How to Make Money From Internet?


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This ebook will teach you step by step on how to make money from internet. Simple & Reliable! Read now

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How to Make Money From Internet?

  1. 1. CONTENTS The Author 3 Introduction 4 Topic 1: Build Your Own Internet Business 7 Topic 2: Know the Power of Your Website/Blogs 16 Topic 3: Attract Visitors to Your Website/Blogs 20 Topic 4: Build Community on Your Sites 22 Topic 5: Optimize Your Income From Internet 24 Conclusion 27 All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 2
  2. 2. The Author Khairi Hafizi Kamarudin currently pursuing his degree at University Technology of Petronas in Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Receive scholarship from Gamuda Berhad, one of the major construction companies in Malaysia, Khairi try to achieve as much as possible experiences either in construction world or business to broaden its knowledge and to prepare him adapt with the challenging world in the future. In 2010, he try to start his own first online business by selling ebook through email and joined some affiliate programs. In 2012, he start again by publishing his first ebook, “Get Rich In 5 Simple Steps Through Internet” and was published around the globe. As a 'new-born' in online marketing, he try to improve and learn some new knowledges and techniques regarding the marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and so on. By joining some forums like WangCyber, Warrior Forums & UK Business Forum, he gained many tips and secrets shared by senior members regarding online marketing and he tend to increase his networking as well by getting know a lot of members at the forums. Admiring Irfan Khairi, one of the most successful Internet Marketers, he wishes he could follow Irfan's step and successfully build his own internet business's empire someday. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 3
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the number of internet users is keep increasing day by day. Based on the research conducted in 2011, out of 7 billion of world’s population, 35% are using the internet compared to year 2003 which have only 18% are using it. So, we can make a prediction based on the statistics that the growth of internet users will be doubled or maybe tripled from year onwards. Thus, for those who are still using other media in doing their business, they should consider on changing it to INTERNET. See pictures below to make you clear about the growth of internet users these recent years: All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 4
  4. 4. Ok, now you got my point, right? Is it impossible to make 1 million from the internet? The answer, maybe YES! Maybe NO! It depends on you. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Ok, shall we start? First, I will list down what steps should be taken in order for you to start your own journey as an Internet Marketer (IM):      Build your own internet business. You should know ‘CONTENT’S POWER’ of your blogs/websites. Try to attract more traffic to your website. Create a community for your website. Optimize your income from the internet. It’s easy, right? Just follow 5 simple steps that I have listed above, you can start declaring yourself as an INTERNET MARKETER! Still confuse about the steps? WAIT! All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 5
  5. 5. Wait! Don’t worry! Now, it’s time for me to explain deeper about each step. Ok, let’s see one by one! All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 6
  6. 6. TOPIC 1 BUILD YOUR OWN INTERNET BUSINESS To strengthen the knowledge in your internet business, you should always visit the blogs and websites that specialize on internet business. In the Internet, hundreds of or thousands of sites that you can visit and "demand" from the experts. In this first step, you actually need KNOWLEDGE! For example, very easy, if you do not surf the internet, do you found this ebook? Sure not, isn’t it? So, be diligent to learn from an expert and learn with passion from them. A better way, you get a mentor and I myself also got a mentor when I first started as a beginner in this area... and till now I have studied under him. It is very important that you do not get "OVERLOADED" with the knowledge and find only one or two mentors. You do not need much mentoring as you will be ‘Overloaded’. First Mentor asked you to do A, second mentor tell you to do point B while third mentor tell you do the C at a time simultaneously. Your head will get dizzy and definitely you cannot focus on your business. I repeat, you must FOCUS! All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 7
  7. 7. 1.1 - How Do I Choose My Business? (Known as a niche) When you plan on start up a business, the most important part is to know what is you niche. For some people, the word ‘niche’ itself is not a familiar word for them. According to Wikipedia, ‘niche’ is “The subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing”. In easier words, niche is similar to keyword. Honestly speak, find a niche is the most difficult part in building your internet business. If you look at internet business forums or find it on the search engines on "niche", the experts will recommend you to choose a business according to your interests and hobbies. This is important so that you will be alert and always had ideas for the topic on your blog or website. Ideally, you choose a niche that less people write about it but greatly sought in the market. So, your competition is less and your chance to succeed quickly will be easier. Let say, for example, if you are interested in "bird" or "fishing", it is still too general to be discussed and it has a lot of competition. Try downsizing the scope of the topic such as "Bird’s Food and Preservation" or "fishing methods and effective baits". This is called a target niche and it is more effective for promotion because competitors are lesser. Simple search engine also will detect your website easily if its keyword contains much of the target niche. Now, relax and think a bit……… All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 8
  8. 8.  What are your strengths and abilities? As I wrote at the top, you should build a business based on the strengths and abilities you have. You must know your strengths and abilities. Strength / Ability = Natural Talent + Experience + Knowledge and Skills  What is your passion? This is important because if you do it based on your interests, knowledge about it will always be "fresh" and "fresh". You have lots of ideas about it and the problem of lack of ideas during writing will not occur. As your web content is always fresh and fresh, it will attract more visitors to your blog / website. Visitors usually want something fresh and always updated. Even more so if they are your regular customers.  What type of customer inquiries about your niche? You ought to know what customer inquiries on products or your target niche. That’s the reason why you should be an expert in your target niche and ready to answers like an expert when the customer ask you any question about it. Ok, I hope you already have a target niche in your mind right now. If not, continue to think things through and do not read the next topic. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 9
  9. 9. 1.2 - Keyword Study and Useful Tool On the internet, there are all kinds of information and tools that help you get keywords (target niche) in building your internet business. The first one, you should do some research and get info on how many people that use the same target niche as yours or in easier word, your competitor. This is called as KEYWORD RESEARCH. Keywords are words that usually people will type in engines search when you want to find any information. There are many tools that you can use on the internet to do your keyword research. Here, I will show you on how to search for keywords by using Google Adwords. For example, you want to look for keywords such as ‘health’. Simply click here to go to Google Adword Keyword Tools and type word ‘HEALTH’ in the box. Just leave blank the website box and select ‘all category’ from category scroll down menu. As you can see below is the outcome from your niche search. There are about 83 million searches about ‘health’ all over the world and 37 million searches from your local place. The result also shown that the competition is low. This is a good indicator for those who are interested in open up a business based on ‘health’ niche. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 10
  10. 10. From this search, you certainly can find out what the people search most often by using keyword ‘health’. Tips: Focus on keywords that have a high searches with low competition. 1.3 - Use Blog as an Alternative to Website In recent years, blog is more favored by internet entrepreneurs rather than website to promote their business. Apart from SEO friendly, blog is easily edited, modifying content and easily customized. But still, some people do not know exactly, what is blog? What are the advantages of having a blog? All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 11
  11. 11. Newbie Tip: What is a Blog? Blog is derived from the words web log or weblog. In the former, it is only used as an online journal or diary. But today, the marketers have changed it to a journal that can make money through internet business. In starting up a blog, it is not necessary for you to have domain and hosting because there are blogs that can be set up for free like Blogger and Free blogs have its own weaknesses and by having a blog with its own domain and hosting is the best way for internet marketers. The advantage of having its own blog dot com       Build credibility and exposing your professionalism Getting Traffic to Your Website Sales Allows you to Generate Income Through Google Adsense Allows you to Communicate With Potential Customers Promote Your Business with More Effective Conventional Adding Network Business Through Internet And many more benefits! Why Do You Need Your Own Dot Com Blog?  POWER With your own Dot Com blog, you have 100% power against it. Nobody is angry or impose any action if you do something on your blogs. This is because with a DIY blog / blog dot com itself, means that you can set up according to your preferences in terms of appearance, style, setting, template, advertisements, and so on. In easier words, it is like you rent a house and buy a house. You can do anything you like or modifications on your home when you buy the house. But, if you only have a free blog like you rent a house. Of course, you are subject to conditions and agreements with the tenant. Have you ever imagined if one time you suffer because of the condition where at the end suddenly you are instructed by the tenant/host to move? Same goes with your blog. Your blog probably will be All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 12
  12. 12. removed if they found you obstruct the Terms of Services. Or maybe, the blog provider close their services all of sudden. So what will happen to the blog that was built, ‘harness’, ‘seed’ and received visits from hundreds or even millions of people? Your business will COLLAPSE! COLLAPSE!      PROBLEMS FACED BY NEWBIE: No complete guide on how to build a blog. Unconfident to start because doesn’t have any knowledge. Troubled with technical matters on Blog like Plugin, Themes and etc. No idea or unable to manage a blog. No "Mentor" to guide them proper way to build a blog. Step by step guide on how to set up your own blog, CLICK HERE 1.4 - Register your internet business You need to register your internet business. The procedure of registering your internet business is totally different as registering a conventional business. All you need is a DOMAIN name and HOSTING. What is a domain name and hosting? All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 13
  13. 13. Newbie tips: What is Domain? Actually, the domain name is also known as the URL and it is your website address. For example, if you want to access (visit) of a website such as Facebook, then you will type as "" in your search engine browser. This is called the domain name or .net, .biz, .org, .us, .info etc. A domain name is very important and it can be like your home address. Without it, visitors cannot visit your home. In this world, only one address registered for each website and it varies between one another. You can have many addresses, but it must be different from each other. In internet business, domain names are important and for the better, it must contain targeted keyword of your niche. For example, if you make a women's health website, your domain name instead of, you registered it as Does it make any sense? This is important because it will affect the search engine. Search engine will do the searching faster and find a website that has content and related domain names. This will also improve your ranking compared to other websites that have the same content as you, but does not have a domain name related to the target niche. Newbie Tips: What is Hosting? Hosting is like your 'home'. By hosting, it will allow you to host web pages and email addresses. For example, All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 14
  14. 14. You do not need to know more about hosting, but what you need to know is the characteristics of a good hosting. To find hosting that has good characteristics, simply click this link-> These are among the recommended domain and hosting provider:   Angelfire  Edicy  Webnode  Weebly Ok, now shall we move to 2nd step? MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 15
  15. 15. TOPIC 2 KNOW THE POWER OF YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG Once you know the target niche, get a domain name and hosting, next step is to gather information and do a bit research on the content that should be insert into your website or blog. If you are not skilled enough to write articles in website or blog, get information from website that can provide free articles is a good move. There are several directories which can provide free articles to be inserted into your website/blog:      iSnare HTTParticles Reprint Articles Best Free Reprint Articles Hot Articles Now, you should have some articles to be included in your website / blog as content. We also recommend you to bookmark these articles directories for the future usage or you can copy directly into notepad or Microsoft word. 2.1 - Build a website - Design and Web Development The easiest and fastest way to build your site is just by using readily-made-templates that already made by others. You only need to edit the certain parts like header, content and footer site. For that, you may need a Graphic Editor to edit banner and footer. Don’t worry because I had it available here and you just have to download it. Download some web templates here Download free HTML Editor Kompozer here The next step, select one of the website templates that you have downloaded and open with the Kompozer. Make changes to these templates as a link, button, header and footer. If you want, you can edit the header, footer and graphics on your website by using Photoshop. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 16
  16. 16. Then, add articles to the website and save it: File> Save As> ... and provide the title of the article based on the content. Enter all the articles in each page and save (same as the previous step). When everything was ready, it is the time for you to upload the files into your hosting. To upload files, you need a software namely FileZilla (Click here to download Filezilla for free). Basically, when you install Filezilla, you will have Filezilla Client and Filezilla Server. To upload your website templates, you will use only Filezilla Client (See image below). Once you open Filezilla Client, you will be asked to enter hosting details that had been obtained when you purchase your domain and hosting.(See image below) All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 17
  17. 17. After you enter all the details, that’s it! You can now upload your web templates into the server. Basically, Filezilla Client has 2 main panels. The left panel is your PC storage while at the right is your server storage. To upload file from your PC to your server, simply choose the file, right click then choose ‘upload’. You might want to know where to upload it since in the server storage, there are many folders. In order for your web templates to be viewed, you must upload it to PUBLIC HTML folder.(See image below) 2 main panels in Filezilla Client Upload file into PUBLIC HTML folder All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 18
  18. 18. Now, you already have a website. Congratulations! All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 19
  19. 19. TOPIC 3 ATTRACT VISITORS TO YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE The next step is to attract visitors to your blog / website. It is useless if your website / blog have a very beautiful appearance, but in the absence of visitors. Remember, internet experts say "visitors are your money." Without visitors, definitely you will get no money. How to get visitors to your blog / your website? One of the methods of attracting visitors is by active participation in forum. You must be active in the forum that you joined and when you have comments and suggestions, please leave your signature. Example of signature is like in the image below (in red circle): In forums, show your expertise in a particular field. It should be the field that you are expert on and have to do with your product. This is important because whenever visitors join a forum and open a thread, usually they are looking for something that related with the thread. Apart from that, you can increase traffic to your blog by exchanging links with each other among the blogger. We recommend that you exchange links with blogs that have the same niche as yours. Therefore, it is not recommended that you exchange links with bloggers that do not have same niche as yours, because visitors who come to the blog is aiming on getting info about the products in the blog. So they might have options by clicking on links that may have same niche. Apart from active participation in forums and exchanging links, there are thousands ways of how to attract visitors to your website. Here, I listed down top 3 methods that will help increasing your web/blog presence : All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 20
  20. 20.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most common ways used by internet marketers to make sure their website/blogs attract high number of traffics. Basically, this method is about having your websites placed in a good page ranking when people search for information. There is a lot of software sold by internet marketers to help your websites have a good page ranking but most of them are very costly. Actually, you can do it by your own without using any software or tools. You can do this by generating useful content like articles and blogs, by social networking and the development of multimedia. This sounds easy but it’s a lot of hard work. Still, you can also strategically spread your content in different websites while keeping your target niche in mind. Be very careful not to over link to pages within your site, this is a new penalty from Google's most recent update.  Offer freebies on your sites This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it. There are so many stuff that you can offer them to download such as eBook, graphics, music, video or whatever things that you think might attract visitors. ( I also have freebies for you! CLICK HERE to claim your freebies )  Use social media. Post compelling content and you’ll soon build a loyal following. Follow and share with other users, who may reciprocate and follow you. Keeping up to date with social media and finding time to post can be tricky, but it’s well worth it. Let people talk and become part of a community and they’ll promote your content for you. This will save you a great deal of time, and they will share much further than via conventional strategies. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 21
  21. 21. TOPIC 4 CREATE COMMUNITY FOR YOUR SITES The next step is to build a community for your blog or website. What I meant by community is, build loyal visitors to your blog. At the first time they visit your blog, they will get excited and want to visit your blog again sometimes in the future. This is important because if you sell products or provide services online, visitors who come for the first time will not immediately buy products on your blogs/websites. They actually want special approaches from you. Just like a conventional business, they also want to get clearer information about the products/stuff that you offered. The question is, how to maintain visitors on your blog / your website? The answers are: 1) AUTORESPONDER AND EMAIL LIST The best way is that you should have an autoresponder. What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is an automatic system that allows your customers join the mailing list (subscribers) will continue to get the latest info from you through email. With an autoresponder, it will allow you to send useful info to your customers without having to write an email one by one that definitely wasting time and energy. Autoresponder system installed on my website All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 22
  22. 22. With an autoresponder (which contains the email broadcast), allows you to write and send email as much as you want just by one click at a time. You also will not be considered as a spammer because those emails only sent to your subscribers which are all automatically done by the autoresponder. Good autoresponder that have been recommended by internet marketer is Aweber and Getresponse. As a beginner, you can also use free autoresponder that can be getting from Getresponse but it is just a trial version. Optimize its usage and in the following month, use paid autoresponder as it comes with a better system (can broadcast email and more functions). Aweber Autoresponder Getresponse Autoresponder 2) FORUMS In addition to use an autoresponder, you can also provide a forum to discuss about your product or service. Every visitor who join the forum, they will continually ask the forum moderator that has been appointed (usually seniors or those who have used your product or service) to help them out. Happening and informal circumstances in forum can help them to harness their faith towards your products and services. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 23
  23. 23. TOPIC 5 OPTIMIZE YOUR INCOME FROM THE INTERNET Here comes your last step! At this point, you will maximize earnings from your business on the internet as well as the products that you sell. On internet, there are several sources of income you can earn just by using your blog or website. It all depends on you whether you want or not. Among the popular programs are shown below: 1. Google Adsense Many internet entrepreneurs that are just want to start online business sign up to this program, the Google Adsense program. This is because, it is FREE to join and paid based on clicks received from visitors who visit your blog / website. See example below(red arrow and circle): All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 24
  24. 24. Sample of earning from Adsense (see picture below): Do not be afraid to click on the ads because you are one the contributor to rally the Google Adsense program in the world. Indirectly, by clicking, it will cause more advertisers to increase their investments. Indirectly, we as visitors or users can make investment money from other people by doing Google Adsense program as well. Importantly, do not click on your own ads! How much you are paid with every click? Actually it depends on the keyword advertising. The higher the advertisers bid for each click on your ad, the higher the value of a click. The price may be as low as USD0.02 to as high as USD70 for every click. 2. Affiliate Program As I mentioned at the beginning of this ebook, affiliate program is a program in which you act as an agent that sells or promotes other’s products. You will get paid by commission by selling the product and share it with the owner of the product. Maybe you got commission of 30% / 40% / 50% from the selling. It depends on the seller of the product. Apart from becomes affiliate agent for others, you also can build your own affiliate so that people can promote your products or services. Indirectly, your product’s sales will be increased as many people help you promoting it. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 25
  25. 25. 3. Resell Rights As an alternative, you can also sell your own products by buy other’s product but included its copyright such as RR (Resell Rights), MRR (Master Resell Rights) and PLR (Private Label Rights).  Resell Rights - You have the right to sell a product, but the buyer of the product cannot sell it again to others rather than use it personally. You cannot get the product as your product anymore.  Master Resell Rights - You have the right to sell on behalf of you and the buyer also has resell rights to sell to someone else on their behalf. You cannot claim the product as your right again.  Private Label Rights - You can claim back the products you sell as owned and you have the right to edit or make any changes that you want on the product and sell it as either RR or MRR. All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 26
  26. 26. CONCLUSION People nowadays feel more convenient to market their products or services online due to the high increases of internet users these recent years. This is a great indicator that seller should grab this opportunity and start builds their online business. The rapid growth of ecommerce sites like EBay and have shown us that people feel more comfortable to search for their favorite stuff or things to buy on the net. With this simple guide, no more excuses for you not to open your first online store and start earning your first income online. Start it now! “NOW, YOU HAVE BEEN COMPLETED THE LESSONS TOWARDS DECLARING YOURSELF AS AN INTERNET MARKETER!! GOOD LUCK AND SEE YOU AT THE PEAK OF VICTORY!!” Khairi Hafizi -Founder of All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 27
  27. 27. THE END All Rights Reserved© 2012 Page 28