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ideatropy / Rexona / Grup Sıxana


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ideatropy / Rexona / Grup Sıxana

Published in: Design
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ideatropy / Rexona / Grup Sıxana

  1. 1. By SIXANA 20 Kasım 2014
  2. 2. THE BRIEF
  3. 3. What Rexona wants? More Doers More Deodorant Users Increase Market Penetration In Turkey
  4. 4. Philosophy of “DO MORE” Being creative Positive thinking Connecting with people Exploring opportunities Moving out of the comfort Zone Making things happen
  5. 5. Who are the DOERS ? The people who are; Physically active. Socially connected. Emotionally engaged.
  6. 6. Non-users think that they do not sweat. Background of Women%62 of Men%74 DON’T USE DEO IN EVERY DAY In Turkey
  7. 7. Our Goal Rexona is the biggest supporter Rexona a daily hygiene routine.The occasional users turn into heavy users. Non-users try Rexona at least once. Increase market penetration.
  8. 8. Young people and people who feel young Competitive, Ambitious Approximately 90% of Turkish population. Target Audiance Challenging... Success-oriented
  9. 9. Target Audiance
  10. 10. Turkey developing country People more competitive People more success oriented Consumer Insight I wanna do more! We can do it! I am better! :)
  11. 11. The biggest competition experience Encouraging break the world record Rexona the biggest supporter Strategy
  12. 12. Breaking Guinness records in important days Sub categories of Do More philosophy Dance More, Hug More, Love More, Peace More What is Our Creative Idea?
  13. 13. Possible events Rexona will be engaged with
  14. 14. The Event 5 April “Pillow Fight Day” at KüçükÇiftlik Park Break the Guinness record more than 3706 people
  15. 15. Execution Plan
  17. 17. The longest flyer ever At Point of Purchase “The most crowded pillow fight record of the world at Küçükçiftlik Park on 5 April. Spray spray spray on more Rexona, break break break a lot more record.”
  18. 18. Flipcard At Point of Purchase
  19. 19. Barcode melody At Point of Purchase
  20. 20. 3 Week Before The Event Seeding posts, promoted teaser and main campaign videos on; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. On Social Media
  21. 21. Teaser 1
  22. 22. Teaser 1
  23. 23. Teaser 2
  24. 24. Teaser 2
  25. 25. Teaser 3
  26. 26. Teaser 3
  27. 27. Main Video
  28. 28. Main Video
  29. 29. In Twitter #DahaFazlaRekor (#TheMoreRecord) On Social Media
  30. 30. Special post for Swarm Instagram On Social Media
  31. 31. Special post for Swarm Instagram On Social Media
  32. 32. THE EVENT DAY
  33. 33. At Küçükçiftlik Park, on 5th April, Rexona Branding Guinness World Record for the largest group of pillow fight. At least 3707 people. On Event Day
  34. 34. At Küçükçiftlik Park, on 5th April, Rexona Branding Guinness World Record for the largest group of pillow fight. At least 3707 people. On Event Day
  35. 35. Check-in on Swarm and share photo on Instagram On Event Day
  36. 36. Rexona box as record certificate After record party On Event Day
  37. 37. 1 day after Biggest product exchange campaign Radically deodorant using habit changing Promotion
  38. 38. sudden confetti rain in biggest squares of city. Promotion
  39. 39. Promotion There will be advertisement videos on social media about promotion 1) Ohhh! I’m so sweaty. I should spray Rexona. 2) OMG!! It’s empty, I’ll smell bad  I should get the new Rexona. 3) Have good day! I brought my empty Rexona box. 4) Barcode melody sounds. “Spray spray spray on more Rexona, get get get a lot more discount.” 5) Thank you  6) Yeyy! I’ve got new Rexona within 25% discount by giving my old one.
  41. 41. Creation of media value Costless PR Press
  42. 42. After movies on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Event pics on Instagram, Social Media
  43. 43. Facebook most commented post Facebook
  44. 44. For extending the campaign over the Turkey Facebook Voting
  45. 45. Media and Business Plan
  46. 46. Calculation 1 Rexona average = 8 ₺ 1 Rexona production cost = 4 ₺ 1 product with 25% discount = 6 ₺ Annual Rexona sales = 45 million piece 45M x 8₺ = 360M ₺ annual income 45M x 4₺ = 180M ₺ production cost = 180m ₺ annual revenue If we sell our products within 25% discount 45M x 6₺ = 270M ₺ annual income 45M x 4₺ = 180M ₺ production cost = 90M ₺ annual revenue It looks 90M ₺ loss
  47. 47. Calculation Howeve r When we sell 90M product in a year 90M x 6₺ = 540M ₺ annual income 90M x 4₺ = 360M ₺ production cost = 180M ₺ annual revenue It looks we balance the profit So our campaign aims to double the revenue by doubling the sales.
  48. 48. Calculation How Can We Double the Sales? 1 of 3 people use daily deo in every day = 33% We assume Rexona 50% market share as market leader So; 1 of 6 people use daily Rexona in every day = 16.5 % After the all events, we aim to increase market penetration of Rexona from 16,50% to 33% That means to 100% market penetration!
  49. 49.  People will be encouraged to do more, social more, achieve more and they will be transformed into doers through an unforgettable experience.  At the end of these campaigns the brand awareness will increase.  Rexona penetration will rise effectively by encouraging non-users to try and by turning periodic users into regular users.  Our world records events will become news in the mass media and PR coverage. Conclusion
  50. 50. Can the idea be applied to other brands ? No, because our campaign idea just match with Rexona’s “DO MORE” philosophy. Can the idea be turned into a campaign? Yes because our idea of “do more” is supported by sub-categories such as Fun More, Dance more, Move more etc. Is it a dependable campaign? Yes because it will be implemented with the support of trustworthy and high brand equity companies like UL/Rexona and Guinness. Is it realistic? Yes because the events designed such as record breaking have already been established as popular, high-participant occasions. The events can be organized with a reasonable budget and have high impacts. Checking
  51. 51. made by SIXANA THANK YOU