Fly Fishing & Fly Tying April 2013


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Great feature on the fantastic fishing on Desroches Island Seychelles

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Fly Fishing & Fly Tying April 2013

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  2. 2. I , "* -.{,&4lesqsb iF;; - ." ]"4@ rjdi*i,ru; :"+*j€sH#[rj,;i - ._,-,--r. -41:.f, E::*._ - =:: The bonefish sizes are good and the quality of flats fishing is world-class, 70 i -:rJ 201-3 |
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  4. 4. . TRAVEL ilir " rvoke drearning of permit. When Id r,,r asked about permit and trevally, I was told quite firmly by Keith, my guide, Tomorrorv is a bonefish trip...we rnight see other fish, but itstrip." On the list of Good Guide Ruies,Con- a bonefish 1 * fi@i i:.,11trol client expectation falls somewhere be-nveen Dont let them dror,vn and Dont for-get lunch, so I really didnt mind having myinterest and excitement controlled. Talking of dreaming and more to the point,lvhat on earth was I doing on Desroches Is-Iand, the stunning island honeymoon resortin the outer islands of the Seycheiles wherePrince William and Kate Middleton had es-caped to r.ihen they got back together as a cou-ple.z The reason was that apart from all therer-note lurun-. Desroches offers flats and bluesater tishing along rr,ith diving, kayaking,surling and ri.indsurfing. And the best foodand accommodation Ive experienced on afishing trip. To add to the comfort factor, theSeycheiles are about as far from the UnitedKingdom as the Bahamas, but the time dif- The author attached to a hard-running Desroches bonefish,ference is only trvo hours - no jetlag! The firsttime Ive ever experienced this with tropical light made spotting fish relatively easy, but same time. I guess I landed a dozen fish,salrwater fishing. as usual it took me a little time to see fish. I maybe half that, I really dont care - this was Needless to say, Id like to catch a permit, guess I get a little excited when I first get on superb bonefish fishing! My fish were in theactually Id just like to have a shot at a per- a flat. Its as if I will that stick to be a shad- 2-5lb range. I saw no bigger bones butmit, to cast a fly at one with a realistic ow, if I strain hard enough that strand of weed would not be surprised if those flats hold larg-chance of a take. Nlany of the bonefish flats will be a fish... frozen in time doing nothing er bonefish. The fish I caught were about theIve fished in the Bahamas and Florida are vis- a feeding fish actually does! The best cure size Id expect to encounter on Acklins orited by permit, just not rr.hen Im there, or not seems to be to have the guide put me on a cou- Crooked Island in the Bahamas.r,vhen Im facing the right way! And anlrvay, ple of fish, better still catch-and-release a cou- As our session drew to a close, Keith ledI like fishing for bonefish. ple. Then I relax, I staft looking at rvhats there us to a beach facing out to open water with "Normally, the crossing takes just over an in the water including fish and not seeing DArros in the distance. We were to be col-hour," ald "Normally,lve have flats skiffs over rvhat I wish for. lected from that beach, but in the meantime,there." I rvas told. The trip over tookwell over I started fishing with a thite fly from my "Permit and trevally cruise along this chan-fi,ro hours and there rvould be no skiffs, so we box, follorving the rule Id picked up along the nel waiting for the tide to rise so they can getrvould carry all we needed. "NormallS its not way of matching the fl1- to the colour of the into the lagoon ..." said choppy..." didnt stop me turing a mild sand. Keith, rightllI think. noticed a fish re-shade of green during the crossing ... in both ject my offering and pron.rptiltied on one of ,& rmed with the same small crabdirections. his own flies, a small. tan. s-eighted crab. I E fly. stationed thigh-deep I began The small inflatable ferried us to the flats fished that flrfor the rest of the dal,. " -_* to feel a flutter of nerves again.then scurried off to do whatever busy little in- We soon fell into a rhrthm. slorvly work- - began to strain to see fish. will- T"flatable boats do. To the east a few hundred ing across the flat. regularll-spotting and .r . 9fa ing that rock to be a permit. Theyards to deep watel and the channel between catching. Fish came Io us a-q in ones and twos, light was still good enough for spotting fish,St Joseph and DArros, a mile or so south a and I sarino qrouFs oi nore than a handful t]le sun was a little lower than when we weresmall beach and a felv trees, in the distance of bonefish iri]n! f1.. These uere happy, se- dropped on the flats but still bright, a few morenorth and rvest I could see loul)rng land or cure fish riel- s::;:; r-rlef our fishing range ciouds crossed the sun, but give it a few sec-at least beaches on the horizon. StJoseph is and their iee;.:: :: - u:ds. if those fish saw onds and the lights were back on and we couldan atoil, patcl.res ofcoral sand secured by a fe-"r see deep into the water. Keith and I chattedbushes and trees rnore or less surround a la- about the day: his flies, tackle, the rod I wasgoon, a rather large lagoon. We had corne to try4ng the flats inside that lagoon. We waded fbr "Permit!"for a ferv minutes, from rvaist-deep to knee- I had no idea where he was looking, I coulddeep rvhen Keith slor,ved and lvithout him sa1- see nothing and was considering a rvord r,re could both tell rve had moved "Get ready to cast!"from walking to fishing. I stopped fretting and focussed on getting The flats lve fished have firm white sand. line off my reel, ciearing the leader throughdotted rvith darker patches of weed or sea : -:- ! ".: -:-i:li. it seemed like one i:--.::- the rod tip with enough of the head for a cast,grass. Wading was exceptionally good. rer1- r t r -i: -- :r :: :.:i into a fish all the the fly ready in my hand. On the list of Goodfirm underfoot. We rvere fishing a rveek or so :--.-. - :-- -:.:pped"sobothrods Fishing Client Rules, Trust your guide fallsbefore the official start to the seasor.r, so rie .r- -: : -: .,- ...:re occupied at the betweenDont tease the sharks/bears/wolvesr,vere told to erpect a littJe lvind. And thatsiusi - . -. - * .*=:==*!.*iiiE#.lii"f,;i,;H or armed localsandLearn to cast before thervhat ue got, a little wind, just enough :,:maintain a ripple on the water, and nothin.: "I: -.OSE FISH SAW trip. "Look to rn1 left about 40ft out."an S-rveigl-rt cant cast through. In tl-re Be-har.r.ras and Cuba I have prayed for winds iik- -{ 1-i--O-{BLYWELL Then I sari tlie fish, in perfect profile just yards fiom nhere rr-e rvere standing. Itthat. ?-SF_TED FLY seemed to gloii. The light uas right and the Gleamir"rg rvhite sand and bright su:-r- -:Y -{ILED IT, fish was senled. na1be feeding, cruising :n t .l I rns.flr.tishing-and-fi1t}
  5. 5. F After a bonefish rejection Keith suggested tyingSeychelles permit. on one of his tan Crabs. fparallel to the beach, maybe just waiting for calm. A wave slightly deeper than the restthe tide to bring it into the lagoon and to the J rolled towards us, bending the light and hid-flats we had fished. f .{ ing our fish for a few seconds ... and it was I looked down at my fly and line, and back gone. The fish vanished. I dont think we p!+.-1;to the fish. A subtle change of light and theglow had changed. My lasting memory of that M lHq spooked it, we both thought it rvas heading to my fly and expected to see it again after thatinstant was of the outline of a fish, a dark edge wave. I have no idea shere it teni or ..ihr. :iwith nothing in the middle, my fish was be- was simplv gone.coming invisible. I assume it was a trick of the ". {il.,a ,rS; ,!ri .i&a. So, I suppose I can no..s:j Ilight and the mirrored flanks of that fish but ::,.i.1$-l a permit. The ibiioning ::-=::-: -it could as easily be me wishing for a shot at Keiths erab dreaming of pernlii. or ai .trai: --r: .:that fish. Skill level:&ls*SS outline of a permir-shapej noi:. "Castl Lead it by a few yardsl" Hook: Stainless single, standard shank, size € Hardened permir anglers ma1- -:e -..--;: A simple straight cast, not far, even the 4-6. horran Adandc fish turned up in -= -:-anwind dropped. Looking into water that deep Thread: Tan. Ocean. e g-ere after Indo-Paci:: :ermirwe are looking at an angle,judging how far Tail: Orange grizzly barred rubber legs. Tan (Trachinonu blochi from the sar..: :.:ri asout the fish is, actually is not just what it looks marabou. the Atlantic permit (Trachirnra-rlah.-: r :. nithIike ... thoughts like that were running Body: Tan and white rug yarn. very similar habits and the same acirin- tothrough my head until I let the fly reach the Weight Leadless shot. frustrate.water. The yarn is tied across the shank, brushed "Good cast!" said Keith. This pleased me out and cut to shape. For the weight, a loop ot Magnw Angus hos fshed aII over the h.orld buiimmensely! The fly san I could even see that monofilament is tied in at the eye extending his f.rst forays were on the Don and Feugh infly sinking, which is unusual for me. back over the hook and a /eadless shot ls the 1960s with his grandnd, where he fished "Strip. Slowly..." crimped to the mono and painted white. with a cane rod. Hewas nominatedfor the I stripped in line, determinedlyremaining pratigious PPA award for Bat Witer (2004). lnfsrr$mtE*n t Keith Rose lnnes runs the highly Desroches lsland is offering a seven- professional and exceptionally well night luxurious stay in the Seychelles equipped fishing operation at from t4,350 per angler and t3,950 per Desroches. The fishing is world-class, non-angling companion (not including and as far as a resort goes for cou- flights). Price includes seven nights in a ples this is rated as one of the top ten Beach Suite on all inclusive basis and remote hotels in the world. lt has a one days flats fishing on either St spa and swimming pool and offers Josephs or Poivre, with a guide and massages and a gym. Fly rods and skiff. Price is based on two people shar- reels can be hired; the rack held ing, excludes tackle. Trips can be tai- Loomis rods fitted with Shilton reels lored to suit your needs and additional when I was there. Desroches has a f lats or bluewater f ly f ishing excursions small tackle shop with a good selec- can be added. Prime fishing time is Oc- tion of flies and the consumables we tober to May. need on a fishing trip. I travelled to tl Additional information: contact the Seychelles with Emirates. m.fl yfi shing-md-fl ltying. co. :.: