Unit 8


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Unit 8

  1. 1. Unit 8 - Key Terms btecacland.wordpress.com Khalid Ali
  2. 2. Oligopoly • Small number of sellers which any of their actions could potentially affect price as well as having an impact on competitors. These tend to be a small amount of companies who have control and dominance in the market.
  3. 3. Monopoly • Monopoly tend to have a control on the market supply of a product or service
  4. 4. Conglomerate • Joint corporation which tends to have different companies for certain areas
  5. 5. Subsidiary • When a company owns a part of another company
  6. 6. Parent Company • A dominant company who has more power and control over another. Parent Company owns subsidiary companies
  7. 7. Warner Brothers Warner brothers are leading major film studies company. I know this because Warner Brothers have several subsidiary such as Warner Bros studios, Warner Bros interactive entertainment. These are reasons as to why Warner Bros are a parent company.
  8. 8. Working Title Films Working Title Films company is an independent company which is a subsidiary company to Universal Studios as it owns Working Title Films which makes that a parent company to Working Title Films. Working Title Films is apart of a conglomerate as it is owned my Universal Studios. Universal Studios is one of the major 6 leading film companies. Universal studios have distributions and other corporate offices are in New York City
  9. 9. Independent Companies An independent company is when a certain corporation has no back up or assist from another corporation. They differ from major film companies because for starters, they are not parent companies. A parent company who owns subsidiary companies will aid and assist the specific company. Another difference between an independent company and a major film company is, major film companies have more dominance and control. Disadvantages of an independent company is, less audience share due to footage exposure , less access to advertise marketing revenue thus you would not be able to bring in A list actors to give you more a reputation. An advantage of an independent company is it will cost less to produce a film. Another advantage is that an independent film production can rival a mainstream film production if it has the necessary funding and distribution. Independent Companies can have major marketing release and a wide release.
  10. 10. Global Companies • A global company is when a company operates in different countries around the world. For example: • Microsoft • SAS • NetApp • Google Each company is globalized as they operate in different countries. Advantages of a film company that is owned by a global company is, it already receives recognition from the global country as it is known around the world. Another advantage for this could be, a film company could attract A list actors for their films due to being owned by a huge company. A disadvantage of this is all work must be at a high standard for an independent company who is owned by a global company. Another disadvantage to this is that, it will be harder to attract viewers.
  11. 11. Monopolies vs Oligopolies Oligopolies tend to be a small amount of companies who have control and dominance in the market. Monopolies tend to have a control on the market supply of a product or service. Examples of Monopolies within the film industry: • MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) • Comcast Examples of Oligopolies within the film industry: • United States tend to have many media industries in which most are oligopolies • Cinemas Advantages of monopolies within the film industries are that they can perform films for customers at its highest level due to having high reputation as well as funds. They attract A-list actors which enhances films they produce as it will attract more viewers for the film. Disadvantages to this is, the lack of competition could potentially lead to low quality films produced. Another disadvantage to this is, consumers may be charged high prices for low quality of goods and services. Advantages of Oligopolies within the film industries are that due to being owned by a major company this automatically benefits Oligopolies as they are known for the major companies giving injecting the smaller companies with reputation. Another advantage to this is, major companies tend to fund Oligopolies which allows them to produce good work. Disadvantages to this is, if films are produced poorly, this could tumble the reputation of the major company. Another disadvantage to this is, Oligopolies must have high standard work as their is competition with in the film industry. If films produced are not up to standard, this could mean that certain company may loose its viewers to its competitors instead which also could slowly melts the major companies reputation.
  12. 12. Vertical Integration vs Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration – This describes the process by which a film/media company owns companies at each stage of the production, distribution, exhibition cycle. Horizontal Integration – When a company owes other companies within one stage of the production, distribution, exhibition cycle. This also when a company owns a number of production companies.
  13. 13. Vertical Integration An example of this is the 20th Century Fox. This corporation owns a range of production, distribution, and exhibition.
  14. 14. Horizontal Integration Casino Royale is mostly made by Sony which received aid from other business’s with the production such as MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer). As a result Casino Royale uses horizontal integration as it expands into other companies during the making of the film.