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  1. 1. Welcome To The Parallel World IoT M2M IoT Platform
  2. 2. About Us Retaam Solutions is a leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Region. We are developing, implementing and integrating M2M applications within your business and ensures appropriate functional solution that are flexible and agile, cost effective through conducting use cases and business cases. We are official partner with ThingWorx and offer custom cloud solutions for IoT facilitating easier development and faster time to market. Welcome To The Parallel World
  3. 3. ThingWorx Welcome To The Parallel World
  4. 4. ThingWorx  ThingWorx is an enterprise-ready technology platform that facilitates rapid development and deployment of IoT Solutions.  With the advent of IoT there will be a huge number of connected devices, hence a need for corresponding applications. The platform reduces:  Time to Market  Cost  Risk Required to build IoT applications. Welcome To The Parallel World
  5. 5. Architecture Welcome To The Parallel World
  6. 6. Features  Deployment of applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices.  Remote data collection from connected devices.  Independent and secure connectivity between devices.  Device/sensor management.  Integration with 3rd party systems. Welcome To The Parallel World
  7. 7. Advantages  Deployment 10 times faster with model-based development.  Rapid prototyping & iteration.  Compliance with the existing systems.  Develop and deploy and integrate custom applications.  Easy of connectivity. Welcome To The Parallel World
  8. 8. Advantages  Simple and highly intuitive application enables easier development.  Facilitates evaluation of application over time.  Reduces the whole “Development Lifecycle”.  Reduces the hassle of complex coding follows a simple drag and drop approach.  Flexible, Scalable and upgradable secure solutions to meet the needs of the largest of enterprises. Welcome To The Parallel World
  9. 9. Components of ThingWorx Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx FoundationKeepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics
  10. 10. ThingWorx Foundation The ThingWorx Foundation enables developers to quickly develop and deploy solutions and connect them to the devices to collect data and make it meaningful. It connects to all the ThingWorx components to create a comprehensive solution. The ThingWorx Foundation comprises of:  Core-  Application Enablement Platform  Platform Services  Connection Services-  Connection Servers  Device/Cloud Adapters  Tunneling Servers  Edge-  Edge MicroServer  Edge “Always ON” SDK Welcome To The Parallel World Keepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics ThingWorx Foundation
  11. 11. ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Utilities is are the build in capabilities which facilitates the user to manage performance of “Connected Products”. The ThingWorx Utilities helps in:  Device Management  Provisioning and asset management  Alert management  Remote access and control  Software content management  Process Workflow  Drag and drop interface to create business processes.  Ready visibility into progress and status of processes. Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx Foundation Keepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics
  12. 12. ThingWorx Analytics The ThingWorx Analytics makes the data collected from the connected devices meaningful by applying analytics consequently enhancing the outcome. The ThingWorx Analytics have the following components:  ThingWatcher  ThingPredicter  ThingOptimizer Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx Foundation Keepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics
  13. 13. Augmented Reality Vuforia enable enterprises to quickly and easily create augmented reality experiences without requiring any deep programming or expertise in augmented reality. Vuforia augments the physical components to make them digitally realizable and manipulable. Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx Foundation Keepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics
  14. 14. ThingWorx Keepware Keepware is a communication platform which enable ThingWorx to deliver industrial connectivity. It is interoperable with ThingWorx and provide seamless services. Allows user to:  Connect  Manage  Monitor  Control Devices on a single platform Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx Foundation Keepware Vuforia ThingWorx Utilities ThingWorx Analytics
  15. 15. Applications Welcome To The Parallel World ThingWorx find a numerous application in the IoT domain. A few of them are as follows:  Tracking Solutions  Smart Cities Applications  Smart Homes  Connected Cars  Smart Parking  Industrial Automation  Connected Health  Connected Meters  Smart Environment  Augmented Reality
  16. 16. Used Cases Welcome To The Parallel World We have successfully delivered our cloud based solutions on ThingWorx to many reputed clients and have received an overwhelming response from them. Our ThingWorx dashboards connects to the devices flawlessly and the data collected is made meaningful. Some of the projects that we delivered envelops the following:  Smart Metering  Vehicle Tracking  Connected Coolers  Energy Profiling
  17. 17. Connected Meters Welcome To The Parallel World The data collected from the meters is put to ThingWorx Analytics to derive meaning out of it. It displays parameters like Voltage Current Energy Monthly Consumption Hourly Consumption
  18. 18. Dashboard – Connected Meters
  19. 19. Dashboard – Connected Meters
  20. 20. Dashboard – Connected Meters
  21. 21. Dashboard – Connected Meters
  22. 22. Vehicle Tracking Welcome To The Parallel World Various parameters of the Vehicle monitored remotely and used to generate meaningful reports. Real-time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Historical Vehicle Trip Display Configurable Geophones Point Of Interest Geophones Driver Behavior Scoring Framework Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Capture Fuel Filling/Cost Tracking Fuel Consumption Data Capture Vehicle Engine Idling Detection Mobile Application Driver Behavior Monitoring And Reporting Fleet Vehicle Diagnostic Reporting Fuel Tracking and Reporting Real-time Automatic Vehicle Location Ability To Support Commercial UBI Programs Fleet Management Portal Driver Identification Driver Grouping Assignment Vehicle Maintenance Management Fleet Overview Dashboard
  23. 23. Dashboard – Vehicle Tracking
  24. 24. Dashboard – Vehicle Tracking
  25. 25. Connected Coolers Welcome To The Parallel World This solution provides the parameters of mobile coolers which helps in monitoring their status and controlling them. It shows  On/Out Temperature  Energy Consumption  Location  Maintenance Need  Customer Engagement Rate
  26. 26. Dashboard – Connected Coolers
  27. 27. Dashboard – Connected Coolers
  28. 28. Energy Profiling Welcome To The Parallel World Our system can minimize energy waste in home environments efficiently managing devices operation modes. With the wirelessly gathered data our system creates profiles of the behaviour of inhabitants and through a prediction algorithm is able to automatically set system parameters in order to optimize energy consumption and cost while guaranteeing the required comfort level.
  29. 29. Dashboard – Energy Profiling
  30. 30. Dashboard – Energy Profiling
  31. 31. Dashboard – Energy Profiling
  32. 32. Dashboard – Energy Profiling
  33. 33. Contact Us Welcome To The Parallel World