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Key Ring App Culture


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Here's a brief look into the Culture of Key Ring

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Key Ring App Culture

  1. 1. Culture
  2. 2. Culture, why we care. Culture will happen. Let’s proactively build one we love and want! culture
  3. 3. Awesome cultures attract awesome people. This business is growing. We only want to work with the best people. talent
  4. 4. How would people describe us? Scrappy Innovative Practical Efficient Transparent Data-Driven Reliable Humble Eager Autonomous Intelligent Unique Nerdy Accountable Entrepreneurial Competitive Passionate Flexible …just a little bit. Results-driven
  5. 5. Corporate mission statements are corny and boring. - Everyone mission But, it is important to define who we are, what we aspire to be, and what it takes to join this awesome and unique team.
  6. 6. What’s important? • Think critically and solve problems. • Be innovative and pragmatic – it’s a delicate balance. • Make promises and deliver to our customers and your peers. • Be interesting to ourselves, customers, and users. • Be passionate about your life and your work - the lines are blurred. • Be eager to challenge yourself and learn new things. • Think about the Key Ring consumer first. • Make decisions based on data. When data isn’t available trust your gut. core We don’t hire experts. We hire smart, scrappy people that have an aptitude and willingness to learn.
  7. 7. Why we don’t have a vacation policy. Vacations are interesting, and we think interesting is a good fit. Take what you want when you want (within reason). trust (within reason): [ree-zuhn] sound judgement; good sense
  8. 8. Exercise, we’ll pay for it! Let’s face it, we’re a bunch desk jockeys. Working out stimulates your brain and body and leads to more creative thinking and more productive output at work. Also, healthy people get sick less thus take less sick time. It’s a win:win. health
  9. 9. Why we’re anti cubes and offices. Open space work environments are conducive to collaboration. Dev’s, don’t worry you’ll have plenty of focused time to knock out code. Why does the CEO have an office? Sometimes it’s necessary to have discrete conversations. With that said, the door is always open. Come on in! open
  10. 10. What’s the dress code? Simply put, we don’t have one. Use your best judgment based on the situation you’ll be in. Seeing a client? Be professional. Staying in the office? Dress for productivity. For the CEO that means t-shirt, hat, jeans, and sneakers. dress code
  11. 11. Why do we avoid the word employee? This business wasn’t built by one person with a good idea, it was built by a group of passionate individuals coming together to solve real problems. Our ability to work together as a team sets us apart. Team or teammate = good. team
  12. 12. How can we get to know our teammates better? Glad you asked. Going forward every new and existing employee must put together a 10 page presentation consisting mostly of pictures about the things you’re passionate about both professionally and in life in general. Make it fun! Also, once a quarter we’ll do a team outing on a Friday afternoon. This may or may not involve adult beverages but will always include fun! bond
  13. 13. How do we know what to focus on? Once a month we’ll have an all-hands meeting to discuss the latest product developments, sales, and what’s on the horizon. This is your chance to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and help everyone think through the appropriate strategy. focus