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Social Media 101 - Major Channels Overview

View a short, easy to understand yet comprehensive overview of all the relevant social media channels you and your company need to be on to be successful. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and other social networks are changing the way small and large businesses interact with customers, take a minute to learn why you need to pay attention to each social media channel.

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Social Media 101 - Major Channels Overview

  1. 1. Social Media OverviewThe most relevant sites to be on… no matter what industry you’re in.
  2. 2. What’s The Point?• Social media is here to stay• It’s changing the way everyone does business by: • Connecting customers to brands • Creating a valuable feedback channel • Changing customer expectations
  3. 3. What’s The Point?• Brands can’t sit back and continue on ignoring social media channels• Customers will move on to your competitors if you continue disregarding listening to them• Marketing budgets must shift to include the basic social media channels if your brand wants to stay relevant
  4. 4. Facebook• New Marketing Platform which allows brands to easily share information • Direct messaging also helpful for customer service and feedback• Share photos and unique information about the company• Most useful as the main information hub • Link back to Facebook from other social media sites• Monitor comments, posts, likes and insights to gauge what your audience is most interested in
  5. 5. Twitter• Compliments Facebook account as a marketing channel• Also an incredibly useful customer support and feedback channel• Don’t just listen, engage your customers• Monitor relevant keywords to know what people are saying about you • Respond and let people know you’re out there and listening
  6. 6. Foursquare• Monitor your social media frequency with the help of Foursquare• Gauge demographics and days customers are most social• Experiment with “specials” to see what works and what doesn’t• Great listening channel, learn what people are saying about your business in the comments section
  7. 7. Pinterest• Jump onto one of the fastest growing social media sites that incorporates visuals and photos• Fanbase may be low, but this is an incredibly helpful tool in increasing clicks to websites• Can also be used as a listening channel, search relevant keywords for brands and competitors
  8. 8. Google +• Enhance and create communities • Marketing and listening channels• Live chats/ live video sessions • Offer unique ways to interact directly with online customers• Major SEO benefits
  9. 9. Let’s Connect! Katherine Gear E-Commerce Manager •About Me •Linked In •@Katgear •Thoughts on social media