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Keynote commodity daily report for 300812


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Keynote commodity daily report for 300812

  1. 1. Daily Com D mmodity Report 30th A August 2012 MCX GOLD (5 O X OCTOBER 12) – Go old Silver Cru ude (5 O Oct-12) (5 Se ept-12) (19 Se ep-12) Gold opened high at 30952a moved fu d her and urther higher to touch an intra a-day high of 31007. How f wever, it failed to sustain higher and Open n 30,952 57,525 5,358 mov lower to t ved a-day low of 30734. It end the day touch an intra ded High h 31,007 57,861 5,366 with modest losse to close at 30847. es t Low 30,734 57,160 5,293 The RSI has slipp below its average. Mo ped oreover, the S Stochastic is Close 30,847 57,559 5,314 alrea ady placed bbelow its ave erage. The R and Sto RSI ochastic still rema placed in the over bou ain ught zone. Thhese negative conditions e Prev Close v. 30,948 57,609 5,362 would lead to selling pressure and profit ta e aking. The AD line and DX +DI line are movving lower, inndicating buyyers are bookking profits. % Ch hange -0.33% -0.09% - -0.90% MCX Gold faces resistance at 31070, 31 X s 1110, 31250 and 31500Source – MCX e aced at 30840, 30428, 303 while the support levels are pla e t 340, 30179, 2966 and 28859 68 9 Vo olume (In 000 s) Positional Call – SELL MCX GOLD (5 O X OCTOBER 12) around 3085 Stop Los 31100 Target of 30300 50, ss 29/0 08/2012 28/08/2012 % Chg. MCX SILVER (5 SEPT 12) – X Gold (gms) 33 3,613.0 35 5,543.0 -5.43% Silve opened low at 57525 but managed to move high to touch er wer d her Silver (kgs) 1,647.8 1 1,466.4 1 12.36% an inntra-day high of 57861. Hoowever, it failed to sustain higher and Crude (bbl) 25 5,596.6 27 7,450.9 -6.75% mov lower to t ved a-day low of 57160. It end the day touch an intra ded with marginal loss to close a 57559. ses atSource – MCX e The Stochastic is placed below its average. More so the RSI is also s w e Turnover (In Lac cs) on vverge of slipping below its average. Moreover, th RSI and he Stocchastic still r remain place in the ove bought zo ed er one. These 29/0 08/2012 28/08/2012 % Chg. negaative conditions would lead to selling pressure and p d profit taking at hi igher levels. T Though the A ADX line is still moving high the +DI her,Gold 1,038 8,457.9 1,099 9,838.2 -5.58% line continues to move lower, indicating buuyers are booking profits. MCX Silver faces resistance a 58050 584 and 5922 while the X s at 445 21Silver r 947 7,901.9 844 4,045.7 12.30% suppports are placed at 57180 57000, 56 0, 6157, 55551, 54570 andCrude e 1,364 4,077.9 1,468 8,203.2 -7.09% 5367 levels. 75Source – MCX e MCX CRUDE (19 September 12) – X 9 Crud opened low at 5358 b managed to move high to touch de wer but her Global Market (Nyme - $) ex an in ntra-day high of 5366. Ho h owever, it faile to sustain higher and ed movved lower to ttouch an intr ra-day low of 5293. It endded the day 30/0 08/2012 29/08/2012 % Chg. sses to close at 5314. with moderate losGold (oz) 1, ,655.30 1,659.50 -0.25% The Stochastic h again slip has pped below it average. M ts More so theSilver (oz) r 30.68 30.84 -0.51% RSI is placed be elow its averaage. These c conditions woould lead toWTI CCrude sellin pressure. However, the Stochastic is nearing the over sold ng e 95.03 95.49 -0.48%(bbl) zone which woul lead to buy e, ld ying support a lower levels. The ADX atBrent Crude t line, +DI line and –DI line are moving sidew d ways, indicat ting a range 112.54 112.79 -0.22%(bbl) boun trend. It f nd faces resistance at 5366, 5408, 5516 and 5600 6Dollar Index 81.51 81.47 0.14% while the support are placed at 5238, 5275 5180, 5126 and 5093. e ts 5, 6Source – www.cmeg e Positional Call – BOOK PR ROFITS MCX CRUDE (19 Sept 12)) X 9 arou 5320, giv @ 5361 o August 24 29 und ven on 4- Keynot Capitals L te Ltd. The Rub 9th Floor, Senapati Bapa Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. T 3026 6000. Fax: 3026 60 by, at Tel: 088.
  2. 2. Com mmodity New ws:• Gold importe stay awa seeking p G ers ay price directio Indian go importers took to the s on: old sidelines on W Wednesday, seeking price direction dur s ring the ongo oing wedding and festive sseason as prices stayed s steady near it peak. The ts most-active gold for Octob delivery o the Multi C m ber on Commodity Exchange (MC was 0.01 percent lower at 30,945 CX) rupees per 10 grams. The contract touc r 0 ched a record high of 31,11 rupees on Monday. (ET 10 T)• Wheat future plunge 3 pc on profit- W es -booking: Affter persistent rise, wheat prices fell by almost 3 pe cent to Rs t y er 1,532 per qu 1 uintal in futur res trade today as specu ulators preferrred to book at prevailing higher leve g els. Besides, in ncreased sup pplies in the mandies (spot markets) als weighed on the grain prices at futures trade. (ET) m t so n s• Oil O prices fa amid calls for increas all s sed output: Crude prices fell Wednesday after fin s nance ministe from the ers worlds leading industrialize economies called on oil producers t increase ou w ed s to utput and said they stood ready to ask d the Internation Energy Agency to rele nal A Benchmark oil for October delivery fell 72 cents by ease strategic reserves. B c r la afternoon Bangkok tim to $95.61 per barrel in electronic tr ate n me n rading on the New York M Mercantile Excchange. The contract rose 86 cents to finish at $96.33 per barrel o the Nymex on Tuesday. (ET) c on x .• Chilli futures fall 1.54 pc on sluggish demand: C C s c h Chilli prices de eclined by Rs 80 to Rs 5,098 per quint in futures s tal trade today a speculators reduced po as s king a weak trend at spot market on sluggish dem ositions, track mand. At the National Com N mmodity and Derivatives Ex D xchange, chilli for delivery in Septembe declined by Rs 80, or 1. per cent, er y .54 to Rs 509 per quintal, with an open inter o rest of 10,700 lots. 0 Keynot Capitals L te Ltd. The Rub 9th Floor, Senapati Bapa Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. T 3026 6000. Fax: 3026 60 by, at Tel: 088.
  3. 3. Econ nomic Cale endar: Countrie / es Thursday Friday Mondayy Regio ons 30/Aug 31 1/Aug 3/Sep Forex Reserves Data;India Federal F Fiscal Deficit t GDP Qua aterly (YoY) ; Infrastructure Output (YYoY) Factory O Orders (MoM));US Init Jobless C tial Claims Chicago Purchasing o Managgers Index Pers sonal Consum mption Expennditures - Price Index Feds Bern nanke Speec ch (MoM) EIA Natural Gas S N Storage Reuters Michigan s/ change Consumer S Sentiment Index Japans Unemplo oyment Eurozone CConsumer Price UKs Halifax Hou Prices s useGlobal Rate Inde (YoY) ex (3m/YoYY) Japan Vehicle Productioon Eur rozones Economic Germanys M G Markit (YoY); Consstruction Orders Sentiment Indicator Manufacturin PMI M ng (YoY) Germa anys Unempployment Japan Housing Starts (Yo oY); Change Annualized Housing Sta arts Keynot Capitals L te Ltd. The Rub 9th Floor, Senapati Bapa Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. T 3026 6000. Fax: 3026 60 by, at Tel: 088.
  4. 4. Disc claimerThis document is n for public distribution and has been furn not d nished to you s solely for your information and must not be reproduced or dredisstributed to any other person. Persons into who possession this document may come are required to obse P ose erve these restrrictions.This material is for t personal info the ormation of the authorized recip pient, and we are not soliciting any action base upon it. This report is not to edbe co onstrued as an offer to sell or the solicitation o an offer to buy any security in any jurisdictio where such a offer or solicit t of y n on an tation would beillega It is for the general informa al. ation of clients of Keynote Ca apitals Ltd. It do not constitute a personal recommendatio or take into oes onacco ount the particular investment objectives, financial situations, o needs of indiv o or vidual clients.We h have reviewed t report, and in so far as it includes current or historical information, it is believed to be r the t reliable though its accuracy orcomp pleteness cannot be guarantee Neither Key ed. ynote Capitals LLtd., nor any pe erson connected with it, accept any liability a d ts arising from theuse o this documen The recipient of this material should rely o their own inve of nt. ts on estigations and take their own professional ad dvice. Price andvalue of the investm e ments referred to in this mater may go up or down. Past performance is not a guide fo future perform rial s or mance. Certaintranssactions -including those involv ving futures, opt tions and other derivatives as w as non-inve well estment grade securities - invo olve substantialrisk a are not suitable for all inv and vestors. Reports based on tech s hnical analysis ccenters on stud dying charts of a stock’s price movement andtrading volume, as opposed to fo ocusing on a c company’s fund damentals and as such, may not match w y with a report on a company’s nfundamentals.Opin nions expressed are our curren opinions as o the date appe d nt of earing on this m material only. W While we endeav to update on a reasonable vor nbasis the informatio discussed in this material, there may be regulatory, com s on n mpliance, or ot ther reasons th prevent us f hat from doing so.Pros spective investo and others are cautioned that any forward-looking state ors ements are not predictions an may be sub t nd bject to changewitho notice. Our proprietary trading and inv out t vestment businnesses may m make investmen decisions th are inconsistent with the nt hatrecommendations e expressed herein n.We a our affiliates officers, direc and s, ctors, and emplo oyees world wid may: (a) from time to time, h de m have long or sho positions in, and buy or sell ortthe s securities there eof, of company (ies) mentione herein or (b be engaged in any other tra y ed b) ansaction involv ving such securities and earnbrokerage or other compensation or act as a ma arket maker in the financial instruments of th company (ies) discussed he he erein or act asadvis or lender / b sor borrower to such company (ies) or have other potential conflic of interest with respect to any recommendat h ) ct y tion and relatedinformation and opin nions.The analyst for this report certifies that all of the vviews expressed in this report a d accurately reflec his or her per ct rsonal views abbout the subjectcomp pany or companies and its or their securities, and no part of his or her com mpensation was is or will be, directly or indir s, rectly related tospec recommend cific dations or views expressed in th report. s hisNo p of this material may be dup part plicated in any fo and/or redis orm stributed withou Keynote Capit ut tals Ltd’s., prior written consent. r Keynot Capitals L te Ltd. The Rub 9th Floor, Senapati Bapa Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028. T 3026 6000. Fax: 3026 60 by, at Tel: 088.