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Shirk is worshipping something with God/Allah or worshipping something other than Allah/God.

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  1. 1. By: Khaled Rahman4/6/2013
  2. 2. What is Shirk??? Shirk is joining partners or worshipping other than Allah Almighty whom is the One and Only to be worshipped. Don’t even play around with shirk at all. The ones or the religions that have to do with shirk will be in the Fire of Hell. This is why in order to become or convert to Islam you must first say,”La illaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasullah”.Meaning that, “There is and Muhammad(SAWD) is His Last and Final Messenger.4/6/2013
  3. 3. Types of Shirk There are two main forms of shirk in relation to the actions (of the heart, tongue and limbs – which cannot be separated from one another), which is major and small shirk. Shirk in itself can be divided into three types: - Ash-Shirk ul-Akbar (The major shirk) - Ash-Shirk ul-Asghar (The small shirk) - Ash-Shirk ul-Khafie (The hidden shirk)"They have become kaafir those who say: Verily Allah is al-Masih (Jesus) the son of Maryam (Mary)…" (Maaidah, 5:17)4/6/2013
  4. 4. What are some religions that doshirk??? 1.Hinduism. 2.Christianity 3.Judaism 4.Buddhism 5.Satanism 6.Taoism 7.Confusianism 8.Jainism 9.Sikhism 10.Paganism4/6/2013
  5. 5. Here are a couple of symbols that have to do with shirk religions. The first one are some symbols of Paganism, the second is the symbol of Christianity, and the last on is the symbol of Hinduism. The top two are the symbols of Judaism and Buddhism. Shirk Religion Symbols4/6/2013
  6. 6. 2 Quranic Verses on Shirk When Luqman said to his son while advising him "Oh my son! Do not ascribe partners to Allah. Indeed shirk is a great injustice." (Luqman:13) Turn unto Allah (only), not ascribing partners unto Him, for whoso ascribes partners unto Allah, it is as if he had fallen from the sky and the birds had snatched him or the wind had blown him to a far off place. (Al Hajj:31)4/6/2013
  7. 7. 2 Biblical Verses on Shirk Even in The Holy Bible, it says to only worship God. But as of today, Christians just think that Jesus/Isa (AS) is the Son of God, rather than thinking that he is the Son of Mary(AS) and a Messenger from Allah/God. Here are two Biblical verses that says to worship only God, alone: 1,Chronicles/16:26)For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens. 2,Kings/17:12)and they served idols, of which the Lord had said to them, “You shall not do this.”4/6/2013
  8. 8. Conclusion So in conclusion, shirk is worshipping something other than Allah or worshipping something with Allah.Surely,Allah is the One, and Only One to be worshipped. Now I am going to end here with and Biblical verse and a Quranic verse.In the Bible, it says in The Book of Matthew 22:37-22:39, 37 ”Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”In the Quran, it says, "Say (O Muhammad): All is from Allah.”(Surah an-Nisaa’ 4:78)4/6/2013