Starting A Raw Food Diet...


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Starting A Raw Food Diet...

  1. 1. ==== ====For Raw Food Diet Tips, check this out: ====Starting a raw food diet can be a scary thing for many people.Plenty of people dive straight in to a raw food diet, without educating themselves properly on thesubject.They immediately try to listen to their bodies but unfortunately they are not yet equipped to do so,and they go on to make many mistakes which then leads them to conclude that the raw food dieteither doesnt work or just isnt for them.This is a pity.This article is intended to point out some of the most common mistakes made by people new tothe raw food diet, and how to correct them so that you can be successful.Starting A Raw Food Diet - Tip 1 - EDUCATE YOURSELFRead lots of books! Make sure the books youre reading are from knowledgeable sources.Interrogate the source of the information (in your mind, dont interrogate the person!).Ask yourself: What experience and qualifications does the author of this information have? How dothey look? Are they achieving the kind of results in their life that YOU would like to achieve?Does what theyre saying MAKE SENSE? Does it really resonate with you as truth?Starting A Raw Food Diet - Tip 2 - EXPERIMENTDo not decide ahead of time how things are going to be, as you just dont have the experience yetto be able to do that.Be open to changing your approach. If something doesnt seem to be working for you, keeplooking, keep experimenting.Find people who are achieving the results you WANT and follow what theyre doing!Starting A Raw Food Diet - Tip 3 - OBJECTIVELY MEASURE YOUR INTAKEWhen you are new to eating a clean diet, it is almost impossible to listen to your body.Your signals are completely out of whack. You are accustomed to interpreting your bodies signals
  2. 2. as calls for doughnuts or calls for sugary soda or coffee.Considering that your body NEVER actually wants harmful substances, it is fair to say that you areout of touch with your bodies needs when you have been eating anything close to a standard diet.What you need to do instead is to OBJECTIVELY measure your intake.EAT ENOUGH FOODIt is impossible to be successful long term on a starvation diet. However, this is exactly whathappens when many people are starting a raw food diet.They do not understand how to objectively measure their intake, so they starve themselves andthen conclude that the raw food diet is way too difficult or unsustainable.Raw vegetables are INCREDIBLY low in calories. If you were to try and fulfill your calorie needswith just vegetables, you would have to eat ALL DAY LONG, and even then you would probablystill be seriously under-eating in terms of your caloric intake.So raw vegetables are just not going to suffice as a main source of calories.So if we cant get enough calories from vegetables alone, that leaves overt fat sources, such asrefined oils, nuts, seeds, olives and avocados, or FRUITS.Refined oils are 100% FAT!Consuming refined oils is extremely unhealthy as oils are 100% FAT. They do not contain ANYprotein or ANY carbohydrate. They are processed foods and not healthy for us in any quantity.Eating much more than 10% to 15% of our overall calories from fats is not healthy. In every majorhealth study it has been shown that the MOST healthful level of fat consumption is less than 10%of overall calories.Some nuts and seeds, olives or avocados can be consumed each day, but not in large amounts.That leaves fruits.Fruits are the ideal food, perfectly cooked by the sun, they are our perfect foods.Containing beautiful ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrate, fruits are easily digested andassimilated, giving us lots of energy and hydration in each perfect package.Part of objectively measuring your intake, is finding out how many calories you need to maintainyour current level of activity, and making sure that you get that.Go onto a free calorie counting website and start to count calories. After a month or so you willknow how much to eat and wont have to continue to monitor this. However, if you DONTobjectively measure your intake when starting a raw food diet, the chances are VERY HIGH that
  3. 3. you will under-eat.Raw food is much higher in volume than cooked food, and much lower in calories per bite.Therefore you have to eat a LOT MORE than what you are accustomed to eating.While you are monitoring your caloric intake, also keep an eye on your other levels, such as youroverall fat intake and protein intake. Provided you are eating enough calories from real foods (norefined oils etc), you are AUTOMATICALLY going to get enough protein.You will soon see that adding any refined oils to your diet just makes the fat percentage leap upinto very unhealthy levels, and adds absolutely nothing in terms of nutrients.Starting A Raw Food Diet - Tip 4 - Drink Lots of WaterJust because you are now eating a water rich diet, DOESNT MEAN that you no longer have todrink water.In order to feel GREAT and to thrive on a raw food diet, you need to be hydrating yourselfproperly. Some of this hydration comes from food, but you still need to get a LOT from pure water.Do not wait until you are thirsty, if you wait until youre thirsty you are already dehydrated.When you are coming from a background of unhealthy dehydrating foods and lifestyle, there is alot of catching up to do. As your body is cleansing itself it needs lots of water to help to flush outthe toxins. It also needs lots of water in order to rehydrate all those parched cells after years ofdehydrating lifestyle practices.So dont be scared to drink that water! Drink a liter upon waking in the morning, and aroundanother 2 liters during the day depending on your activity levels. Make sure you are peeingCLEAR, (no yellow to be seen), 10-12 times a day.Starting A Raw Food Diet - Tip 5 - Its not ALL ABOUT DIET!There is more to health than JUST what you eat and drink.To be really healthy, you need to get all the factors in place, and this includes adequate sleep,sunshine, exercise and emotional poise.If your lifestyle is very stressful, you never see the sun and youre getting too little sleep eachnight, it doesnt matter how well you are eating, your health is going to suffer.So take steps to make your lifestyle more balanced so that you can create emotional poise in yourlife.Get to bed earlier each night. Do some outdoor exercise, that will take care of the sunshine andthe exercise in one go.When youre eating enough and drinking enough, sleeping enough, getting enough sunshine and
  4. 4. daily exercise, you begin to thrive like you never imagined possible.You start to rediscover the joy of life that you had as a kid, where every moment is exciting andwonderful, and you love to move just for the joy of moving. You want to run somewhere ratherthan walk, just for the FUN OF IT! This is what we ALL deserve to experience.Starting a raw food diet is an important step in changing your life for the better! Educate yourself,experiment and enjoy the learning process, its an incredible ride!Alison Andrews is a raw food lifestyle writer and coach. She is also a singer/songwriter, actressand author. To find out more about starting a raw food diet, check out: find out more about the raw food diet, see Alisons website: http://www.loving-it-raw.comArticle Source: ====For Raw Food Diet Tips, check this out: ====