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Transitions For Seniors


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Key of Change assists seniors in transitioning to their new homes. We also assist with creating a safe environment for them to remain in their home.

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Transitions For Seniors

  1. 1. Susan Amos And Marilyn Leek 40 Murray Ave Annapolis, MD 21401 443.949.8042
  2. 2. Develop a Plan De-cluttering Sorting/Downsizing Designing Packing Moving Day – Unpacking Settle In
  3. 3. Develop A Plan
  4. 4. Do these pictures look familiar?
  5. 5. STARTING
  6. 6. Tiny Steps
  7. 7. De-cluttering in Three The March 4 issue of Woman's Day magazine ( suggest de-cluttering jobs you can do during three-minute commercials:
  8. 8. quot;- Pick one spot in the room to de-clutter: a drawer, a shelf, or a tabletop.
  9. 9. Gather together Take any empty DVDs or video glasses and cups games left on back into the kitchen top of the and put them in the television, on sink to wash later. the coffee table or on the floor and put them all back in their proper places.
  10. 10. Cut your stack of magazines down to size. Quickly go through the pile and pull out old issues that can be tossed. Put the articles, patterns or recipes in file folders in your desk for future use.
  11. 11. Get your grandchildren in on the cleanup with a game of beat-the-clock. Whenever a commercial comes on, have them put away as many strewn toys as possible before the television show resumes.quot;
  12. 12. CLEANING OUT
  13. 13. Empty the Whole Closet Vacuum Out the Dust Bunnies for Selling Get Rid of Old Clothes and Shoes – Be Brutal – Ask a Friend to Support the Toss Create a List for Your Taxes and RUN with the Bags to Your Favorite Donation Site
  14. 14. Bathrooms Discard All Medicines/Beauty Products Over Six Months Old – Healthy Step Sort Through Towels and Sheets – Keep Those in Great Shape – Suggest 4 sets of Towels / 2 sets of Sheets Keep Only What You Need in the Bathroom - Extra Supplies Elsewhere
  16. 16. • mouth and tooth care • hair styling supplies • hair care products • skin and body care products • cosmetics • nail care • shaving supplies • first aid • bath tub accessories • cold and flu care • eye, ear, and nose care
  18. 18. Extra wall mounted cabinets for toiletries Hooks on back of door for towels and robes Shower caddies for shampoos, conditioner, soap, etc.
  19. 19. A Tip for the Bedroom Always make your bed Helps you to keep the rest of the room organized
  20. 20. Closets Shoes Belts Sweaters
  21. 21. Downsizing
  22. 22. Moving Day
  23. 23. Success
  24. 24. Susan Amos And Marilyn Leek 40 Murray Ave Annapolis, MD 21401 443.949.8042