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Khronos Group KITE Overview


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The Khronos Group recently launched the KITE (Khronos Institute for Training and Education). <a>Visit KITE today!</a>

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Khronos Group KITE Overview

  1. 1. Connecting Industry to Education KITE Launch February 2012 © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 1
  2. 2. KITE - Connecting Industry to Education• Khronos is launching the new KITE initiative to support Educators - To ensure an even quality of graduates• Catalyst for cooperation with the educational community - Per educators’ request KITE• Together we are training the engineers of Connecting Khronos members and the tomorrow, today! educational community - To be part of the global workforce © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 2
  3. 3. Enhancing Educator Efforts KhronosKhronos does not Membersteach coursesdirectly… Courseware Educational Reviews guidelines feedback… Khronos Skilledassists Employees EducatorsEducatorsin teaching Khronos-related courseware and examsKhronos APIs Students © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 3
  4. 4. KITE Levels of Engagement KITE Community KITE KITE Chapters Global Colleagues collaboration KITE Local Accredited Certification Educators engagement Ecosystem Certification options for Hub Educators, companies Communication to Active and institutes Khronos working groups discussion Use of Khronos and Forums Contribute to Educational KITE trademarks Guidelines Action and logos on regional Educator Working Group issues review of courseware Guidelines Meet-ups Courseware © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 4
  5. 5. KITE Community Website• Access to free educational materials and resources - Open Courseware using Creative Commons and Moodle framework - Khronos reference and presentation materials - Khronos streaming presentations• Ecosystem Hub - Links to SDKs and tools - Sample and example code• Community - Notice Boards: internships, projects, competitions - Shared demos, coursework - Newsletters, reports and interviews• Books and paid courseware © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 5
  6. 6. Courseware Using Moodle• Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System - Very popular among educators globally – 57M users - Platform for educational web sites – 5.8M courses• Familiar features - Discussion forums - File downloads - Online news and announcements - Wiki © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 6
  7. 7. KITE Colleague Benefits• Accredited Educators can sign up for the KITE Colleague email list - No fee• Working group members provide review of courseware - Educators interact with industry-leading experts who created the specifications - Input to Khronos Educator Guidelines• Direct networking with Khronos members for industry placements - Internships and other Khronos/member-funded student projects Courseware feedback Khronos KITE Working Groups Colleagues Input to Educator Guidelines © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 7
  8. 8. KITE Chapters • Network of country and regional local chapters - Focused local collaboration and activities with geographical focus - Organize informal ‘meetup’ meetings • Khronos supports Chapter activities - Sponsorship and logistical support • First Chapter Chairs signed up - Kite chapter chair mailing list for coordination Oregon California Texas Benelux Scotland AustraliaDr. Mike Bailey Tony Dr. Yeshwant Vincent Daniel Dr. Derek Oregon State Parisi Muthusamy Hindriksen Livingstone Gertsmann © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 8
  9. 9. Korea: KITE Chapter Example• Many Korean Schools are waiting for KITE !• Why? - Research: SNU, GIST, KAIST, KNU - App Center Program - Training of College student - Employees in industry• KNU - Made KITE site proposal to government of Korea and was awarded significant funding! - Will be “heart” of KITE Korea activity © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 9
  10. 10. Asia Chapter Updates• Korea taking early initiative - KITE Korean Chapter Preparation Meeting - June 27-29 2012 - Jeju Island - Co-location event with Korea Computer Congress (KIISE)• Japan Tokyo and Osaka Chapters forming• New Chapter Chair for Taiwan - Jenq-Kuen Lee, Ph. D Korea Tokyo Osaka TaiwanWell under In process Forming Now forming way © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 10
  11. 11. KITE Certification• Khronos will offer Educator Certification - Available to individuals, institutes and companies offering training - Execute KITE Certification Agreement with small fee• Submit examples of course material and training experience - Reviewed by industry experts in Khronos Working Groups - Khronos issues KITE Certification to qualified educators• Certified Educators can use the KITE, Khronos and API logos - Under terms defined in KITE Certification Agreement © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 11
  12. 12. KITE - Connecting Industry to Education• Khronos Members assisting Educators - Strong community-based collaboration• Find and foster great talent with Khronos API skills - Help create the workforce of tomorrow• Get involved! - Contribute to the KITE Community website - Volunteer as a KITE Chapter Chair - Sign-up as a KITE Colleague - Become KITE Certified © Copyright Khronos Group, 2012 - Page 12