The Siege & The War on Gaza


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The Palestinians in Gaza Strip suffering real human disaster, according to the illegal siege which continued since 2006, aftermath results left since June 2007 on economical and human sectors.
This illegal siege prevent more than 1.5 million Palestinians from their human basic rights such as travel, education and health.

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The Siege & The War on Gaza

  1. 2008-2009 -2012The Siege andThe War on GazaKhaled Safi 2012
  2. IntroThe Palestinians in GazaStrip suffering real humandisaster, according to theillegal siege whichcontinued since 2006,aftermath results left sinceJune 2007 on economicaland human sectors.This illegal siege preventmore than 1.5 millionPalestinians from theirhuman basic rights such astravel, education andhealth.
  3. Gaza Strip
  4. Selected indicators about Gaza StripIndicator ValuePopulation [2007/12/1] 1.416.543Number of children [17-0] years 787.598Area (km2) 365Population Density (individual/ km2) 3.881Population Growth Rate between 1997 – 2007 3.3Number of schools, 2007/2008 621Number of students in Gaza strip Schools, 2007/2008 443.740Number of hospitals 2007 24Unemployment Rate (3rd quarter 2008) 41.9Number of Establishments in operation 2007 33.933Number of Mosques (Massjed) (1/12/2007) 795Number of Housing (1/12/2007) 437.147Number of Crossing Boarders Between Gaza and Israel 6Number of Crossing Boarders Between Gaza and Egypt 1
  5. War on Gaza
  6. 1st Day, Sat. Dec. 27th 2008, 11:25am : TreacheryMore than 80 Israeli warplanes targeted 50 different places within 4 kill 372 Palestinians
  7. 2nd Day: The mosquesBombing the mosques allegedly that they used as a store of weapons..Day Martyrs: 18 total: 390
  8. 3rd Day: military zoneIsrael closed areas around Gaza Strip, and declared as military zones.Day Martyrs: 25 total: 415
  9. 4th Day: more powerMinisters of the political security council in Israel called an additional 2,500reserve soldiers.Day Martyrs: 8 total: 423
  10. 5th Day: official buildingsBombing Prime Minister Ismail Haniyehs office & headquarters of theMinistry of Interior.Day Martyrs: 8 total: 431
  11. 6th Day: 16Dr. Sheikh "Nizar Rayan" was targeted and killed in his house, he and his 4wives & 11 of his children.Day Martyrs: 26 total: 457
  12. 7th Day: the siegeIsraeli tanks began moving along the perimeter of the Gaza Strip, Israeliforces massed in anticipation of a ground invasion.Day Martyrs: 21 total: 478
  13. 8th Day: Holy placesGround operations began spearheaded by forces belonging to the brigades ​elite Golani and Givati, and a brigade of paratroopers and infantry weapons,engineering and combat engineering unit, led by armorDay Martyrs: 28 total: 506
  14. 9th Day: tunnelsIsraeli aircraft bombed 40 sites in different areas, for allegedly smugglingtunnels, and the Israeli occupation forces announced that he had succeededin dividing Gaza into three sectionsDay Martyrs: 79 total: 585
  15. 10th Day: one familyTargeting civilians and children, 7 citizens were killed from one Palestinianfamily in Alshati refugee campDay Martyrs: 86 total: 671
  16. 11th Day: Al-FakhouraIsraeli warplanes bombed Al Fakhoura UNRWA school killed 42 Palestinians,most of them children.Day Martyrs: 117 total: 788
  17. 12th Day: 3 hours/dayCease-fire for a period of 3 hours a day to enable the relief convoys &medical personnel to assist and transport the injured.Day Martyrs: 58 total: 846
  18. 13th Day: ProtestsProtest in Damascus, condemning Egypts silence, and rejecting of cease-fireinitiativeDay Martyrs: 42 total: 888
  19. 14th Day: VotingThe UN Security Council voted for an immediate cessation of fire, withoutconditions of both parties, U.S. abstained from votingDay Martyrs: 44 total: 932
  20. 15th Day: Free VoicesIsraeli ambassador expelled from VenezuelaDay Martyrs: 47 total: 979
  21. 16th Day: Quds DayIsraeli tank missile killed 4 women & a man from the same family in Beit LahiaDay Martyrs: 46 total: 1025
  22. 17th Day: killing civiliansIsraeli soldier refuse to serve, in protest at the targeting of Palestiniancivilians, the military court to 14 days in prison field.Day Martyrs: 47 total: 1072
  23. 18th Day: achievementsIDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi announced to the Foreign Affairs & SecurityCommittee that there are good achievements have been achievedDay Martyrs: 54 total: 1126
  24. 19th Day: burnsIsraeli forces used unknown firebombs against civilians, causing severeburns.Day Martyrs: 60 total: 1186
  25. 20th Day: leadersIsraeli aircraft targeted Palestinian Interior Minister leader Said Siam in hishouse.Day Martyrs: 82 total: 1268
  26. 21st Day: cease-fireHamas declared its readiness to accept a cease-fire, in condition of thewithdrawal of Israeli forces & opening of the borders and lifting the siege.Day Martyrs: 59 total: 1327
  27. 22nd Day: Under the rubbleIsraeli Ministerial Council voted on a resolution to unilaterally ceasefire .Day Martyrs: 18 total: 1345
  28. 23rd Day, Jan. 18th 2009: Defeat The withdrawal of the Israeli occupying forces from the Palestinianterritories before the new U.S. president announcing the department.Day Martyrs: 89 total: 1434 +30 unknown
  29. IsraeliWeapons-Apache - F16 jets- F15- Phosphorous weapons- Merkava tanks &personnel carriers- Warships- Amphibians- Drones.- 1 Million kilograms of bombs, missiles and explosives droppedby Israeli aircraft over Gaza Strip in 2500 air strikes.
  30. IsraeliWeapons- Half of the Israeli AirForce involved in theoperation, according toIsraeli television Channel10 sources.-The amount of whatwere Gaza shelled withwas more than severalmillion pounds during the23 days of war.
  31. Martyrs & injured• First statistical reports from the Palestinian ministry of health said that more than 1.460 person were killed until the end of this war on 18th Jan 2009, 403 of them were children under the age of 16, while 217 women were killed.• And there is more than 5.316 persons injured need rehabilitation and support, 1.872 of them are children and 800 are women.
  32. Losses in numbers20 Mosques 50% of the water networks in the68 Government institutions Gaza Strip destroyed31 Non-governmental organizations 55% of the electricity networks damaged53 Foundation of the UN, including 3900 industrial establishments 37 schools 6 of them were used stopped working as emergency. 40.000 people lost their jobs in the60 Health care institutions agricultural sector15 Hospitals 90.000 people in other sectors.29 Ambulances16 of the medical personnel Direct losses 1.724 billion $
  33. In the battlefield 48 80 Palestinians resistant killed Israeli soldiers killed
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