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Braille Technology


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Braille Technology

  1. 1. Khulood & Sherina
  2. 2. History An 11 year old blind boy used a secret code in the military forces to create a new way of communication between blind people.
  3. 3. Definitiono System used to read & writeo Use dotso Identify by touch
  4. 4. A close look at Braille languageBraille book
  5. 5. Braille Operationo Cellso Codeso Memorizing the dots
  6. 6. Applicationso Braille Displayo Electronic Braille Note takero Braille Independent Living Aidso Braille Keyboardo Braille Translation Softwareso Braille Labellerso Braille Printers
  7. 7. Braille DisplayElectronic devices that read text that is displayed on a normal computer monitor
  8. 8. Electronic Braille Note Takero Portable Notebookso Organization Purposeso Variety of options Take a note...
  9. 9. BrailleIndependent Living Aids
  10. 10. Braille Keyboardo Featureso Operation
  11. 11. Braille Translation SoftwareSoftware that translates normal text in Word processing software to braille.They also allow sharing braille files over the Internet.
  12. 12. Braille Labelero Labeling Systemo Perform Daily Tasks
  13. 13. Braille PrintersPrinters that receive data from the computer and print the information as Braille.Interpoint printers print Braille on both sides of the paper.
  14. 14. Outcomes of Braille TechnologyEquality & SecurityLiteracyPerform tasksFunction in the society
  15. 15. Tamkeen Emirates Training Association Centre for the Blind MoLSA UAE National Committee for Eye HealthForesight
  16. 16. Emirates Association for the Blind (EAB)o Spread awarenesso Training Programso Provide Laws & Jobso Conduct Research
  17. 17. Foresight Is an organisation that is ‘dedicated to improving the lives of people who are visually impaired’It is a non-profit organisation and a branch of Tamkeen
  18. 18. MoLSA (Blind Department)o Laws & Regulationso Conduct Researcheso Provide Services
  19. 19. Tamkeen Training Centre It operates under Knowledge and Human Development Authority in DubaiIt provides for the visually impaired services as well as training programs to upgrade their skills and abilities
  20. 20. UAE National Committee for Eye Healtho Provide serviceso Provide educationo Prepare to be productiveindividual
  21. 21. National Braille WeekDuration: 4th - 10th January each yearCelebrates the Braille system and helps people know and understand more about Braille.‘to improve access to reading in all formats from Braille to large prints.’
  22. 22. DonationsHow can I donate?
  23. 23. Resources••• http//• ab_emirates.htm#united_arab_emirates••• ages/braille_week.aspx• -braille-week.html• entID=1253•