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Sponsorship kit 215x215

  1. 1. PARTNERSHIPOPPORTUNITY London ENTREPRENEURSand SMALL BUSINESS LEADERS Want to Engage With You If you see value in getting in early with entrepreneurs on the move, we can help you find and engage with them quickly, efficiently and economically. READ ON ...
  2. 2. SUPPORT THE POWER HOUSEOF THE economyGovernments, economists, futurists and thought leadersall agree, there’s a great wave of entrepreneurs about tobreak over the economy as we know it. New technology has given to fully engage with thisgreat power to the little guys entrepreneurial communitymaking small business the new we need to connect at all levelspowerhouse of the economy. and build an ongoing trust,Almost all the growth in the rapport and values exchange.western economies is coming We have a partnership modelfrom SME’s. Forward thinking that reaches millions ofcorporations are acting now people economically whileto reach out and take part in identifying those who havethese trends early.  real potential to go all the way to the top. We already have a provenmethod for connecting Our model interacts withwith entrepreneurs who are entrepreneurs on multipleinfluential in their industry. We touch points including socialare already actively engaging media, networking events,with fast growing companies training, mentoring, and otheracross a range of industries. business focused services.We know how entrepreneurs Through these touch pointsthink, what they want and we are able to build a strongmost importantly what they relationship at all levels whileneed to succeed. In order making money along the way.
  3. 3. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES CAST MILLIO BROAD 3M + unique visitors p.a. NS Extended community BOOKS, EVENTS, PRODUCTS THOUS E ENGAG & ANDS KPI 8 Hour Brand Accelerator ATE HUNDR“We have a partnership model that BORreaches millions of people economi- COLLAcally while identifying those who EDShave real potential to go all the way KPI 30 WEEKto the top.” Incubator
  4. 4. BROADCAST TO MILLIONSthrough our online social networkand extended communityEcademy is an online social network for business owners and entrepreneurs.Over the last 14 years,millions of people havevisited or joined Ecademy to The main reasons why Ecademy stands out with incredible value:meet other entrepreneurs. It’snot just a place to connect,it’s also a site that allows youto get noticed by the rightpeople and share insights. The benefits of a community platformEcademy has over 125K Every blog posted on Ecademy typically receives over 100 views and at leastblogs, 500K membership 2-3 comments in the first 48 hours.profiles and 3M visitors eachyear. Ecademy has been a Built with an active community providing a great platform for testing outpermanent fixture on the ideas, getting feedback and gaining some exposure.UK entrepreneurs scenesince 1998, running events,publishing content andconnecting business owners. Creating and developing a profileThis site adds to other social A 14 year history on the web and a site built with SEO in mind, Ecademy member’s are on the frontmedia platforms to form page of Google and other search engines.a web of engaged peoplewho are looking for more Ecademy is focused on creating a supportive community of entrepreneurial people.resources for their SME. Ecademy is for people who are out creating jobs and it’s a good platform to share ideas with otherThrough this platform we people who are like minded.can connect with millionseach year!
  5. 5. ENGAGE WITH THOUSANDSthrough events, books and productsPARTNER WITH US AND LET’SIGNITE AN ENTREPRENEURREVOLUTION!Each year thousands ofsuccessful, funded & growingSME’s attend very specialevents that promise to equipsmall business owners,consultants and thoughtleaders with the tools theyneed to define their valueand expand their brand forsuccess in the new economy.For the last 5 years we haverun numerous large scalebusiness leadership eventsin London. Now it’s your “A specific sequence to follow “This [KPI] philosophy istime to get involved. in building your brand and sparking an entrepreneur becoming more highly valued revolution in London.”Our audience are the A/B of and highly paid.” Mike Harris – Founder of 3the small business community Lara Morgan - Built and sold Multi Billion Pound UK Brands her business for £20Mwho are passionate abouttheir products and services.They are constantly looking “This harnesses the big trends “The ‘KPI’ methodology is a of our time and shows you game changer for anyonefor innovative ways to spread how to make the most of it.” wanting to make a livingtheir message and make their doing what they love.”lives easier. They avoid hype, Thomas Power – Founder of Ecademy.com Ian Elliot – Past Chairman andresent heavy sales pitches and CEO of George Pattersontypically generate between£100K - £1M in revenue.
  6. 6. inancial Planne ists F rs T Art c... Programmers ea e rs rs et Des che ine ento ign rs ers Inv an Eng Ph chite rvice Providers ysi cts Ar ics s I s Trainers Editors M cians Se oth erap turopaths Mas rs P ech usi • ors Doctors M •Q ists B ough aders Na OUR ualifed AdviseSME A/B demographic: ankers Plumb t Le£100,000 - £1M Revenue. iOptimistic. Driven. Progressive.Influences of their peers. AUDIENCE Advis sa Th ge alitie ge erson rs e • T • Co ts Th A on nsultan nt era al ers p ist P s ia e Tra Coac d Me stat ine hes rs Speakers Authors al E Law e yers Accountants R
  7. 7. COLLABORATE WITH HIGH ACHIEVING ENTREPRENEURSthrough a proven incubator programmeEach quarter we run a 30 week incubator programme that helps entrepreneursposition themselves as the key person of influence in their industry.We have a strict selection process that allows us to work with high achievers across arange of different industries.Over the last 2 years we have taken over 200 clients through the incubator programmeand they have all received a significant uplift in their business. 1. PITCH - THE ART OF THE PERFECT PITCH. Mike Harris is one of the UK’s biggest success stories when it comes to starting with nothing more than an impossible idea and turning it into a Multi-Billion Pound Business. He’s done it three times! (First Direct, Egg and Mercury Communications). Mike, on good authority, believes that when you get your “Perfect Pitch” you can “create a business that makes a real dent in the universe”. 2. PUBLISH - PUBLISHING YOUR THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a writing and publishing expert, an international speaker and leading book coach with over 20 years’ experience. She has spoken to thousands of people all over the world, has written and been interviewed for articles, radio and television over 100 times on building a profile as a REAL thought leader, writing, publishing and speaking. Mindy has helped more than 450 people through different stages of their manuscripts, with over 120 published to date. She is the author and co-author of four books, one of which, BusinessWise, reached Number 2 in Business Books on Amazon.
  8. 8. 3. PRODUCT - PRODUCTISE YOUR EXPERTISE Darren Shirlaw is the founder of Shirlaws Coaching and Navitas IP. His team of over 200 executives are responsible for assisting businesses in 9 countries to develop valuable products and intellectual property. Darren Shirlaw created and released his own intellectual property frameworks in 1999 and within 3 years was awarded independent recognition as the 7th fastest growing business in Australia. To this day, Darren’s intellectual property earns 8 figure revenue year-on-year. He has personally created over 100 products in the past 15 years and assisted hundreds of people in their product creation.4. PROFILE - INCREASE YOUR PROFILE AND BECOME WEB-FAMOUS Penny Power, founder of Ecademy.com and author of the book “Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me”, shares the secret to having an amazing online presence and being found first. Penny is a true pioneer in Social Networking and New Media. In the late 90’s she founded Ecademy.com and today entrepreneurs and small business people use it to connect, share insights and support each other worldwide. Her depth of experience combined with her sincere caring create a unique blend that gives you the hard hitting ideas combined with the real world connection that is needed these days..5. PARTNERSHIP - PARTNER WITH KEY PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY Steve Bolton is a highly successful property and business entrepreneur who has become one of the UK’s leading property experts. He is the co-founder of Platinum Property Partners, the UK’s fastest growing franchise, with over £100M in property assets held by its partners. Personally he has built up a substantial, multi-million pound UK portfolio and a lead interest in international projects worth more than £50 million, as well as a number of other successful businesses. His secret is in his ability to create powerful, win/win partnerships that stand the test of time.
  9. 9. ALIGN WITH SMALL Business Leadersand Change Makers INSPIRATION SPEAKER AND TOP BUSINESS LEADER MENTOR Lara Morgan is a straight-talking entrepreneur who understands the frustrations felt by small and medium- sized businesses. She’s recently sold her business for £20Million and has written an awesome book called “More Balls Than Most - Juggle Your Way To Success With Proven Company Shortcuts”. For 20 years Lara has mentored business leaders through frank and constructive feedback which has earned her a reputation as an inspirational mentor, public-speaker and advocate for the oft-forgotten medium sized business. MULTI-AWARD WINNING BRANDING STRATEGIST, COMMUNICATIONS EXPERT Mike Symes is the founder of the Strand group of companies (Strand Branding Limited and Strand Financial Limited). He has a passion for branding and communications, drawing on over 20 years top-level experience in transforming small entrepreneurial businesses and building global iconic brands. Mike has been running Strand for 12 years and was previously marketing director at Bank of New York Financial.
  10. 10. SELF MADE MULTI-MILLIONAIREBEFORE THE AGE OF 30Jeremy Harbour has become one ofthe most successful business turnaroundentrepreneurs in the UK. Recognised byCoutts Bank as their Entrepreneur of theYear Runner-Up from 2005-2007, Jeremyhas an unstoppable passion for buyingbusinesses that are in trouble and turningthem profitable; purchasing 14 businessesover the last 5 years with NO CASH.Jeremy has recently raised £150M fund forthe acquisition of telecoms and IT businessesin this rapidly changing and exiting space..The goal is to capitalise on the jittery marketand convergence of technology to createsomething much bigger!INSTITUTIONALISE PEACE DAYTHROUGHOUT THE WORLDJeremy Giley After a successful careeracting in film and television, Jeremy beganmaking his own films in 1995 and in 1999founded the non-profit film project PeaceOne Day to document his own efforts toestablish the first ever fixed day of globalceasefire and non-violence. In September2001, as a result of Jeremy’s efforts, a GeneralAssembly resolution was unanimouslyadopted by UN member states, formallyestablishing 21 September as an annual dayof global ceasefire and non-violence on theUN International Day of Peace
  11. 11. PARTNER TO CREATE opportunityAt the core of ourphilosophy is the idea thatanything is possible if youwork with the right people.We want to work withyou to grow globally andreach many people in thisexciting growth market. Why should your organisation partner with us?We want to ensure ouraudience connects powerfully We can deliver lead generation, social media buzz and product promotion while aligningwith your brand and we are your brand as a champion for UK’s small business movers and shakers.seeking to partner with othernon-competitive organisationsthat are committed to helping The benefits for your organisation:SME’s to thrive in today’s hyper-connected digital age. Be seen by the business community as a champion and supporter of small business. Deliver a clear call to action to a highly targeted demographic at a low cost per lead.We are open to customising Have your utility to small business owners explained and reinforced.and tailoring aspects of ourannual activity to ensure Be associated with respected speakers delivering high value content that is relevant and practical.your brand and offering We will limit our top tier partners to 5 (non-competing businesses) ensuring that your brand andis presented in the most message stands out and gets plenty of attention.engaging way possible. How will we reach the audience? Our current marketing campaigns generate millions impressions online. We promote events through traditional channels, as well as via popular online publications. We promote events via private email databases ensuring your brand will reach the inboxes of over 100,000 SME’s. We run events every month for 50 - 500 people with big name speakers.
  12. 12. HOW WILL WE ENSURE OUR AUDIENCE ENGAGES WITH YOUR ORGANISATIONCO-BRANDED MARKETING: SOCIAL MEDIA: All marketing and promotional communication We produce engaging videos, slide presentations, will be co-branded to maximise the visibility of photos and blogs. Your company will be featured the partnership. where appropriate as a key partner.THE SPEAKERS: FOYER BOOTHS AND MEETING POINTS: Our speakers can highlight your brand offering. We can make space available for your organisation We will also encourage our speakers to engage to set up a staff meeting point or display booth with you. to further engage with delegates on the day. The MC will remind the audience to engage with your brand at all events. INSIGHTS: Where appropriate we will include members of We can organise focus groups, surveys and social your team as guest speakers / judges. events for you to connect with our audience in different ways.RECOMMENDATIONS: ATTENDANCE: Our team will actively seek to select and refer potential high value clients to your team. Our world class training events are a great We will also be on the lookout for opportunities place for your own team to learn and grow. that would serve agreed outcomes. We would welcome a small number of your team to attend the training events as delegates whoMATERIALS: can develop their skills while networking with Any promotional material you would like to offer other delegates. will be added to the materials we hand out to event attendees and training delegates.
  13. 13. LET’S WORK TOGETHER & MAKE IT HAPPEN!To make it easy for your organisation to get involved, we would like to propose a low-risk firststep, so we can measure the effectiveness and long term value of an ongoing partnership.We would like:1. Financial support: Help us produce world-class events, online content & learning materials that feature genuine heroes of small business.2. Promotional support: We love our sponsors to feature the partnership and promote our events wherever possible & appropriate. Tell the success stories, discuss the topics, publish photos, use video & audio to share the buzz.3. Sponsorship in kind: If your organisation has access to high quality venues, media facilities or marketing channels, we are open to discuss sponsorship in kind. Please get in touch so we can discuss this further. All the best, Daniel Priestley Director, Entrevo UK
  14. 14. Success by the numbers: 3 Million unique visiters per year 500,000 Ecademy member profiles 7 Minutes, the average time on the site 100+ events, 50 - 500 delegates over 12 months
  15. 15. +44 759 005 9360 | daniel@entrevo.comEntrevo Ltd | 26 York Street | London | W1U 6PZ