Pre education in us seen.


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Pre education in us seen.

  1. 1. Education in USGeneral information : U.S. public schools are tax-supported and free to students and their families Every year, over 3.7 million children enter the first grade of school About 48 million students are enrolled in primary and secondary education School-age : varies from state to state(30 states: at age 16; 9 states: at age 17; 11 states; at age 18) Every year, approximately 1.8 million students enroll in postsecondary education K-12 is mandatory for getting admission in any graduate college, university, or for any professional and technical schools. Of The World University Rankings 2010, 17 universities are US representative, namely, Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University
  2. 2. Education in USPrimary and secondary education
  3. 3. Education in US
  4. 4. Education in USHigher Education : Associate degree (Junior/ Community Colleges) :_ completing in 2 years_ providing 2 programs :Associate of Arts (A.A) &Associate of Science(A.S)_ allowing students to transferprograms to Bachelor’s degree_ lower costs than 4 year-institutions
  5. 5. Education in USHigher Education : Bachelor’s degree :  Professional degree :_ taking 4 academic years of _ may only be taken asfull-time study to complete postgraduate study(less or longer) _ career-orientated &_ preparing students for included within the U.Smost jobs that require a university systemcollege degree_ giving access to advancedstudy
  6. 6. Education in USHigher Education : Master’s degree :  Doctorate :_ typically spending _ taking anywhere from fivebetween two and three years to eight years beyond thestudying to earn a master’s bachelors degreedegree (possibly earning _ representing the highestsome degrees in just one academic qualification in theyear) U.S. education system_ working in your specific _ covering many fields offield of study with the sole specializationpurpose of gainingknowledge and experience.
  7. 7. Education in US Which choice? Public school Private school Home school
  8. 8. Education in USA diverse educational system :Local matters & Social issues :_ Curriculum reflects the various cultures of all children( including immigrant children )_ Bilingual schools increase because of diversity ineducational system_ Programs are introduced & taught for the gifted andtalented_ Religious affiliate schools are provided to many faithswho also offer private college and graduate-levelreligious schools, accredited as colleges.
  9. 9. Difference in Education between US and UK  The government has created Each states freely create their one national standardized own curriculum under curriculum for all public certain limited federal schools. regulation  The UK education system is Students apply to one or more spilt into 4 fixed key stages colleges or universities by and almost mandatory until submitting an application 16 which each college evaluates  Students take A-Level, a two using its own criteria. year of study to pursue higher education