3d character casual game


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3d character casual game

  1. 1. 9/26/2011 Vishalcentercenterseooutsourcingindia3d Character Casual Game<br />left3613153d Character Casual Game<br />The 3D Character casual game is an online or video game targeting the mass audience. They fit into any genre. They are in contrast to the hardcore games thatare complex. These games are simple to understand and play. The 3D casual games do not need any special skill for playing. It is usually played on the personal computer or online in the web browsers. Now the game consoles are becoming popular. The casual gaming statistics vary vastly when compared to the traditional computer games since the gamer is mostly older or a female. Predominantly these games are bought and played by women. Casual games primarily focus on the customers who can play the games immediately without any prior practice. They are usually free online or they could be downloaded freely.<br />There are many companies which develop casual games and provide it in the internet for free download. They could be downloaded and tried free for a particular period after which the trial expires. After the trial is expired customer may have to buy the game. These games usually have high graphics and sound. These games come in a large in number and they could be played in any computer. Now most of the casual games are fully 3D. There are also options for 2 players to play and the game could be saved for later. All these advanced features are available now in the market of games.<br />The internet is the main channel of distribution for the 3D casual games or for any games that matters. Most games are developed in flash or ActiveX embedded which could be directly opened in the web browser. Nowadays the signing up has become easy and so becoming a part of online games has become very simple. Kick offs and inaugurations are done for such games which are very popular.<br />The casual games are also ported to mobile and in some games the players could meet and play against each other. The arrival of iPod and the touch phones have made the powerful games to be available in a format that is portable and handy. Presently, the iPod and touch phone games are also becoming popular. It is expected that the distribution for these also would be the same as for the internet games.<br />There are various companies who develop such games. Some are listed below.<br />Boonty<br />Absolutist Ltd<br />Data Design Interactive<br />Iplay<br />iWin<br />MSN Games<br />Miniclip<br />Large Animal Games<br />eGames.<br />According to a survey it is estimated that more than 500 casual games are developed in a year. They attract a million of users and are developed in various popular portals. This is also a high profit market area and is growing vastly day by day.<br />==============================Thanking You============================<br />