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  1. 1. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 1 Site Remarketing - A Second Chance to Convert Christine Churchill KeyRelevance @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill
  2. 2. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 2 • President of KeyRelevance, LLC • Member of Founding Board of Directors of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) • Member of the Founding Board of Directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Organization (DFWSEM) • Columnist at Search Engine Land & Web Marketing Today • Longtime Speaker & Instructor, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and Search Marketing Expo Conferences • Over 15 years online marketing experience Speaker: Christine Churchill
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 3 What is Site Remarketing? • Powerful technique to reach out to people who have previously visited your web site • Gives you a second chance to re-engage the visitor who got away • Allows you to tailor relevant messages and offers to prior visitors as they travel the web visiting sites in the Google Display Network @ChrisChurchill
  4. 4. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 4 Benefits of Site Remarketing • Keeps your brand top of mind • Increases the effectiveness of other promotions – Allows you to take advantage of all the prior promotion efforts you have previously done to bring visitors to your site – Adds value to promotion “sunk costs” • Provides a way to get a very targeted offer to the visitor – Gives you a way to send highly tailored follow-on messages to a visitor who has come on to your site based on their behavior – The right message at the right time – Fast response time improves conversion @ChrisChurchill
  5. 5. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 5 Benefits of Remarketing (cont) • Can increase repeat sales and cross selling – Is a great way to act as a reminder for items that are consumable or have life spans – Gives business owners a way to cross sell related or complementary products • Helps recapture lost sales – it can bring back customers who may have gotten distracted or interrupted when they were on your site @ChrisChurchill
  6. 6. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 6 How Important is the Recapture? • Forrester Study (2010) found 96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions marketers want them to take • 70% of people abandon their shopping cart without completing a purchase • Harris Poll (2013) found 56% of American say they proactively research companies online before they buy @ChrisChurchill
  7. 7. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 7 Need for Repeat Messaging • Consumers may be growing more skeptical of marketing communications • According to the “2013 Edelman Trust Barometer,” 8 in 10 “informed citizens” from around the world need to hear information about a company more than twice before they’ll believe it @ChrisChurchill
  8. 8. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 8 Site Remarketing (How it Works) z • Place JavaScript code on web page • The code tags a visitor to the site with a cookie • You create lists of people (“audiences”) to target based on behavior, product viewed, etc. • Lists accumulates at least 100 users on it • Google shows a relevant ad to people browsing the web based on prior visit behavior while on your site @ChrisChurchill
  9. 9. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 9 Remarketing Example: • You have an online shoe shopping site and an AdWords account with Google using retargeting • Visitor visits your site (organic or paid) and looks at ladies dress shoes – Page viewed includes Google Remarketing JS code which generates a cookie • Visitor visits another site (say, a horse site) in the Google Display network • Google retrieves cookie and determines to show your company’s shoe ad @ChrisChurchill
  10. 10. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 10 Before You Start • Develop a marketing list that identifies every behavior a visitor can do on the site that you would want to focus on in your remarketing – Examples • Visitor who abandoned a cart • Visitor who bought a product • Visitor who visited a product page • Visitor who downloaded a white paper • Develop ads that are relevant and compelling – Custom messaging works – Gives the right message at the right time @ChrisChurchill
  11. 11. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 11 Remarketing Ideas • Branding to Stay Top of Mind • Abandoned Shopping Carts (Recapture) • Cross Selling • Trial Reminder • Promotion of a marketing campaign (sale, survey, contest, etc) • New Product Launch or Upgrade • Seasonal or holiday focused ads • Special deals – “Friday Night Specials” • Product Categories (or even products) • Sequential Offers • Custom Combinations @ChrisChurchill
  12. 12. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 12 Abandon Cart Reminder • Develop messages to address possible reasons for abandonment • Top Reasons (according to 2011 Forrester Study) – 44% Shipping & handling too high – 41% I was not ready to buy item – 27% I want to compare prices on other sites – 25% Price was higher than I wanted to pay – 24% Was saving items in cart for later – 22% Shipping & handling costs too late in checkout process @ChrisChurchill
  13. 13. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 13 Cross Sell Lists • Offer complementary related products in ads – Customer buys orthopedic dog bed – Use list to tell buyers about other products such as joint meds for dogs, rhinestone collars, nutritionally complete dog bones, etc. @ChrisChurchill
  14. 14. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 14 Trial Reminder Lists • Develop a list for people who signed up for trial of software or for a new product test • Close to trial ending period start showing ads for the product reminding the person of the benefits • Reminds people about your product • Complementary to email reminders • Principle of scarcity – trial going away often motivates people to take action @ChrisChurchill
  15. 15. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 15 Custom Combinations • Allows you get really granular in your targeting • For example if you want to target everyone who came to your web site but haven’t converted – Create two lists • List A is a list of everyone who came to your web site • List B is a list of everyone who converted – Set Up Custom Combination • Combined list is everyone who came to your site but didn’t convert @ChrisChurchill
  16. 16. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 16 Sequential Discount Offers • Can have successive ads at different time durations – Ex: Set up multiple audiences segregated by date (0-1 week, 1-2 weeks, etc) using custom combination lists • Develop ads for each time segment – Ads could address different reasons for not buying – Could increase discounts over time • Works great for people on the fence to go ahead and buy @ChrisChurchill
  17. 17. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 17 Audience Membership Duration • Cookie length can be set (how long will they be in the list) – Default is 30 days, 540 days maximum – Each audience membership duration can be set to a shorter time • Keep in mind - each remarketing list requires 100 “cookied” visitors before ads will show. This means Lists can grow stale before the first ad is displayed. – For best results abandoned carts should be retargeted relatively quickly and expire quickly – Long windows are helpful for products that are consumable (like printer ribbons or paper), or that have frequent upgrades such as software – If traffic slow, may need to target more general behaviors such as site or category visits @ChrisChurchill
  18. 18. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 18 Keys to Successful Remarketing Appropriate • Show ads in an appropriate venue • Don’t pitch to the converted (unless cross selling) Timely • Too soon or too late is less effective Precise • Slice your audience fine and show exactly the right ad – target by SKU or specific product – develop ads to match – lots of work to implement broadly (use triage 80/20 rule) @ChrisChurchill
  19. 19. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 19 Say “No” to Creepy Use frequency capping or ad scheduling to prevent over- showing ad @ChrisChurchill
  20. 20. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 20 Use Remarketing with Good Judgment Pew Survey: 68% View Targeted Ads Negatively; 59% Have Noticed Targeting @ChrisChurchill
  21. 21. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 21 Final Remarketing Tip • Building audiences take time • Be proactive. Even if you don’t want to do remarketing now, start developing lists so you have them in place if you decide to do remarketing at a later date @ChrisChurchill
  22. 22. Copyright 2013 KeyRelevance LLC 22 Thank You! Christine Churchill Phone: 972-429-1222 @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill @ChrisChurchill