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Cathedral Hill // Matthew Plumstead


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Created as a design proposal that featured urban-surfaces and street-furniture derived from vernacular color studies of the Cathedral Hill Neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. Done in Kevin Byrne’s Visual Thinking course at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2008-2010

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Cathedral Hill // Matthew Plumstead

  1. 1. Visual ThinkingA Proposal For Outdoor Seating In a Cathedral Hill Neighborhood Based On Its Color Vernacular and Businesses Matthew Plumstead
  2. 2. Exhibit 1Condominiums
  3. 3. Exhibit 2Fleur de Lis & Bon Vie Cafe
  4. 4. Exhibit 3Zander Cafe & Solo Vino
  5. 5. Color BarComplete Sample
  6. 6. Word Image ScaleFrom Kobayashi’s Colorist
  7. 7. Word Image Scale Cathedral Hill is:Cozy & Comfortable Artistic & TastefulRich & Luxurious Quiet & Tranquil Key Words Extracted
  8. 8. Word Image Scale Restaurant Cafe Florist Wine Shop Rich & Luxurious Artistic & Tasteful Quiet & Tranquil Cozy & Comfortable Icon Creation
  9. 9. Word Image Scale Restaurant Cafe Florist Wine Shop Rich & Luxurious Artistic & Tasteful Quiet & Tranquil Cozy & Comfortable Benches
  10. 10. Benches Applied
  11. 11. Conclusion The neighborhood that I chose to analyze already demonstrates character byhaving a few businesses that draw people in to eat, drink, buy flowers and wine. Thecolor palette that each owner chose for designing the exterior of their businesses aresimilar to each other. This demonstrates that they are trying to attract similar clienteleand cultivate a similar environment. Businesses like cafes and restaurants generallyhave some sort of outside seating. Yet none of the businesses here have this (possiblydue to zoning restrictions). I decided to address this by using the existing color paletteas a departure point for establishing a cohesive seating solution that each businesscould use. Pulling out a refined color palette from the overall sample, I associated notjust connotative words with this palette but denotative icons as well. Blending allof these elements together provided a solution that would nicely fit into the existingenvironment. Matthew Plumstead