Eight 2014 Digital Marketing Trends Predictions


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2014 is just around the corner, as are some essential shifts in the digital marketing world. Browse these top digital market trend predictions to find out more about this shift. Predictions include social media integration, content strategy, the important of visuals and video and more.

What will your 2014 digital marketing strategy include? Embrace the new trends to ensure your company is engaging current customers and placed properly to touch new fans as well.

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Eight 2014 Digital Marketing Trends Predictions

  1. 1. + 2014 Digital Trends Eight marketing trends that will shape the upcoming year
  2. 2. + Social Media • Social media marketing is no longer an option • 90% of small businesses are using social • 74% view it as an important tool • The bandwagon period has ended, companies must now learn how to provide meaningful content and engage customers via the channels they are using
  3. 3. + Content Marketing • Content strategy google searches has skyrocketed in the past few years • Just because you’re embracing social doesn’t mean you’re doing it right • Content marketing can help increase social and web traffic and engagement
  4. 4. + Visual Web  A picture is worth 1,000 words, especially on social channels  The popularity of apps such as Instagram and Snapchat show the value in strong visuals  Facebook posts with photos experience 5.8% more engagement
  5. 5. + Importance of Video  A close second to the photo revolution will be video  Instagram, snapchat and vine have also proven that video, when it’s short and sweet, can be highly engaging towards the right audience  Don’t at all focus on virality, that will happen organically if
  6. 6. + UX Focus  Customers are on desktops, tablets and mobile searching your site – all in one day  Websites need to be easily accessed on each channel and provide similar experiences  UX is needed more than ever to ensure the web experience is seamless or your abandon and bounce rate will continue to increase
  7. 7. + Real Time Marketing  Success with this has varied (see Oreo blackout ad) but real time marketing is necessary on occasion  Can easily increase engagement when done well  Can also tarnish your brand if done in poor taste  Proceed with caution!
  8. 8. + SEO Shift  SEO  It’s now relies on social signs not dead, strategy just needs to shift  Need to include long tail keywords and provide engaging content to increase social signs  Provide authentic value to your customers and this algorithm shift will benefit you
  9. 9. + Let’s Connect! Katherine Gear E-Commerce Marketing Manager •About Me •Linked In •@Katgear