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K Grillo Science Content Vocabulary Literacy Forum


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Science and Technology

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K Grillo Science Content Vocabulary Literacy Forum

  1. 1. Science Content Vocabulary Instruction with Technology & Success Kelly J. Grillo University of Central Florida Exceptional Student Education
  2. 2. @ A Glance Where are we? Technology is a Strategically make decisions Attend On-Going PD (PLC) Create A Technology Culture Kelly J. Grillo
  3. 3. Why Teach Content Vocab? In binomial nomenclature we find the… “Telifit” Kelly J. Grillo
  4. 4. “Without a clear understanding of the language of science, students will certainly experience difficulty and a lack of interest with the science content. Providing students with strategic vocabulary strategies can significantly support their understanding and interest concerning the language of science.” Miller, 2005 Kelly J. Grillo
  5. 5. Think-Pair-Share Kelly J. Grillo
  6. 6. National Education Technology Plan “Professional educators will be supported individually and in teams by technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that enable and inspire more effective teaching for all learners.” NETP draft, 2010 Kelly J. Grillo
  7. 7. Analyze Plan Collaborate Kelly J. Grillo
  8. 8. Let’s look at 3 free tools! Kelly J. Grillo
  9. 9. Kelly J. Grillo
  10. 10. Kelly J. Grillo
  11. 11. Kelly J. Grillo
  12. 12. Kelly J. Grillo
  13. 13. Kelly J. Grillo Kelly J. Grillo
  14. 14. Kelly J. Grillo Kelly J. Grillo
  15. 15. In Closing… Until we as a science community address the language of science in everyday terms, and teachers address the most difficult language of content literacy systematically, we will continue producing students apposed to learning rich rigorous curriculums. Kelly J. Grillo
  16. 16. Contact Information Kelly J. Grillo University of Central Florida Kelly J. Grillo