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National Diploma


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National Diploma

  1. 1. Vaal l-Jniversity of Technology llfiional Wiploma TOURI5A,I /IAANAGENAENT CU,l LAUDE Awarded to A,IIYA K6A5ANE PAUL at a Congregation of the University t7-04-24t3 in accordance with the statute and regulations of the Yaal University of Technoloqy g^rfa^*.---. _r.-_ COMMUNITY SERVICE CT.T{TRE Vice-Chan cellor E Principal 201/--07- 16 $ Y Execltive Dean ND 18000 ----:"--*'-'*----- I I I I ournt$*runmro-r,r; r s;,;. SUID-AFRIKAANSE POLISIET}IENS G EM E E ['IS KA PDI ENSs E NTR U IU!