaz KhanLester8/22/2012All questions must be completed thoroughly to receive approval for yourSenior Project. Some projects will be submitted to a committee for finalapproval. This form must be completed and returned to your senior Englishteacher by Friday, August 17, 2012. You will not be allowed to change yourtopic after October 12, 2012.The Senior Project is subject to the plagiarism policies set forth by the districtand Creekview High School.1) Describe the overall topic of your Senior Project.I will be exploring music composition.2) What is your previous experience in this area of study?My previous experience has been my 14 years of musical study through private lessons.3) To what career will you connect this project (required)?I will be connecting this project to the career of composing.4) Describe what you are proposing to do for your Product step-by-step and in detail. Writeon the back of this sheet if necessary.I plan to compose and record a full-length instrumental song. First, I will compile theinstruments, software, and other equipment necessary. These will include piano, guitar,bass guitar, percussive, and string instruments. From there, I will begin the cycle ofcomposing on an instrument and then writing the sheet music, one section at a time. Once Ihave practiced and memorized each part, I will record each instrument. I will be using avideo/audio editing software to put each recorded instrument part together.5) How is this project a “learning stretch” and a challenge for you?This project is a “learning stretch” for me because I have never fully followed through withthe composition of a full piece. I have also never written out sheet music for mycompositions.6) What are your estimated costs for completing the Product, and how will you fund thesecosts?Everything I need is already in my house, therefore I won’t require any funding for thisproject.
  2. 2. 7) Who have you chosen (or are considering choosing) as your Project Facilitator?I am considering choosing my piano teacher, Tony Winston, as my project facilitator.8) What is this person’s expertise in this field?Tony Winston has a graduate in music theory. He has been the pianist/vocalist for manybands who play at all sorts of events: weddings, parties, symphonic concerts, restaurants,bars, and music clubs. He has produced a cover album. He has many connections in themusic industry. He teaches about 30 kids, meeting every one or two weeks with them. Hedoes his own composing as a hobby as well.