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  1. 1. Khaled Eid Structural Engineer Relevant Experience BScEng (Civil & Structural) Ain Shams Auckland Harbour Bridge Assessment and Strengthening Design Univeristy,Egypt ,1992. (2007-2008) ME(Hons) (Civil) University of Design Engineer for the detailed design for strengthening of the steel Auckland,2007 orthotropic box girder extension bridges. Responsible for strengthening design of the existing cross girder, complex connection designs and preparation and quality assurance of detailed design drawings.Khaled has 15 years engineering experience in steel industry Steel Warehouse Design, University of Auckland (2007)specializing in detailing, estimating, fabrication, and construction of steelstructures. He has a a strong background in structural design and analysis, Research design project for the most economic medium size industrialand has worked on major industrial engineering projects both in New Zealand steel portal frame design. Khaled carried out comparisons betweenand overseas. His current role includes support and specialist input on the different design schemes to come up with the most cost efficientdetailed design of strengthening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Extensions. framing system.Membership • Member, New Zealand Structural Engineering ASB Showground - Auckland (2007) Society Representing the company in construction site meetings. Carried out • Member, Institution of Engineers, Egypt calculation checks of construction loads. Designed the temporaryRelevant • Project Management members for lifting procedure.Training • Contractual issues and NZ3910 • Dynamics of structure Sexton apartment - Auckland (2006-2007) • Working on Construction Sites Detailed design for steel shop drawings involving layout modification toSpecial • Steel structure buildings suit the as built concrete and pile. Providing instructions and guidancecompetence • Upgrading of steel industrial plants to steel detailers in preparing shop drawings Site monitoring during • Steel bridge strengthening construction and setting out roof column locations. Attending site • Construction Monitoring meetings, dealing with site queries and inspecting erected steel. • Design and Shop Drawings Cementos INCSA Plant Expansion - Costa Rica (2002-2003) Design team leader for design and shop drawing of steel new conveyors and buildings. Management of design team, liaison with
  2. 2. Khaled Eidclient and project manager. Khaled assisted in developing automated .tools linking design and analysis to complete the project in time andwithin the budget. Misurata Steel Complex -Libya, (1994-1996)Aresco Old Factory - Egypt (2002) Preparation of shop drawings. Developed and customized the Autocad for more efficient drawing production to help complete projectDesign methodology for the dismantling of existing steel buildings to be requirements on time.transported and re-erected in the new location including. Design andreplacement of various parts to suit the new footings. New FMC factory - Egypt (1996)Acecad Annual Competition - UK (2001) Design and detailed drawings for a 40-ton steel gantry beam and a 3- meter electrical chain rotating hoist.Khaled’s project (Lime Stone Storage Dome) won the 3rd place forStrucad annual competition in Africa and Middle East region. The award Preheater Tower for Egyptian Cement Factory - Egypt (1997-1998)was offered for excellence in steel detailing. Checking of steel shop drawings and follow-up of erection stages.Sinai Cement Project 4200t/day - Egypt (2001-2002) Preparation of time schedule for fabrication and erection.Design of all steel access platforms and stairs, preparation and Junction Tower for Alexandria National Steel - Egypt (1997)checking of shop drawings for different building and resolving manypartial cases through site visits. Coordinates the detailing efforts of Checking of steel shop drawings and programming of erectionvarious common subcontractors. Design verification for clinker transport schedule.supporting towers. Gysoum Pipe Rack - Egypt (1994)North American Steel Conference, Florida USA (2000) Resident Engineer supervising the construction of support structure forRepresenting ASEC company exploring new opportunities and meeting a 6-km steel pipe with facilities.clients. Attended a full 2-day steel bracing design course.Helwan Cement Egypt (1999-2001)Detailed design for assessment and strengthening of existing steelbuildings and conveyors to carry the new upgraded loads, modificationof existing building for new mechanical equipments.