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MUUZ Mobile App Suite


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MUUZ is a suite of mobile applications for museums, art galleries and trade shows. Featuring native applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Playbook & iPad

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MUUZ Mobile App Suite

  1. 1. Museums, Galleries & Artisticorganizations of all types are evolvingto meet the unique opportunities in themobile digital world developing allaround us.MUUZ is a suite of mobile apps thatspans across all major platforms,offering a unique & engaging in-venueexperiencefor your visitors.
  2. 2. challenge decreasing visitor numbers attracting new visitors how do you get new, younger visitors into museums & art galleries? engaging with visitors in creative ways keeping visitors interested throughout exhibits curbing in-venue photography how do you keep people from using their cameras in museums?
  3. 3. smartphone market north american mobile platform growth 5037.5 2512.5 0 Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 iPhone Android Blackberry
  4. 4. smartphone market market european mobile platform2010 0 12.5 25 37.5 50 Apple Blackberry Android
  5. 5. smartphone market mobile platform market by country (europe)UKDEFR 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Apple Microsoft Blackberry Google
  6. 6. evolve change without compromise apps compliment & enhance an exhibition, but don’t distract deeper content by providing deeper content, visitors gain a fuller understanding of your exhibition wider reach apps allow you to reach people even while they’re not at your venue
  7. 7. benefits bring interactivity to your collections add layers of interactivity & content to your collections manage shared information by giving people sharing options of QR code content, they will be less likely to use there cameras share content via Twitter, Facebook & email reduce overhead reduces the need for expensive audio tour hardware & management
  8. 8. the company Mobile app suite iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, Playbook partnerships apps being developed for THEMUSEUM, Art Allies, CAFKA the team Kevin Hansen // Creative Director Jason Kleinbub // Blackberry Developer Jason Powell // Software Architect John Bolton // iOS Developer
  9. 9. the app self managed you create & manage content yourself, making it quick and flexible inform & educate keep visitors up to date on new events & exhibitions engage use the powerful embedded tools to create an interactive experience for your visitors
  10. 10. create content management system a simple web interface for the creation & management of all of your content text, image, video & audio image galleries, youtube videos and audio tours can all be included in your application content create & manage QR codes create your content and a QR code is automatically generated for you to print out and place in your venue
  11. 11. inform EXHIBITIONS photo galleries, video, audio & text content EVENTS event info, date, time, location, google maps integration FLOORPLANS interactive floorplan of your venue VENUE INFORMATION google maps, pricing,
  12. 12. engage qr codes create & place QR codes along with your exhibition to give access to additional multimedia & text content scan visitors can use the app to scan QR codes & learn more about the pieces in your collection video, audio tours, image or text content are all available think creatively use QR codes to create scavenger hunts, direct people to other interesting exhibits or use them in your marketing initiatives
  13. 13. track QR analytics track visitors progress through your venue analyze the success of exhibitions & specific pieces track the success of marketing campaigns
  14. 14. iPhone
  15. 15. Blackberry
  16. 16. Playbook
  17. 17. iPad
  18. 18. process discovery we get to know your organization & learn about your visitors. design design an interface becomes an extension of your brand & integrates into the visitors’ experience seamlessly launch we submit the apps into the appropriate app stores for you & train your staff on how to create & manage content
  19. 19. investment $9,000 - $15,000 / year white labelled implementation of the existing product exhibitions, events, venue info, QR scanner $25,000 - $50,000 / year custom designed interface to match your brand with existing featureset exhibitions, events, venue info, QR scanner commission we can develop additional features & custom applications to
  20. 20. the future upgrades as the platform evolves, your apps will automatically be upgraded to work with new phones & technologies new features as the platform evolves, new features & options will be made available to you partnership as your organization evolves, we will work with you to add new features and adapt the apps to suit your growing needs