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Grocery list app group final[1]


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Grocery list app group final[1]

  1. 1. Simple Shopper TTShelly Dolabaille (04783747) , Candice Hector (04784797) , Khelice Rennie (806007365)
  2. 2. IntroductionOur group has decided to develop a Grocery List App for the technologically savvy market of today. The name of the App is Simple Shopper TT
  3. 3. Introduction continued…We are currently in the launch stage of the product planning and development process.We have decided to lease this application to HILO as we believe that this franchise would be fully equipped with updated software and database to effectively sync with the application.
  4. 4. What is the grocery list app?•Replaces traditional pen and paper grocery list•Built-in database that digitally adds and upgrades agrocery list•Manages list in quick, hassle free methods Alphabetically By Lane In order of priority (Budget feature) Recipe
  5. 5. Choice of OS This application will be made available on appworld (blackberry) and partnering websites such HILO and
  6. 6. Why Blackberry?• Captures a large cross section of T&T’s market.• T&T is a fast growing “bb country.” In terms of mobile penetration, blackberry usage is very high.• RIM Corporate Communications Manager Arno Glopmner says “Trinidad has always been one of our best markets, so we are expecting a great response. People love blackberry here.” Comment based on launch of Bold 9900 in October last year.
  7. 7. Place of Choice for PilotSt. Augustine, HILO Food StoresSt Augustine’s popularity and store traffic was our top choice for this launch for numerous reasons:• UWI students shop at HILO and these are high-tech, savvy customers will be more than likely to download the app• Branch obtaining the coveted title “Branch Of The Month” for February 2012, which ranks each branch on the amount of sales the store receives and customer feedback.
  8. 8. How it worksSeveral ways items can be entered in grocerylist:Scan barcode • Neo Reader has been integrated into the app. It allows a Blackberry device to scan product barcodes and translates it into a BB barcode- instantly the content is delivered to your phone. • Walk through isles, scan what you want, and price comes up and puts on list which can be used for
  9. 9. How it works continued…Search database- type first letter, then select suggestedword instead of typing all lettersManual input •You can easily add these items manually that is in database. Eg. chives •The App also keeps track of favorite items so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you create a shopping list.
  10. 10. How it works continued…App supports Push notificationsPush notifications is a tool available through certainapps that allow users to be notified when newinformation or actions that they’re interested in occurwithin certain apps (e.g. banded products, pricesincreases/decreases)•App users have the option to receive notifications fromHILO’s end as they occur, daily, weekly, monthly. 
  11. 11. How it works continued…Products in the app would be categorized by: •Lane •Alphabetical order •Product type •Day of the week •RecipeHILO branches are structured differently with reference to isles, etc.The app will operate in tandem with these branches. Has the ability to categorize grocery list based on recipes from Simply Trini Cooking Website: •Recipes have been integrated into the app •Scan barcode with recipe, recipe and ingredients downloads to phone, which, from there, you can opt to arrange them into category
  12. 12. How it works continued…Coupons/price discount- the app user would see“coupon available”, show the cashier who would scanthis, after which it expires (applicable to users of app)How system stays updated- HI LO updates thereextensive database, which is integrated with ourdatabase, thus automatically updates ours andtherefore the phone.
  14. 14. Benefits of the grocery list app B2BHILO• Partnering with HILO will drive traffic to their stores• Hilo will be at top of consumer minds with purchasing• Repeat customers
  15. 15. Benefits of the grocery list app B2B continued…Simply Trini Cooking (STC)• Drives traffic to their website and Facebook page• Utilization of their recipes• More visibility for their sponsors, which will assist STC in securing and acquiring further sponsors
  16. 16. Benefits of the grocery list app B2B continued…Other businesses• Displaying of bar codes on websites (one time sale), which will drive traffic to their website and promote the app• Displaying of bar codes in stores or newspapers to offer coupons• Presence on the most (anticipated) coveted grocery list in the country• Repeat purchases once product is on the list
  17. 17. Benefits of the grocery list app B2C continued…Saves time• Less time is spent compiling the grocery list• Decisions about which products to purchase would have been predetermined so less time is spent at the grocery store wandering looking for items.
  18. 18. Benefits of the grocery list app B2C continued…More organized• There is no need to carry around physical coupons, which is a feature that will be integrated into the app or grocery lists, which are easy to misplace.• No need to look for a pen and paper to write down any items. Grocery items can be entered on to the list through various easy methods.• No need to memorize any items and risk forgetting any important items
  19. 19. Benefits of the grocery list app B2C continued…Saves money/ Assists with budgeting• Guards against impulse buying since everything you need is on the list• Helps you accurately prepare your budget sheet• Users of the app will become more disciplined and take up items on their list
  20. 20. Benefits of the grocery list app B2C continued…Healthy Living• Planning ahead is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to control impulse buying, which leads to impulse eating. A diet and meal plan can be made on a customized list to help the user stay on track.
  22. 22. Strengths•First mover advantage•Ability to organize by categories•Simple design and interface•Partnering with HILO and Simply Trini Cooking•Interactive budget tool•Push notification capabilities•Scanner functionality
  23. 23. Weaknesses• Real time updating of product listing may not be available• Unable to accurately determine in-store availability of products (HILO is somewhat inefficient with regard to database inventory and supply chain management)• App can be used at other grocery stores since product barcodes are not customized to HILO.• Many smart phone users shop at other grocery stores, thus excluding part of the target market• Scanner has difficulties with shiny or round objects
  24. 24. Opportunities• Future versions of the grocery app can account for products in stock at warehouses.• Updated version: Voice recognition Ability to compare prices, Ability to edit your grocery lists online Sort by brand Customize based on budget• Expand usage to other groceries
  25. 25. Threats• Decline in BB sales: Internationally, BB sales have declined, due to upsurge of the iPhone and other Android. This trend may eventually occur here.• Potential for new entrants into the market• Design is at present for Blackberry models only. If Bmobile/Digicel switch focus to Android, then Simple Shopper TT app will have to go back to the drawing board.
  26. 26. Price-Revenue ModelOur Simple Shopper TT app would be free•The decision to implement no charge on customerswas based on Trinidadian culture•Firstly, the ratio of credit card holders (which wouldneed to be used to purchase the app on Blackberry AppWorld) to debit card holders is significant•Trini culture is accustomed to “freeness” thus chargingwould not be effective
  27. 27. Price-Revenue Model continued…B2B Business will drive revenue for the app, via:• Purchasing of barcodes- for coupons• Search Engine Marketing- companies will have to pay to get their products to the top of the search list• Leasing the app to HILO
  28. 28. Promotion• Because we are leasing the app to Hi Lo, the bulk of promotions would be shouldered by them.• However, since HILO does not have any experience in promoting apps, the responsibility of advising how to market the app would come from our team.• Our launch will run concurrently with HILO’s Customer Appreciation Day. An interactive booth in HILO will be set up, demonstrating the functionality of the app and offer the opportunity to download the app.• We will work in tandem with HILO for initial promotions, particularly with reference to Customer Appreciation Day, and subsequent to this, we will recommend guidelines for them to follow.
  29. 29. Promotion Continued…• Banners will be placed on HILO Website and Simply Trini Cooking Website and Facebook page (Link to download Simple Shopper TT app will be posted in the Info tab on FB and a post will be automated to appear on their wall regularly).• It is also the hope that during the month of December (since past forecasts have indicated that December is the highest traffic month), persons who have downloaded the application stand the chance of winning all items on their grocery application listing for free
  30. 30. Launch of App Recommendations• Subsequent to the development of the app, additional critical steps must be taken in order to get an app out there and attract users.• As such, we proposed the following Launch strategy to HILO with particular guidelines to set the stage for app:
  31. 31. Launch Cycle
  32. 32. The Month Before• Decide where you want to be. HILO should not try to submit our app to every branch. Centralize the user base and focus promotions to drive all potential users to one store (namely St. Augustine branch).• This will allow our app to get higher ratings, higher ranking and more visibility• Also, fewer distribution channels makes it easier to update and track.
  33. 33. The Week Before• Draft and finalize content. HILO should ensure press releases, blog posts, newsletter copies and even the text for tweets and Facebook posts are all drafted, proofed and finalized in advance.• Get to know the press. Reporters and bloggers can help extend awareness of the Simple Shopper TT app to scores of potential new users. Research on the publications that cover and review apps that fall in the same category as ours will be recommended
  34. 34. Two or three days before• Reach out to press. HILO will choose a handful of reporters to reach out to pre-launch, and be sure to let each know the specific date and time that the app will be released.• We will also reserve time to answer questions and make ourselves available to HILO and the press the day before and day of our launch, should they need any additional information.• HILO should reach out to our full list of researched reporters on the day of launch.
  35. 35. Two or three days before continued…• Offer a sneak peek. HILO should offer media previews of our app. Allowing reviewers to play around with our app before it’s available to the public helps make their articles more in-depth and informed.
  36. 36. Two or three days before continued…• Organize and finalize our visual assets. We recognize that the more visuals we have, including artwork, logos, screenshots and video, the prettier and more dynamic our resulting articles and marketing collateral will look, and the more interesting and communicative it will be to our audience.• We will ensure that every reporter that HILO has connected with has access to all assets before our app is released.
  37. 37. Launch day continued…• Reach out to everyone on press list.• To boost awareness, reach out to expanded list of relevant reporters and bloggers and let them know about the launch• We will send information about our app to the big app review sites and any other publications we think would love to know about it.
  38. 38. Launch day continued…• Tap your existing users. We will encourage the customers of HILO to help spread the word.• Leveraging their existing community to evangelize our product can have an immense impact on our launch.• HILO should reach out to their existing user base via blog, social media, newsletter or all three, and be sure to specifically ask users to help us spread the word (via a refer-a-friend campaign to boost response).
  39. 39. Launch day continued…• Be social. HILO should Tweet and post to Facebook at the exact point in time when our app is released and a few more times throughout the day.• A re-tweet campaign coupled with a giveaway- specific hashtag to boost Twitter activity and capitalize on the excitement of our launch• Monitor all social media channels closely; respond often with a simple “thanks” or retweet users when appropriate.
  40. 40. Post launch• Paid advertising: Paid promotion campaigns no more than a few days after launch will keep the app visible and extend the momentum that our launch, users and press attention have already garnered.• HILO should have ads in newspapers with the ability to scan and download the app
  41. 41. Post launch continued…Continue to engage users:• Continue to be active on social media: Ask users questions and respond to their inquiries, ideas and feedback right away.• If they make recommendations that we can implement in a future update, we shall ensure we thank them for contributing.