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Question 6


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Question 6

  1. 1. Question 6 What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Planning and Research1. YouTubeI have been using YouTube all the time as I use it for listening to musicand watching for free videos online. And also I used it for this project tolook for a film opening video to analyse. So it wasn’t that hard to use itas all I have to do is just copy the embed code and paste it intoBlogger and it will just automatically load up on the screen. I can getaccess to this website easily either at school or at home because it isnot banned.
  3. 3. 2. Camera I use this hardware to take photos of our locations, props, costumes and actors. This isn’t hard to use because I have use this technology since I was 11 yrs. old and I do Photography in A Levels. I have learnt how to adjust the settings and how to take a good picture.3. Google I use this software to do some research on target audience, still images, blogger, etc. This is a good software for research because it offers a list of websites that you could go on to in particular. This isn’t hard to use as I use it most of the times and all you have to do is type in to the search engine.
  4. 4. Construction1. Video Camera, Microphone and TripodUsing a video camera wasn’t hard when I was filming our media productbecause we did a preliminary task before so I got used to it and I knowwhat I need to do. I have to think about what kind of shot type andangles I will use but it wasn’t that difficult as we already planned whatwe are going to use. We used a natural key lighting so it wasn’t hard forme to film as I don’t have to adjust the setting. We could have put themicrophone of the video camera on mute because we didn’t reallywant some sounds in our clip.
  5. 5. 2. Premiere Pro We used this software when we did our media product and it wasn’t that difficult to operate because we used it when we did the preliminary task to put all the clips together. Even though we did quite a lot of editing, it wasn’t that hard as we used the same transitions for the video clips. However, it was hard at start when we wanted to do the edits on images as we want it to zoom into our female protagonist face. We had to click on different things and we have to make sure that the black border is hidden. As the time goes by, I got used to it and I find it easy to use now. 3. Sound Booth I didn’t find it that hard to operate the sound booth as we only have to press a few buttons and click on record for recording our narration. And when it is finished, we just have to listen to it just to check if there are any sounds that we want to get rid of then save it if it is alright.
  6. 6. Evaluation1. Blogger I have used this website before as I like blogging things about something. Therefore, it isn’t new to me and hard for me to use when I do my evaluation, planning and research. I know how to upload images or videos on this. I know how to change the layout, fonts or colours if I want to. This is an easy access for both school and at home as long as there is an internet connection. At first when we created an account for media at school, there were some technical problems as a lot of people made an account at the same server.2. Slideshare I have used this software recently and it isn’t that hard to do. Because I just need to make an account and upload the PowerPoint that I want then just embed the code and paste to Blogger.