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KeyWifi is a disruptive platform that delivers
affordable Internet access and universal wifi
roaming by creating a peer-to-peer network
of Internet sharing that grows virally.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION allows anyone, anywhere to rent
their wifi to others, opening up thousands
of hotspots in a virtual network, whilst
simultaneously lowering access cost. Our
web-based wifi sharing system requires no
additional hardware or software and is therefore
available immediately and globally. KeyWifi is
“The AirBnB of Wifi.”

We combine the most stringent
security available with a hotspot location
finding, payment and revenue gateway, plus
a tracking system that collectively enable
low cost seamless wifi access everywhere
with freedom for users, control for suppliers
and security for all.
Users pay for access, suppliers receive at
least 66% of revenue. Suppliers control when
and to whom they rent their hotspots, using
controls, ratings and a self policed system.

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  • Slide showing Problem - from overall perspective Wifi is all around us but locked, even when it’s not being used (folks away from home etc.) 85% bandwidth is wasted 70% of world and 30% of us is not on line So there is a big market in discount 2 nd hand wifi 5 Billion customers
  • KeyWifi is the world’s first web-based, peer-to-peer Internet access platform.  Our platform enables you to safely share or rent your Wifi to whoever you desire, whenever you desire. We let suppliers control when and who they connect with. KeyWifi builds and relies on Community, and communities are able to regulate themselves
  • There’s no hardware, software or contracts, which sets the stage for unlimited viral potential. We have some very unique IP behind all of this, …that enables KeyWifi to be completely web-based. Opening up the second hand market for ISP’s and creating value for isp’s, suppliers and new customers
  • Slide showing our solution creates virtuous circle of value Implication People cant access and digital divide is big global problem Even more so globally 70% planet not on line Benefits of meeting need Affordable internet access globally Access higher bandwidth in more locations for all Access to new market for isps Mobile bandwidth requirement increasing beyond 3g supply and cost availability (picture of guy frustrated with Ipad)   Slide showing our solution creates virtuous circle of value Value For Underserved For Current ISP clients / wifi suppliers e.g more revenue when they are out and helping neighbors Allows ISP’s indirect access to hidden, unservicable, markets Creates more access hotspots for everyone and opportunity for new revenue from mobile bandwidth offload Internet access itself remains stuck in the old model of consumption
  • Slide 5 Peer -to-peer security controls and functions Like many peer-to-peer platforms, we enable users to find suppliers vie Google maps API Unlike other commercial services It ’ s a dynamic community where everyone is accountable to their peers and promoted by reputation, Ysing user ratings and comments, not only does this add stability and mitigate bad behavior, it also encourages relationships, resulting in even greater virality. The system has a simple user friendly interface, which allows intuitive and simple interactions. it ’ s a self policing process and adapts to the differing needs of it ’ s members over time. 70 to 90% of $9 Mo user fee goes to wifi suppliers, so it stays in the community, and between 10-30% of revenue goes to Keywifi. Subscription service users pay suppliers earn 2./3rds rev We also have addaptations for landlords, cafes and small business with specific ISPs.
  • Slide 4 - Technology Outline By using an adapted WP 2 enterprise system and combining this with a hotspot locating system, a single user name and password for access then combining this with a payment & revenue gateway were creating seem-less wifi access everywhere; with freedom for users, control for suppliers and security for all. Our technology is deceptively simple, we focussed on finessing the fine points of open source radius protocol, to give a much broader functionality than convention allows. Our solutions are trade secrets, difficult to duplicate, without considerable research but allow suppliers to set the terms of access to each hotspot and the system to be self-policed through ratings and comments user history and other trust metrics. Once registered a wifi user simply logs in to a 3rd party keywifi hotspot with a single a user name and password. KeyWifi application and database only allows access to users at times dates and according to conditions suppliers stipulate. KeyWifi has a unique way to track which hotspots are used by which users and when, that give the community a level of social security controls and enable transparent and fair billing per use between peers. In due course this will allow us to create variations on this theme, such as: Closed private networks for a specific building or sub-community like a youth club, or for your family or even a building owner or landlord All of this is available simply by signing up for our system and using almost any commonly available consumer grade router. We can also enable white listing and black listing for friends and family and to protect you No other wifi system that we know of allows such control combined with the best security available with hardware that is currently in use, non of our competition has our potential for virality and as far as we know we are the only non hardware system that creates global wifi rental and access to anyone. Radius servers User signs up Decides to be a user or suppler Is supplying we tell them some settings for the router, they already own, no downloads just some simple settings Then we check the settings with the user They the person sets when they want to make wifi available and other peramiters and info Public/ private rented /shared wifi And paypal details etc and we start to pay them Also give them a way they can tell their neighbors there is keywifi in the building Simplify following slide
  • Slide 7-Competition and Opportunity. There ’ s a range of choices for home and small business access in many urban areas from $45 to 60 per month, unless your in rural areas where costs are even higher. Some ISP ’ s like Optimum for example have even created some small wifi networks but these are limited in availability by location and non existent at the base of the pyramid where a lot of people live. Companies like Fon and Tomizone have created wifi sharing solutions that rely on specific hardware so cant propagate virally on the web, nor do they return significant value or revenue to the majority of users which accounts for Fon ’ s pivot to enable ISPs to use their system as an added value service, but even in this case Fon hotspots are only available to one isp per market, and by no means ubiquitous, so what about everyone else? Boingo is great if your at an airport and a regular traveler for $10 a month works well, but they have failed to broaden their supplier base and there system is also hardware based. Free wifi hotspots in cafes, libraries and downtown areas often suffer from limited bandwidth and again the economics will never enable them to be everywhere. Unlike any other real or virtual supplier Keywifi targets the intersection of potential ubiquitous availability with low cost usage, and so enrolling our clients into a network movement. By using Peer-to peer communication techniques and transparency we create a rich and diverse market which has redundancy and only requires a small percentage of users in a given area to be viable. We strongly believe that were creating long term opportunities for ISP ’ s also, since the current market is fairly saturated the only growth area is in the under-served, since ISP cant or choose not to enter the market at a lower price point ; by aggregating lower end users for them were enabling ISP ’ s to attract new ‘ sharing ’ customers that in due course will want to obtain a line of their own, as happened with the change from party lines and home telephone adoption. We are already working with a number of smaller ISP ’ s. Ace Innovative on east coast for example who are interested in getting some market share from larger suppliers and can convert any DSL line in 24hrs from Maine to S. Carolina.
  • Customer acquisition 2 strategies a/ Pilot project Here’s our pilot project, partnering with the ERDA Digital futures project of the East River Development Association in the largest projects housing project in the US, it’s 10 min’s from here by car in Queens. Over 3000 families, only 30% have Internet access, we plan to double that in 6 months in an economically sustainable manner This project will prove our technology and model but will enable us to duplicate these results globally. B/ Simultaneously through press and directly we are attracting early addopters 
  • Slide 10 - Team Our team combines great skill with a passion for a great vision and a wealth of experience in technology development, user experience, product roll out and brand design. Our advisors, not listed here for brevity, include the worlds best wpa2 enterprise radius technology experts such as Todd Gibson (who lead the Starbucks wifi network architecture for T mobile) We also have friends such as Michael Egbert of Bountifull routers (powerful consumer grade wifi routers each one can cover a 4.5 million sq ft footprint), Esme Vos founder of Muni wireless and Robert Brown founder of the global Wireless Internet Industry Executives (WIIE) group, knows literally everyone, according to Linked in over 25,000 industry contacts nationally and globally; from ISP execs to equipment sales-men and wishes to bring this resource to KeyWifi. Despite confidence in our knowledge base we have enough experience to realize there is far more that we don ’ t know and need to learn, were coachable and hope our early investors will give us quality mentorship, access to their networks, and other support as well as cash.
  • We’re a boot strapping company with a great team and supporters across the world We’re launching in mid march. But KeyWifi is about people, and we need you guys to help. Please check us out & sign up for more info. 
 Thank you, and thank these guys for making it happen !
  • KeyWifi 27 Exec Sum deck sldshr

    1. 1. 38% USA NO broadband Internet 70% Planet NO broadband Internet Problem
    2. 4. Solutions, A virtuous circle of value for: Under-served get Shared access <$10 Mo. ISP’s access new markets Peer to Peer MOBILE bandwidth offload revenues for peers and ISP’s
    3. 5. Suppliers earn 66% of revenue USERS Pay $9.89 per month PEER-TO-PEER FUNCTIONS SUPPLIERS Earn 66% of revenue
    4. 6. KEYWIFI APPLICATION RADIUS SERVER Authorize RADIUS REQUEST ISP’s DIRECTORY SERVER USER Registers with KeyWifi Free / Paid access Enter Username & Password SUPPLIER – Registers with KeyWifi Sets Router to KW configuration Sets access rules- Time, Date, Private/ Public / Free/ Paid
    6. 9. TEAM SHIVKUMAR JAGANNATH - CTO 19 years in Communications technology, System Architecture & Technology focus on ISPs and Wireless Technologies. CTO for Wireless Broadband Mesh ISP (Wi5) in India for Zylog Systems. CRISTIAN FLEMING , THE PUBLIC SOCIETY -DIRECTOR OF DESIGN Clients include: Chrysler, Continental Airlines, McCann Worldgroup, The Blair Partnership, Budweiser, Timberland, Netflix et al JERRY SPIEGEL - CO-FOUNDER, LEGAL / BUSINESS AFFAIRS Partner at the NY law firm FKKS Well versed in wifi network community space advisor to NYC Wireless. (Community wifi NY) TOM HUGHES - CO-FOUNDER, PRODUCT DIRECTOR Information-industry veteran: SVP Technology Strategy - Moody's Analytics - 1993 - 2008 President / COO - The Connors Group - 2008 - 2010. ADAM BLACK, FOUNDER 25 years in creative project development, team building & production management Founder, Founder SustainabiliTV, Founder Shared Squared NY. Background in technology - Bio-tech London Uni.
    7. 10. Recent Press