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Story presentation


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Story presentation

  1. 1. Money and Life ... { The members: Lamia Mohamed Shatha Mohammed Khawla Karam CF3
  2. 2. Mike’s mother Mike’s father Her age: 71 His age: 75Her personality: Kind His personality: Patient Mexico The neighborhood
  3. 3. The sonMikeHis age: 32His personality: Irresponsible Mike’s apartment
  4. 4. {Unfamiliar Word Income Money that someone gets fromworking or from investing money. Example sentence: Most of the villagers rely on farming for income.
  5. 5. The reason ofliving in Sweden The situation continued what the parents decided after this event ?
  6. 6. In Sweden The cause of his marriage + Lora Her age: 29 Her personality: Controlling =
  7. 7. After this event After
  8. 8. After
  9. 9. The End
  10. 10. We hope you enjoyour presentation.