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Day/Dat   Scen   Day/Nig   Shot                    Locatio   Character    Props/Equipmee         e      ht        descript...
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Addidtional Shooting schedule


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Addidtional Shooting schedule

  1. 1. Day/Dat Scen Day/Nig Shot Locatio Character Props/Equipmee e ht description/summa n s nt ry10th 1 Day Long shot of female Park Alice Tripod stood waiting Waiting for Tom the Park Alice and Tripod male Tom Long shot of Tom Park Tom and Tripod walking towards the Alice female Mid shot of Tom and Park Tom and Tripod Alice talking Alice Pan camera to the Park Tom, Tripod right, to where her Lewis, ex is stood watching Alice them Long shot showing Park Alice, Tripod Lewis walking Tom, towards both of them Lewis Mid shot of the two Park Tom, Tripod males squaring up to Lewis each other Mid shot of Alice Park Lewis, Tripod stood in the middle Alice, Tom of the two guys Imagination, the Park Alice Tripod female looks back and remembers the fight, then goes back to reality. Long shot