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Escp homework assignment description

  1. 1. ESCP (S2)Listening Comprehension 2Instructor: Khaled M. Al-AbbadiContact: Homework Assignment DescriptionThe homework assignments have been designed to improve your 2 main listening skills, the“bottom-up approach” and the “top-down approach”. In order to improve both skills, you willneed to complete two parts of the homework.Part 1: Listening TranscriptCreate a transcript of the listening clip that you have chosen or have been assigned (sometimesyou’ll get to pick one, and sometimes I will pick one for you). The transcript does not have to beperfect but only what you could understand from listening over and over again. In thetranscript, use the proper punctuation. If there is a quote, use quotation marks. Also, if thereare different speakers, please make sure to note that. Transcribing a conversation requires thatyou write the name of the speaker and what the speaker said. Please use the examples oftranscriptions displayed in class as a reference.Part 2: Listening Comprehension QuestionsAnswer the listening comprehension questions that come with the sound file. These are 7questions that you will have to answer pertaining to the listening. Although some questions arevery direct, please answer all questions in complete sentences. Do not give one word answers!Also, some questions ask for your opinion or your thoughts on the subject, answer thesequestions with at least 3 sentences. These questions are usually the last ones. There are noright or wrong answers but I will look to see that you responded to the question appropriately.
  2. 2. Features:The assignment should be two pages; “Part 1” on page 1 and “Part 2” on page 2. Please don’tforget to put your name and date on your assignment. Also, all assignments should be typed;preferably use 12 point size with “Times New Roman” font. For page 2, you can take theoriginal listening comprehension questions document that I will share with the sound files andsimply add your answers under each question.Note:Please do not worry too much about spelling and other issues. Focus more on turning in anaccurate transcript and answering the questions as accurately as possible. It is not my intentionto be a “hard” grader.The grade breakdown is as follows. Part 1 is worth 8 points, and Part 2 is worth 7 points (onefor each question). Each assignment is out of 15 points.Cheating:Cheating will not be tolerated for these assignments. Students are not allowed to copy eachother’s transcripts and question answers. I will keep an eye for transcripts that are identical(same mistakes, same misspellings, etc.). Also, question answers need to be original, I will trackstudents that answer questions in the same manner. Students that have been found turning inwork that is not theirs, or copying even part of their assignment will be given a zero for theassignment.Students are welcome to work together on assignments, however, each student must producehis/her own transcript and answer the comprehension questions independently. Please takethis opportunity to improve your English listening skills and do not worry about your grades.Due Date:All assignments are due on Thursdays. Specific dates are listed on your class syllabus. Lateassignments will be marked down significantly. Assignments more than a week late will not beaccepted.Questions or Comments:Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. The best wayto reach me is in class or via email.