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  • Explain how to play the game
  • Good for people looking to study or work abroadLots of experience from different departments
  • Gcc gbm3

    1. 1. Ice Breaker…Murder!• Murder!• “Dead” people introduce yourselves to each other and choose one of the questions below to answer – If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get? – What’s the ideal dream job for you? – If I could be anybody besides myself, I would be… – _______ is my favorite holiday because… – Or make up your own question!
    2. 2. What would you like to see from GCC at UCSD?• On your card, write down either: – Something that you would like to gain from GCC at UCSD – What concerns you the most about college, either during college or after college – An event that you would like GCC to host – Any other comment or question you have about GCC!
    3. 3. Hotpot Night with Mahjong and Card Games! A delicious night of fun and food for everyone! Join GCC and the International Club for some of the tastiest hotpot you’ve eaten. Games will include: – 3 sets of Mahjong (of course!), Monopoly Deal, Bang!, Jenga, Pit, and more!
    4. 4. Hotpot Night with Mahjong and Card Games!Where: International CenterWhen: Wednesday, Nov. 9th – 6:30pm-9pmCost: $8 advanced, or $10 doorHow to pay? – @ International Center • Front Desk: Mon-Fri 11AM-12PM, Mon 2-4, Fri 2-4 – @ GCC • Email ucsd.gccglobal.org if you can’t make those times
    5. 5. “Experiences in Asia” Mixer A collaboration between GCC, China Focus, International Center, and several other UCSD departments to bring you some of the most experienced students and faculty! – Invitees (graduate students and faculty) – Participants (you!) – Career Panel (the most experienced invitees) – Snacks, refreshments, and information tables
    6. 6. “Experiences in Asia” MixerWho can you expect? – NAAAP, Chinese Studies Department, Japanese Studies Department, Rady School of Management, IR/PS Graduate School, and more!When: Wednesday, Nov. 16th – 7pm-9pmWhere: International CenterCost: FREE!! Just RSVP!
    7. 7. “Experiences in Asia” MixerHow to RSVP:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewf orm?hl=en_US&formkey=dFFFaWRfeVA1 WXUyR0dwYzJOMU5BTmc6MQ#gid=0ORwww.fb.com/GCCatUCSDORwww.gccucsd.blogspot.com
    8. 8. Guest Speakers: Gabriel Roseman and Anne Angino• Gabriel Roseman: experience in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Specializes in environmental policy in China. – CBRE (Sustainability Analyst) – C4CAT (English Consultant) – United International College (English Department Associate)• Anne-Reed Angino: experience in Beijing, specializing in energy and business – United States Department of Energy (DOE) Beijing Office (Energy Analyst Intern) – Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Beijing Center (Resident Advisor)
    9. 9. Guest Speakers: Gabriel Roseman and Anne Angino• Questions/Answers
    10. 10. What do you want to see from GCC at UCSD? If you saw something today that particularly interested you, or something sparked an idea in your head, write it down on your card and we’ll plan next quarter with your ideas in mind!
    11. 11. SUBTITLEContact (UCSD) www.facebook.com/GCCatUCSD – Like us! (UCSD) www.gccucsd.blogspot.com – Subscribe to our updates! (Ning) www.gccglobal.ning.com – Connect with other GCC’ers worldwide! (HQ) www.gccglobal.org (email) ucsd@gccglobal.org
    12. 12. SUBTITLESign-ups and Aftersocial! Sign ups for our events are up front! Stick around for our aftersocial, where we’ll play an intense game of House Mafia. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, we guarantee that you’ll love it!