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Business Security Tips Keyper

Business Security Tips Keyper

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Business Security Tips Keyper

  1. 1. SECURITY CAMERAS Keeping an eye on your property can deter criminals and help identify intruders after the fact. ALARMS Installing alarm systems and displaying warning signs in prominent locations around your property can be a strong deterrent to crime. ENCRYPTION Use encryption when sending anytype of attachments via email. ENTRANCES/EXITS Limit the number of entrances to your property, and keep track of everyone who enters or exits. LIGHTING Security lighting connected to motion detectors can tell intruders to steer clear of your property. BACKUPS Keep sensitive information protected by backing it up and securing it in a safe that can protect it against thieves as well as fire or flood damage. PASSWORDS Make sure servers are password-protected, and change your passwords regularly. WINDOWS Keep windows closed and locked, especially during off-hours. ACT QUICKLY When you spot a security issue, take care of it as soon as possible. KEY MANAGEMENT Ifyour business has multiple rooms or multiple buildings — or even multiple vehicles — it’s a must to use a key management system to track who uses keys, when and where. WI-FI Don’t allow unrestricted guest access on your Wi-Fi network. TREES AND BUSHES Make sure you keep landscaping and trees neatlytrimmed — otherwise, you are giving criminals ready-made hiding places. SECURING YOUR PROPERTY ONLINE SECURITY TIPS SECURITY TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Here are some top tips for protecting your small business