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Lamella clarifier - Khaleeda bt Abdul Karim


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Brief explanation on how a Lamella Clarifier works in the waste water treatment process.

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Lamella clarifier - Khaleeda bt Abdul Karim

  1. 1. LAMELLA CLARIFIER Presented by: Khaleeda Abdul Karim
  2. 2. What is a lamella clarifier? Inclined plate settler Settling tank Industrial waste water treatment Low concentration slurries & solid particles Gravity settling
  3. 3. Why it has to be a series of inclined plates?
  4. 4. Why it has to be a series of inclined plates?
  5. 5. Overflow Box Clarifier Influent Sludge Discharge Clarifier Effluent Sludge Hopper Flocculation Tank Flash Mix Tank Coagulant Feed Feed Box Discharge FlumesDistribution Orifice Inclined Plates Inclined Plate (Lamella)
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES • Continuous operation • No drive or mechanical parts • Filling & emptying time is short • Small floor area footprint DISADVANTAGES • No storage capacity for the settled sludge • Need regular maintenance • Turbulence effect
  8. 8. Thank you 