3 d character modelling


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3 d character modelling

  1. 1. 9/26/2011 Vishalcentercenterseooutsourcingindia3D character Models<br />-1301753505203D Character Modelling<br />3D modeling is mathematical representation process of the three dimensional object with a help of a special software. This process is also called as 3D model. It could be either created manually or automatically. By using the 3D printing devices, this model would be created physically. The manual process could be the one similar to sculpting. There are various entities like lines, triangles in a 3D space. The collection of these points is called as 3D objects.<br />The 3D character models are used widely in the following fields:<br />They are used field of 3D graphics.<br />In fields like medicine where it’s used to make a detailed model of the organs.<br />In the Film Industry where animated characters are created.<br />Another industry where is very widely used is the video games industry.<br />They are also used in the field of architecture, to demonstrate the buildings and landscapes.<br />Lastly the engineering industry where the engineers use the 3D character modeling to do various engineering activities.<br />We could divide the models into 2 sub divisions.<br />1. Solid - These are the models where it represents some realistic objects. But they are tedious to build. These models are mostly used in CAD, engineering simulations and in medical fields. 2. Shell - This is not difficult like solid objects to build. All the models used in video games and animation movies are of this type. In computer graphics the representation of boundaries are common. This is because of the appearance of the objects that largely depend on the object exterior. Tessellation is transforming the object representation where the co ordinate of the sphere and the point on the circumference of a polygon. This is also called a polygon rendering. Here the objects are broken down to something called as meshes which are the nets of the interconnected triangles. These have proved to be easy rendering and they are popular for that. But they are not used in all the techniques. The modeling could be done with a help of a dedicated program or an application component or with a description language. Particle systems are used to make complex things like clouds, liquid sprays and sand blowing. The setup of the scenes needs arrangement of the virtual objects and other entities which could later be used in the production of still image. Many 3D modeling uses color for modeling the vertices's during rendering. Application of the 2D texture to the surface of the model is the most common way of adding color to the 3D. This is also called as texture mapping. During this process special information are added which is the mapping between the parts of the3D model surface. They look more realistic and detailed. 3D modeling have the flexibility and the ability to animate the images or change the angle with quick rendering. It can automatically calculate rather than the manual estimation. But, certain photo effects are difficult to achieve.<br />=============================Thanking You===========================<br />