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Civics by Kevin Williams


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PowerPoint Presentation for Civics 101 by Kevin Williams

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Civics by Kevin Williams

  1. 1. Kevin A Williams Jr
  2. 2. ORIGIN • Born and raised in the south-west side of Chicago, IL.
  3. 3. INTERESTS • Technology • Learning everyday (Knowledge) • Music (song-writing, sound engineering, spoken word poetry) • Fitness health • Art (drawing, graphic design) • Cooking • Basketball • Wrestling • Football • Track & Field
  4. 4. CIVIC EXPERIENCE • Community service hours as a after school child care assistant at St. Sabina Catholic Charities & Social Services Center. • Volunteered to feed the homeless at a shelter. My cause is to find a change for our communities!
  5. 5. LOW WAGE JOB EXPERIENCES • My first job was a seasonal Sales Associate, Marshalls (Ford City) – $8.50/ HR • Laborer, Shree Investment Group - $20/ work day • Package Handler, UPS (Hodkins) – $8.50/ HR • Full time Security Guard for Paramount Pictures while on set of Transformers: Age of Extinction - $8.50/ HR • Inventory Associate, WIS - $8.50/ HR • Tech-Tutor, Moraine Valley Community College - $8.25/ HR • Customer Service Rep, AutoZone - $8.75/ HR
  6. 6. WHY i.c. stars? • i.c. stars caught my attention due to their focus and ambition in building leadership skills amongst registered interns. • i.c. stars revolve around the integration of technology and business. • I believe that I can successfully complete the program and utilize my knowledge and experience from i.c. stars to establish myself as a technology business professional.