Question 5


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Question 5

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. I did some research on Bauer Media as I want to find out howmany people reads the ‘Closer’ magazines because it is a wellknown magazine . As you can see on the picture below, it showsthat 36.3%(15-24 yrs. old) and 25.9%( 25-34 yrs. old) of peoplereads it which is a great amount of our target audience will seeour advert on the magazine. After all of those research that wasdone, we altered our target audience to under 35 females whichincludes teens as well. And according to our research, thefemale gender our film is mostly aiming for because males arenttoo interested in romance and emotional films.
  3. 3. In my opinion, the audience is an important thing in mediaas we need to know that we are targeting at the rightperson. Our target audience is for mainly teenagers above15 and to people who likes our film. It is essential for us tofind a perfect place where we can advertise our film for ourtarget audience will more than likely see it.When we finished considering at the statistics from theBBFC, we have to do a questionnaire to a person that fitsour target audience. And the questions that I have askedher were what is the main thing they want and wouldn’twant to see in a romance film, etc. Then I found out thatmost of our target audience would love to see a happyending like kissing at the end and hear the cute lines that aguy says to a girl which we have on our media product.
  4. 4. As a group we are certain to advertise our film in ‘Closer’magazine as it is the top most magazines that are sold quicklyand in YouTube for trailers as it is the most popular website formusic and trailers video. Therefore, both of this place would begood to advertise our media product because of the amount ofpeople it will appeal to.We have to create our film opening interesting so it will attractour target audience and will make themselves to watch thewhole film. At the start of our film, the couples are happy but wehave sad backing music and narration all the way through. Theneventually when Scarlett was starting to act strange and Tomasked her what’s wrong, she just suddenly walk away from himwhich leaves Tom behind. We then placed our title at the topcorner which is the enigma and makes the audience to thinkwhat is going to happen to their relationship. We attract theaudience by understanding the conventions of romance genreand the feedback we had.