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#startable was design for student from all ITE campuses to develope their ideas into workable product. During the 4-days, we did loads of customer development, business model canvassing and prototyping. 3 startups got SG10,000 seed funding from our sponsor, Mr Chua Thian Poh ...

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#startable #howitworks

  1. 1. #startable Discovering potentials and harnessing talents. Innovation, creativity, design, sustainability and experimentation are narratives that are keystones in #startable, positively mobilizing youth through entrepreneurial undertaking becoming change-makers. YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP CHANGE
  2. 2. how it works DISCOVERY VALIDATION DEVELOPMENT SCALING 1 2 3 4 Scale the business idea further through prizes and raising equity funding. Identify a substantial and existing pain point through design thinking. Validate value proposition and customer segment through the lean methodology Develop a workable prototype and business model around the product or service through the following tracks: (i) Digital (ii) Retail (iii) F&B 1 July 4 July 2 August 30 pax #startable
  3. 3. July 2013 Startup Design Week 01.07.2013 ‣ Design Thinking ‣ Business Model Generation #startable Industrial Mentoring August 2013 Demo-Day 04.07.2013 19.07.2013 02.08.2013 ‣ Customer Development & Lean Startup ‣ Digital (Web, Mobile) ‣ Retail & Services ‣ Food & Beverage ‣ Communication & Pitching During this week long workshop, participants, in teams, will be facilitated through the design thinking, customer development framework while building their business model to deliver value to potential customers. After identifying customer needs, and developing a viable business model, participants will now proceed to work on their business idea with industry mentors. To further assist participants in presenting their idea and work out the finance, the following workshops will be conducted to improve participants business sharpness. Participants will pitch their idea in front of potential investors, and panel of judges. The best 3 will receive a funding prize of SGD10,000 each. ‣ Finance Week (P&L + Valuation) +3 Days Startup Booster Venue: NTU Venue: NTU Venue: *SCAPE Venue: ITE College East
  4. 4. Day 1 (1 July) #startable Venue: Nanyang Technopreneurship Center 10.00am : Intros and Expectation 10.30am : A Startup Purpose 11.30am : Lunch 12.30pm : Customer Development 1.30pm : Design Hyphothesis 2.15pm : Human Centered Design 3.00pm : Design Fieldwork 4.00pm : Get out of the building! 6.30pm : Data-sensing, and Profile Building 7.00pm : Designing Customer 8.00pm : Final Huddle & Sharing 9.00am : Recap: Product Failures 9.15am : Disruptive Innovation, and MVP 9.45am : Design Fieldwork 10.30am : Get out of the Building 1.00pm : LunchTime Talk - Life of a Startup (Ken Toh and Prakash Somasundram) 2.15pm : Data-sensing, and More Iteration 3.00pm : Business Model 101 4.30pm : Business Model Generation 5.30pm : Design Validation Fieldwork 6.30pm : Startup Financing 7.30pm : Final Huddle & Sharing Day 2 (2 July)
  5. 5. #startable Venue: Nanyang Technopreneurship Center Day 3 (3 July) 9.00am : Recap: Business Model Innovation 9.45am : More Iteration 10.30am : Get out of the Building 1.00pm : More Iteration 2.15pm : Get out of the Bulding 3.00pm : Protoyping & Mock Up 4.00pm : Documenting Journey 5.30pm : More Iteration 7.30pm : Final Huddle & Sharing 9.30am : Intro to Mentors 10.00am : Mentor Breakout Session 1 10.45am : Mentor Breakout Session 2 11.30am : Mentor Breakout Session 3 12.30pm : LunchTime Talk 1.30pm : More Validation & Mentor Time 4.30pm : Final Huddle & Sharing Day 4 (4 July)
  6. 6. BOOSTER #startable Venue: *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link, Level 4) 2.30pm Understanding P/L Sheet 3.30pm Working on P/L 4.30pm Projection, and Cash Flow 5.30pm Workng on P/L (over lunch) 6.30pm Break 7.00pm Preparing Pitch 7.45pm Creating great decks! 8.30pm Practice 9.00pm Wrap Up Date: 19th July 2013 Time: 2.30pm - 9.00pm
  7. 7. DEMO-DAY #startable Venue: ITE Central (2 Ang Mo Kio Drive) Time: 12.15pm - 4.30pm Date: 19th July 2013 Date: 2 August 2013 12.15pm 1.00pm 1.20pm 2.40pm 3.00pm 4.00pm 4.15pm Arrival & Lunch Welcome Note First 6 Pitch (10 minutes each) Tea-Break Final 5 Pitch (10 minutes each) Break & Judge’s Decision Award Ceremony
  8. 8. #startable Venue: ITE Central (2 Ang Mo Kio Drive) Time: 12.15pm - 4.30pm Date: 19th July 2013 Date: 2 August 2013 PITCHING CRITERIA ‣ Startups to present their product, business model and funding needed in 5 Minutes (Presentation), followed by another 5 minutes of Q&A. ‣ 3 teams to be awarded funding of up to SGD10,000 each. ‣ Decision made by the Judging Committee is Final.
  9. 9. SPEAKERS: #startable Co-Founder, SGEntrepreneur Gwendolyn Tan Co-Founder, Sustainable Living Lab Ibnur Rashad Co-Founder, Yolk (Singapore) Prakash S. Founder, Singapore Service Academy Manoj Sharma Founder, Entreport Asia Kenny Lew Founder, Solutionz Consulting Kenneth Chiam Program Lead Ideasinc Khairu Rejal Head, Freshen Communications Pamela Phua