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Epic jet-brochure


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Safe, reliable and efficient private air travel solutions.

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Epic jet-brochure

  1. 1. Please contact us at 888.360.JETS or 413.443.3600, or email us at online. EPIC Jet, LLC PO Box 842 Lenox, MA 01240 The Difference is Personal.TM
  2. 2. Epic Jet is committed to providing the highest level of personalized and attentive service available in private air travel today. Engaging the lessons of 25 years in aviation, we consistently deliver the most enjoyable and stress-free experience at every level of travel, domestic and global. 888.360.JETS EPIC FLEXIBILITY WITHOUT AN EPIC COMMITMENT Flexibility and responsiveness in today’s economy is vital. Epic Jet has the ability to provide the most appropriate, custom air travel solutions worldwide without compromising safety, security or privacy. Instead of requiring large nonrefundable deposits, Epic Jet relies on our performance, responsiveness and industry-leading pricing to ensure you fly with us every time. This is our personal commitment, not an empty corporate slogan.
  3. 3. The elimination of exorbitant overhead, administrative and management fees allows Epic to provide a savings of 30-60% on most flights in comparison to national jet card and fractional programs. 888.360.JETS EPIC JET JOURNEY CARDTM EPIC OPTIONS & PRIVACY The only commitment is our promise of value to you. Unlike other travel card programs, ours allows you to enjoy the convenience of pre-purchasing flights while maintaining a completely refundable balance. Epic Jet relies, not on contractual fine print, but on our commitment to superior performance to ensure you become a returning customer. In addition to seamless travel, Journey Card™ members are also entitled to additional savings on future travel, unpublished special offers, aircraft upgrades and invitations to special events and receptions. Journey Card™ funds are only transferred from your account when a flight has been requested by the account holder. A simple phone call schedules your flight and starts Epic’s preparation for your travel – no delay, no credit card fees, no hassle, no stress. Journey Card™ options begin as low as $20,000, with the refundable balance maintained in a secure third-party escrow account. Periodic statements and reminder notices will be automatically sent to you at predetermined use levels. Epic can provide you with an infinite combination of aircraft types and styles from executive helicopters to the largest long-range business jet aircraft. Specializing in complex logistics involving multiple aircrafts, destinations, special needs and intricate scheduling, Epic ensures an efficient, safe and relaxing trip. One call can deliver specific solutions or multiple options depending on your preference. Consistency at every level is ensured by our own constant vigilance, plus third-party monitoring. We work hard so that you can rely on Epic Jet for a top-level experience, earning return customers one trip at a time – every time. Ensuring your privacy is a major concern. Our fleet, while luxurious and eminently capable, is virtually invisible to monitoring. Not easily recognizable by common patterns, logos or designs – each aircraft remains unmarked by Epic Jet with additional anonymity guaranteed by our trained and discreet staff.
  4. 4. EPIC SAFETY & EXCELLENCE Centrally based in the Northeast United States, Epic Jet’s carefully selected and monitored base of aviation operators around the world must meet exacting standards, well above Federal Aviation (FAA) operational levels. We employ the leaders in global aviation safety including Wyvern Consulting, Ltd. and Aviation Resource Group (ARG/US) to continually monitor aircraft operators. Epic’s ongoing diligence continues beyond these independent third-party processes as well as regular audits, personal inspections and client feedback. At no time do we relax our standards for excellence. “Flying with Epic Jet is relaxing and stress free – truly something when you’re in the air this much.” Keith Lockhart, Conductor, Boston Pops “You have my personal commitment that Epic Jet will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations every time.” Bill Weibrecht, President & C.E.O. Please contact us at 888.360.JETS or 413.443.3600, or email us at online. Epic Jet acts as an agent for customers to obtain air charter services from air charter operators. Epic Jet is not an air carrier or air charter operator under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 121 or 135, and does not exercise operational control of the aircraft or flights.