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Foundamental morphology of phycology


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Foundamental morphology of phycology

  1. 1. 1. Tên (Name) 2. Ngành (Phylum) 3. Lớp (Class) 4. Bộ (Order) 5. Hình ảnh (Image) Microcystis Cyanophyta/Cyanobacteria Cyanophyceae Chroococales Oscillatoria Cyanophyta Cyanophyceae Oscillatoriales Lyngbya Cyanophyta Cyanophyceae Oscillatoriales Calindrospermum Cyanophyta Cyanophyceae Nostocales Scytonema Cyanophyta Cyanophyceae Nostocales
  2. 2. Hapalosiphon Cyanophyta Cyanphyceae Stigonematatles Sargassum Heterokontophyta Phaeophyceae Fucales Turbinaria Heterokontophyta Phaeophyceae Fucales
  3. 3. Padina Heterokontophyta Phaeophyceae Dictyotales Dictyota Heterokontophyta Phaeophyceae Dictyotales Colpomenia Heterokontophyta Phaeophyceae Dictyosiphonales
  4. 4. Coscinodiscus Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Centrales Cyclotella Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Centrales Navicula Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Pennales Pinnularia Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Pennales Pleurosigma Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Pennales
  5. 5. Gyrosigma Heterokontophyta Bacillariophyceae Pennales Porphyra Rhodophyta Bangiophyceae Bangiales Liagora Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Nemalionales Galaxaura fastigiata Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Nemalionales
  6. 6. Gracilaria crassa (bìa không gai) Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Gigartinales Gracilaria eucheumoides (bìa có gai) Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Gigartinales Hypnea Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Gigartinales
  7. 7. Halymenia Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Gigartinales Titanophora Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Gigartinales Ceramium Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Ceramiales
  8. 8. Polysiphonia Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Ceramiales Laurencia papilosa Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Ceramiales Acanthophora spicifera Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Ceramiales
  9. 9. Amphiroa foliacea Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Corallinales Amphiroa fragilissima Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Corallinales Gelidiella acerosa Rhodophyta Florideohyceae Gelidiales Batrachospermum Rhodophyta Florideopphyceae Batrachospermales
  10. 10. Pediastrum Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Chlorococales Scenedesmus Chlorophyta Chlorophyceae Chlorococales Enteromorpha intestinalis Chlorophyta Ulvophyceae Ulvales Ulva reticulata Chlorophyta Ulvophyceae Ulvales
  11. 11. Chaetomorpha antennina Chlorophyta Cladophorophyceae Cladophorales Codium Chlorophyta Bryopsidophyceae Bryopsidales Caulerpa lentillifera Chlorophyta Bryopsidophyceae Halimedales
  12. 12. Caulerpa taxifolia Chlorophyta Bryopsidophyceae Halimedales Avrainvillea Chlorophyta Bryopsidophyceae Halimedales Halimeda Chlorophyta Bryopsidophyceae Halimedales
  13. 13. Spirogyra Chlorophyta Zygnematophyceae Zygnematales Closterium Chlorophyta Zygnematophyceae Desmidiales Cosmarium Chlorophyta Zygnematophyceae Desmidiales Staurastrum Chlorophyta Zygnematophyceae Desmidiales
  14. 14. NGUỒN ẢNH (web reference): 1. HUYỀN NGUYỄN ( 2. MIN CHÓ ( 3. Chara Chlorophyta Charophyceae Charales